Kids Singing Auditions in Your Area

Is your child the star of the living room, always performing for a crowd or do they have really natural talent? All parents know if their children are truly gifted from very young, it is usually obvious. Does this describe you as parents? If so, there is a very special opportunity that you may want to get your child involved in and it is coming soon. It involves the Country Music Television network and a little game show known as The Singing Bee. Yes, you did just read that for real.

If you are the parents of one or more talented children, then you will want to listen to this carefully. Would you like to see your children live on television, as part of the hit CMT show The Singing Bee? It could happen, if they show up for the kids singing auditions in your area. The CMT network is looking for young voices that would like to be on their hit musical game show The Singing Bee. We want the best, brightest and the most talented kids across the nation.

The kids singing auditions in your local area are going to be held for a select few registered tryouts. Your children could have the chance at that big break and go on to a lifetime of many more exciting experiences. It is up to you as parents, because you must accompany your children to any auditions and further events. Being at the auditions is the only immediate requirement for your children to have a chance at stardom.

If they make it through the initial phase of tryouts, it means they are being selected for an appearance on The Singing Bee television show on CMT. It is the chance of a lifetime, so get more information now. These kids singing auditions are not being held in every city. So make sure your children are registered and ready for their chance to be a singing star. Lights, camera, action and its a take.

607 Audition Responses

  1. Anastasiya Nedoviziy says:

    Hi my name is Anastasiya and I am 10 years old,I have been singing since I could talk (one and a half years),I have dreamed of being on the voice since I was 5 and I understand that it is a chance of 1 out of a million to be able to win this contest.Most people at my school do not notice my talent,
    others say they’re just jealous.My whole family says I am amazing at singing…
    but i’m just not sure,
    I would do anything to get on the voice.
    People around the world should know what talent is capable of.
    When I was little I always thought that when I grow up I would be a huge star,now I understand how hard it is, but I am really confident in myself and I wont give up.
    So if you need a video of me singing or anything like that, I will be happy if there is any chance that I could go on the voice.
    So if I am able to audition contact me as soon as possible,
    Thank You

  2. traveona wright says:

    i am 12 years old and if you are ready to be blown away then text me im waiting but if your scared to be blown away then you will miss a great oppertunity so text back reply

  3. Bailey says:

    I’m 9 almost 10 I love to sing!!!!!!!!!!!❤️❤️

  4. amari adams says:

    Hi I’m amari I’m a talented 12 year old and and I hope be famous so I can get money to buy my family a house.our house burned down in a grill fire and we need a house to stay in because we are running out of rent money at the quality inn Thornton rd we don’t have a car but if you do pick me my mom can probably ask her friend to take me to the audition thank you and please choose me take your time if you need to I’m not going to rush you

  5. Kenda ewuell says:

    Hi I am 11 years old and my dream was to be a singer. All my life I have been singing seens i’ve been a little girl.I just wanted to make my parents happy. Thank you for listening.

  6. Cassidy cromwell says:

    Hi my name is Cassidy Cromwell I live in New Mexico rio rancho I can sing high and low . all I have ever wanted is my dad to be proud of me I want to sing for a living and i would like to start now ! I may be young
    but I am very very talented please reply

  7. Jenny says:

    I’m Jenny and I love singing every day I make my own song and sing and sometimes I sing other peoples song singing is my life

  8. Zion says:

    Hi my name is zion i love to sing i am 13 years old. I never really had singing lessons except when i was in choir at the age of 12. I am a natural and sing freely time to time the people who inspire me to sing are beyonce and alicia keys. I love to sing also dance to i am very talented and when i am bored at home i go in my room and practice singing i think if i was to audition some place big i would knock you guys off your feet. My only problem is that i have a hard time making a song everytime i try it turns into a rap an i dont know what type of lyrics to put into a song or what i would talk about. Oh i almost forgot my biggest inspiration of all is Whitney Houston i think she has a very good voice and the way im singing now i sound like a grownup i will likely sound something close to her in the future. It wont hurt to have lessons to im not saying i grew up out of the womb a proffessional singer or nothing im just saying im pretty good. When i sing some of Whitney’s songs they are just flowing and it sounds so wonderful when i sing it. I will be happy to do an audition some time in cincinnati or somewhere really close so bye for now and please reply and tell me what you guys think of me so far thank you and have a nice day goodbye.

  9. shanquella Brown says:

    I’m shanquella and I’m 10 I love to song and dance I can sing for so long that my mom has to leave the room but that makes me laugh but my family support me every and my friends always sing and have battles and I always win.i think I should say my friend laniya is a singer and my friend so can you email back

  10. shamaiya says:

    I am 9 years old, and I may be young but my vocals are the bomb . try me in every song except the highhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh songs that grown up can do because believe me my mom is the woman with high vocals. so trust in me and let me know so I can audition.i can do anything I put my mind too.

  11. Brianna Vogel says:

    Hi I am 13 years old and I love to sing and act people say I have a good voice and kind of unique but anyway I take singing lessons at preforming art and would like it if you would take this into consideration

  12. Treyton gonzalez says:

    My name is treyton aka trey, and I’m a singer…I love to sing but no one really supports me, if I sing people will laugh and say that I suck but I honestly feel like i can do this. I’m 13 please reply asap

  13. Maddy summers says:

    I am 11 I Am a good singer that’s what my town says

  14. Kylie Adams says:

    HI! I’m Kylie and I LOVE Singing! I’m a Mezzo Soprano and I’m 12 years old! I can sing any song you throw at me and I promise I can sing! Ive been the main characters in my school musicals and I always get lead singing roles! Please Email if there are any opportunities for me to share my talent! My dream is to become a famous singer and maybe even end up on Broadway! Im definitely going to a preforming arts college in New York when I get older! Please respond ASAP!!!! Thanks!

  15. ciquaisha says:

    Hi my name is Ciquaisha Hayes I love to sing I’m young my birthday is January 30th I was born 2002 I act a little too if you ever wanted to contact me my number is 9197583498

  16. holly says:

    sorry I forgot to say I am 11!

  17. holly says:

    hi, I’m holly! I love to sing and when I am alone i sing at the top of my voice and disturb the neighbours! I am not going to lie, I am not sure if I am any good, and I am not very confident so I could use some help! All I want to do is sing and I can’t describe how it would feel to me if I was accepted! I am not sure what to say to I will just say, to me it would be an absolute honour!! :) :) :)

  18. GC Garv says:

    hello, i am GC and i would not praise me like other yea i sing well and u can trust on me and i will be waiting for your reply or u can even email me

  19. Daniel says:

    hi im daniel and i sing every day at school and home and every person that hears me says that i need to be in some singing show and i would love it if i could be on this one

  20. emma says:

    hi my name is emma and I luv singing sooooo much!!!!!I would like to be famous one day!

  21. Agush Kasapi says:

    Hi,my name is Agush I’m 8 years old I love to sing and everybody who listens to me says that my singing is great.I also take piano classes and my piano teacher thinks the same way too.
    Please reply

  22. Saretta and Kailie says:

    My music teacher said my friend and I are very talented singers. We would love to be on your show.We are 12.

    • Tori Davis says:

      Wow beautiful names! You sound so nice! I’m also auditioning to be a singer I am 13. I have Long strait dark brown hair and brown eyes so dark they have been called black by my eye doctor and many other people. Me and my 5 friends are going to be the next big thing my friend Ellie has blonde hair and bright blue eyes my friend trulia is the prettiest girl you will ever see with long black hair and purple-ish blue-ish eyes my friend Casey has brown wavy hair and green eyes my friend Cassidy has light brown hair and bright green eyes and finally my friend Maciea (pronounced Mack ay uh) has long curly blonde hair and brown eyes my name is Tori and I was wandering where you saretta and kailie live and maybe you could join our group! We have preformed at many local events including birthday parties. And we would love to have you 2 join us! Get back to me as soon as possible. Oh btw our group is called “I won’t” check out our CD at target and Walmart entitled “Don’t let go” XoXo love Tori, Ellie, Casey, Cassidy, maceia and Trulia.

  23. Emma hannold says:

    Hi I’m Emma and people daubing a good Singer so I went in to chorus and I’ve been in there sense 4 grade I’m in 5 now and I’m 11 years old and I know let it go by heart and I love music alot Its my favorite thing ever. Bye I’m Emma and I’m 11 yearsbold Bye…

    • Kristen Ellis says:

      Everyone knows let it go by heart. How about all of the other songs from frozen huh? I learned all of the songs in Chinese and Spanish. Fixer upper, love is an open door, for the first time in forever (original and reprise), do you want to build a snowman, summer, frozen heart AND let it go. Impressive huh? But ya don’t see me signing up for a singing competition. Go cry to your mommy and realize this is the real world and knowing a song from a Disney movie won’t get you anywhere in life.

  24. Leanna Frazier says:

    My name is Leanna Frazier everyone says I have an really good voice so I went into chorus. So now I have been in chorus since 2-7 going into 8th grade. I am in love with music. I would just like to say thank you really quickly before I continue to blab. My teacher also said I have real talent.My school does musicals and I had an addition and got some parts in the musical. I just would like to see how I am. So anyone out there please let me have an addition cause I would like to succeed and have a fun life with things I like. Ohh and I forgot I am 13.
    Leanna Frazier

  25. sky says:

    Hi my name is sky people say that im I good singer. I have dyslexia,people say that kids that have it has a talent,so I thought why not try.

  26. hailey says:

    Hi my name is Hailey and I can sing and dance so plz reply I will definitely blow your minds

  27. Kaelah says:

    Hi,I love singing. I really like to be onstage and perform. Singing, dancing, acting, if i’m performing I will do it!!

  28. Jada says:

    Hi my name is jada I love singing I’m very good I just wanna make my family happen and give money to the poor that’s all please reply!!

  29. Miracle Allen says:

    my name is miracle ilove to sing and act.i use to be in a singing group stage name is Madison but my friends. call me maddie

  30. Trinity robinson says:

    I love to sing but I can’t seem to get a gig I know in ten but I would like a chance to show the world what I’ve that to much to ask for!!!!!!!!!!

  31. Milena Ramirez says:

    My name is Milena Ramirez. I am 14 years old. I am in 8th grade. I took ballet for 2 years. I then decided to take chorus for about 6years. I was in a musical for my church. I was then in a puppet show as the main character. Some would refer to me as a comedian. I hope you chose me

    • Gal Koren says:


      My name is Gal koren. I am 12 years old. I am in 6th grade. I danced for a few months. I have been doing choir for 2 years. Also i sang since i was 3 all around the house and at friends. I been in two plays. The Nifty Fifties and also in Kilroy Was Here. PLease choose me. I got great siging talents.

  32. omuneek jackson says:

    My name is Omuneek but my friends call me kj I am 12years old I am a very good singer,actress,poet,and an excellent songwriter.I’ve always wanted to go on a show were you can sing or show of your other talents you may have.I’ve also wanted to go and be successful like Ariana Grande,Taylor Swift,Nicki Minaj Chris Brown,August Alsina,Lorde,ect.And I’d love to meet all of them someday.But ooverall I want to show the world my singing and songwrisongwriting talent.even if you picked out every one you want you should consider me in that pick.because my talent is strong and amazing.and if you do consider me in your pick I thank you.

  33. layonnie says:

    Hi my name is layonnie every one call me laylay I’m 11years old and I love to sing I was a little girl when I start to sing

  34. Lela Piotrowski says:

    Hi, I am Lela and I have a band with two acoustic and electric guitar players, but I need drums for the band. The band name is STARR with two r’s and we make our own music. I am the lead singer and we have 3 background singers. I can sing, act, dance,and about all other things that have to do with music. I play viola, guitar, and ugalaly. I want to learn piano.

  35. veronica Alela says:

    Hi my name is veronica I’m 13 years and i love to sing I’ve been singing ever since i was 5 years old and i live in Australia and i have been in a number of choirs including school choirs. I have always dreamed of being a famous singer ever since i started to learn how to sing. I would really like if you contact me . I do have experience of singing in front of big crowds.

  36. Daisy says:

    hi im ten and ilove to sing but theres no shows for i can go on

  37. Deanna mayer says:

    Hi I’m deanna mayer and I love love love singing
    If contact is needed contact me on Facebook my
    Pic is me taking a mirror selfie with a floral dress
    On thank you

  38. robyn says:

    I love to sing :) but I get put down a lot by my parents. But my friends say I’m really good but I don’t know. I’m 15 years old and i’m from england. i want to go further into singing but i’m scared of what people may think of me. I’m very shy. i have stage fright thats also a set back for me. I’d just like to know where i can go if i want to sing for a career.

  39. raman says:

    hi my name is raman and i have a nice voice im 8 years old please can you reaply to me

  40. Kaylee long says:

    Hi I am Kaylee and I LOVE singing. I am not looking for money i just love singing and I would love to be famouse. But that doesn’t really matter. I just want to sing and know that people like my music

  41. Kaylee long says:

    Hi I am Kaylee I am 12 and I love to sing. I am always singing. I will sing everywhere. Even in the store!!! So please reply

  42. faith shue says:

    hi my name is faith and i have not been on a stage alone singing before because i have never had the chance and this is the perfect chance for me to have the limelight. please choose me and can you send me a sheet of where you are going to be going. thanks this would be an onnor to be close to being chosen
    yours truly‚

  43. Vonzell says:

    i am 9 years old and I’m known as a good singer but I don’t know fro sure so I would like to know what the professionals think

  44. maria harutyunyan says:

    I am 12 years old and i sing and act and i want to become a singer but i have no singing education but i sing really good.I also wrote a few lyrics but no melody.

  45. Alondraa Smith says:

    Hello. My name is Alondraa Smith. I just turned 13 years old. Singing is truly my natural and without a doubt I love to do it. My dream is to simple sing and let the world know I’m here…here me now. If it’s God’s will… I will follow my first passion and That to sing. I am head over my church youth choir. I had have sang in talents shows. I sing anything my heart feels. I write a few songs. I have sang since 4 years old, when my parents discovered my voice hearing me in the shower. You need a singer. Im right here in California.

  46. Della lovelady isabell says:

    I was inspired to sing from August alsina because whatever u do it always going to show and give a part of u and its going to show u that u can do and be anything u want in life but u always have to believe and be successful in life and believe u can reach all ur goals that u want to reach in life❤️

  47. Kyra Snyder says:

    Hi My Name Is Kyra Snyder. I Have Been Singing Almost My Whole Life. But My Parents Only Heard My Voice A Couple Years Ago. I Always Sing In The Shower, When I Brush My Hair And Just Basically When Ever I Can. Me And My Sister, Macie, Sing In The Living Room And Preform Little Shows For Our Parents When Ever We Can. I Would Really Love To Do This.

    Thank You,
    ~ Kyra

  48. jade says:

    Hi im jade and i love to sing im 22 and i have been singing ever since i was young.I love to sing One Direction songs cause i love 1D. I wanna try and audition for singing cause it is what i do.

  49. Rachel Miller says:

    Hey, I’m Rachel. I’m 12 years old. The thing is I don’t need to win the voice or anything. I just to get my voice out there. If you wanna talk just reply. I listen to bands and I love youtubers. Maybe we can be friends. :3 I also listen to rap like Eminem. Thanks for reading this. ^-^

  50. deangela says:

    Hi my name is deangela and i am 15 years old and I love to sing I been singing since I was 3 I been in starsearch won first place three times in a row I love to sing for people and also like to dance and model I am really looking forward to this

  51. syanah says:

    I am 10 years old I sing, dance, and act. I am very good at what I do.I have been in school talent shows,plays.and dances.I sing and dance in church.I am also great with ballet. PLEASE REPLY I NEED YOU TO I LOVE EVERYTHING I DO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    btw if you need to contact me

  52. Shannon Doak says:

    Hello! My name is Shannon Doak Im 12 years old and I’ve been singing ever since I was little. Singing is my passion and love and it helps me with the bad times and good. I’ve always wanted to be a singer and I’m just waiting to get recognized. I work as hard as possible and give 110% and would really like to hear from you.

    • Shelby Stott says:

      Me too! Except I’m 11. I was going to try out on The Voice for kids but all the audition places are really far away.

  53. Yasmine Scofield says:

    Hello My name is Yasmine Scofield and ever since I was 6 I would get up on the coffee table and sing and dance like Kesha or Katy Perry and I dreamed of being a famous kid because kids can be big stars too if you give us a chance and for more info I’m 10 years old and the song I will be singing is Hanging Tree if I have been picked and I will be honest, I have stage fright but I want to break my fear and be a star and it would mean the world to me if I was picked so consider it. (thank you, Yasmine Scofield.)

  54. tiffany halfhill says:

    hi my name is tiffany I love to sing wo do I audition

  55. emily says:

    hi my name is emily and i have loved to to sing ever since i was 7 i like singing to country music

  56. Diamond Harwell says:

    Hi my name is diamond Harwell I am 14 and I can really sing. Some people say when they heard me sung their feet got right knock off the ground. I live in Cleveland,Ohio. To me singing is my passion but I can also model,dance, and act my little heart out.

  57. Kiara Heaven says:

    Hi I’m Kiara Heaven and I love singing acting and dancing when I grow up my dream is to be a singer and actress I’m very tall for a 12 year old I’m 5″3″ and I’m mixed and I have brown eyes and brown curly hair and I want A big career…

    • beauty byers says:

      wow it seems like we have alot in commen because i also have brown eyes and brown curly hair also i like to dance sing and act but thr thing is is that im 5″5″ oh ya im mixed my dad is white my mom is black do you have a facebook?

  58. kailene says:

    hi, i’m kailene and i was singing when i was 4 and now i am 12 i dreamed that i was, famous but i knew it was a dream so i hope you pick me.

  59. Brittany Jones says:

    Hi my name is Brittany Shaquala Jones I am 15 years old i can do just about anything you ask of me.

    • Emma says:

      Hi my name is Emma! I’m 12. I’ve been singing since I could talk. It’s my favorite thing to do and I think I have a future. Please consider me

  60. Beatrice lily says:

    Hi I’m 8 years old and I ❤️ singing and acting. I sing All day every day and now I know the whole of let it go, roar and break free is absolutely love a singing job soo much.

  61. Peyton Mckinney says:

    I have been singing sience i was 3 and now im 11 i love to sing in front of people and at karaoke night. Its my family triditian every friday

  62. Keisha Chepchirchir says:

    Hi… Im Keisha . ive been looking for sites so that i can audition. im kenyan n not many people become big youngstars. im looking at this opportunity as a step in , in a career. i really want this. thank you

  63. Trinity Liverpool says:

    Hey I’m Trinity I’m 11 going on 12 and people say I’m a good singer I love singing and music I live In Peoria Tx. Its close to Whitney TX. Please message me if your interested. And I will soon have a youtube channel.

  64. Sophia quinn says:

    Im sophia and im 10 i have always made into my schools talent show and i love too sing

  65. Amaya says:

    I have been sing since I was 2 now I am 10 . and I know that I will become the next big thing .

    • breanna says:

      You too! I have been singing since I was two now im eleven if you know you can sing let it all out.

    • Hannah says:

      omg i have too i’ve had a photography career when i as two and now im 10 and have been rated best singer at a singing contest and i was the only child thered agains 32 adults! you and me could totally win an audition together!

  66. Kihari Gibson says:

    Hi im Kihari! I love to sing I dream of being the next Beyonce! I sing, I dance I want to do it all!! So please pick me to do an audition for this wonderful TV show!

  67. Arizona meador says:

    I bet u have heard this a lot but I think I have my own singing talent. But I’m a little stage fright. My name is Airazona meador and I’m 13 almost 14 ☺

  68. Simone avery says:

    i love to sing i think i’m a good singer i am a confident 12 yr old i have other talents to i go to bds Baltimore design school it is a long loved dream to be in the sing industry i hope someone one day can scout me and notice my talents

  69. isha says:

    hey i want to join the audition i am 11 and my name is isha i love to sing please choose me please i really want to join!!

    • breajanikajohnson says:

      My name is breaja im 11years old i have recied muics producers cards befor but i all ways bizzi and it gets lost so me and my mom is trying something ou can contact me

  70. candace says:

    hi im Candace and im 13 years old i love to sing im in choir and a soprano im in 7th grad and still soprano since 6th and im look for something to help me and my famely i know i dont spell vaery good for my age but im pretty good at singing one person sead all i want is for hope in my family

  71. Lavon Bracy says:

    Hi my name is lavon and I am 13 I love to sing and dance I can be shy at times but when I do what I love witch is singing I could get up there and but spot light and I love the voice thanx

  72. Kiara Choate says:

    I am 12 years old and everyone on here want this a lot and so do I. I song in talent shows where I live and have been in a small town idol. I might not be the prettiest girl either. My parents say I sing good too.My favorite artist is Kelly Clarkson. Please Gove me a chance.

  73. Hope Ridsdale says:

    And I’m 10

  74. Hope Ridsdale says:

    Hi my name is Hope and I love to sing its my most favourite thing to do I love to take lessons and sing all the favourite singer is Katy perry and she has really inspired me.please reply

  75. faith ho-sang says:

    hi my name is faith i sing everyday of my life. i sing from the top of my lungs all the way to the bottom of my heart just give me a chance please

  76. katelyn says:

    hey im 13 and im not shy i love singing it is my life and i have been told im good

  77. Caitlin Laurenson says:

    im 13 and I can sing really good and just love to sing its my passion

  78. brianna says:

    i am 11 and i have been singing since i was 2 and would love to be on the show i live in las vegas

  79. Lauren says:

    I am 10 and I really love to sing!! I feel like music is an outlet! please reply I need it!

  80. Akira says:

    I really love to sing I am 13

  81. vertresha mccoy says:

    I can sing to the top of my longs like no body is there!

    • precious sulzle says:

      My name is precious and in my ehole I have one goal to accomplished and it is singing I love to sing all the time and you guys will pleasr give me this chanve to orove that I will really love ti sing that will be the best thing in my heart please in my whole life I have search and search for an adition and sometimes it really far to get there but please if there are any audition please email me please thank you

  82. amanda says:

    hi my name is amanda mickle and i love singing and i always been shy but now i had to perform yesterday and everyone loved me and now i want to be a singer i love doing it and making people enjoying my voice please email me if you have any auditions plz and im 12

    thank you ..

  83. U 4 says:

    Hi this is the u4 band we love to sing and we want to sing in public reply plz !!!

  84. abel fanuel says:

    hey am 12 and i am a good singer

  85. diana says:

    hi my name is Diana and I LOVE singing and dancing im not shy. I want to be a singer that is my dream. I think I have a good voice im almost sure. I would like to be entered in the singing bee

  86. Mariah says:

    I love singing and I want to be famous that was my dream to be famous

  87. jamya wilkins says:

    hello my name is jamya wilkins and i would love to be a singer for the voice or any kind of show. i would like to become and professional singer or just some singer trying to make it to the top but if you are intrested in me please send me a email i know my email sound foolish but thats the only email adress people can contact me from

  88. armond says:

    hi i am armond hill im 8 yrs old i love singing in fornt of people i have a very nice sounding voice im very smart. get as and bs in school. iv’e performed in fornt of 2,000 people at the best singing award at my school i came in first place. iv’e also been in plays at my school the first time i remerberd i was in a play in kindergarten i love singing maybe this will be my 1 and only! chance to show off my talent. someday i wanna walk the red carpet meet famous singers and that kinda stuff i also sing in church we pratice our voices for our songs on sunday i made all the songs great i also write songs with my friends …. and also im am brown signed brown eyes brown hair its dyed.. and i have a whole support team my favorite song is Magic Rude if i performed that song tears would be flying and also im very talented i speak more about my personality i am very serious about that ive met 1 famouis person and it was magic i sanged infornt of him and blew his mind….. thanks and hope i get responded back..! and the rest of you people maybe ur not talented but you should always follow your dreams and don’t let anyone tell you what u should do

  89. christina says:

    i would like to start singing because im a very good singer and im not afraid to sing in front of an crowd I love singing hopefully I can be on T.V

  90. kiara edmonson says:

    Hi my name is kiara I am a great singer I’ve been singing for 5 years without a coach. I can sing any thing and I would really like to show you what I can do. Please email me if you want me to audition for you guys.

  91. Sonaj says:

    Hi,my name is Sonaj and im a great singer and dancer and actor i think i am but i no im not the fames best but i no if you give me something i will do my best

  92. Rowan Clark says:

    Heyy! I am called Rowan and I am 12 years old and I am a good singer! I am happy to sing in front of a crowd!

  93. PASSION says:

    I love to sing I hope some day I will be on TV.

  94. Chyna chavis says:

    Hi I’m Chyna and I’m 16 years old and I think that I have the voice to be on the voice I’d love to give it a shot I’d be honored to sing and day. Thank you and hope to hear from you all

  95. Paris says:

    Hi my names Paris i am 10 and i live in bloomington IL. i love to sing. my mom and dad record me singing. i want to sing in front of lots of alot of people. the only time i did i was in my veterans day program at school last year. pls reply

  96. Christian says:

    I love to sing!! Singing is my career! I love to rap and pretend that I am famous!! But I have severe stage fright:(. I wish I could get over my stage fright. I’m 11. My mom says I have the voice of an angel mixed with Elton John and Beyoncé!!

  97. chloe says:

    I have been wanting to be a singer since i could remember the point is i could sing like most of carrie underwoods song before he cheats and make up my own so please.

  98. Linda Craig says:

    Hello,my name is Linda my niece is going to be 6 soon, her name is Jesse Ibarra.She’s a natural born singer she practicly started singing before she started talking!!
    Not only do I think so but her school, her church and strangers that have heard her always ask if she’s taking sing lessons if she’s a professional singer are her parents singers etc.All I can say is her voice is AMAZING! !
    I’m sure she can compete with girls twice her age.

  99. Telise and lela says:

    Hello this lela and telise we are very good at singing and dancing and so good we started a dancing group called total divas and are trying to find a gig and we are 9 years old and god blees

  100. Arayah says:

    Hi my name is Arayah and I’ve been told that my voice is very good studying the acoustic guitar

  101. Lauren HOward says:

    hi my name is lauren howard and i really can sing and am always singing for people and i feel like when i sing it is a passage way for me to clear my mind and let the lyrics takeover me i see my self in the headlights and i see my name everywhere already i want this so bad all i think about and dream about is singing and i love it everytime i sing and i would be more than greatful to be on the voice and i hope i can go and be there please contact us thank you so much

  102. Chandler says:

    Hey, I’m 9 years old and I enjoy singing very much, that’s why I joined my school chorus. Please reply!!!!!!

  103. melany says:

    Hi I am 11 and I think that I have a really good voice I just hope that I can be on the voice.It will be a honor to just be there and not get picked but I hope that you read my message and thank you for taking the time to read this I hope that this will let you know how much I really want this spot and if you don’t pick me I will just keep on trying and trying until I finally get the chance to sing on the voice kids thank you bye☺

    • mayal says:

      Hi, my name is mayal. I am 13 and I love singing and I’m told my voice is awesome and my friends and family all support me. I know I sound stupid but I would love to be on a competition show for singing. I know I could get far!!!

  104. Michelle says:

    Hi, I love singing more than most things. I am 9 years old and would love to be in any musical. I know I am young but I have an amazing voice. My specialty and I have gotten great comments in the acting and singing world.

  105. Marialis says:

    Hi my names marialis im 14 and singing inspires me in many ways when im down i sing i sing about my life at times and hopefully one day i can be a singer and make my family proud

  106. Celia Olarte says:

    Hi. I am 12 years old, and I love music. I enjoy playing my guitar even though I am not very good. So far I have sung at Georgia Southern 2 times. I have also performed for my classmates a few times as well. I prefer to sing in English, but i am able to sing in Spanish as well. I have wrote a few songs, but only the lyrics.

  107. shase says:

    Hi I’m Shase I love singing and it’s my passion and I would like to persue it I’m not too sure if you’ll be able to pronounce my name but if you reply I’ll tell you, I’m 13 years old I’ve been singing since I was 8 , I would scream so high if you answered but thats only if you answer so please answer

  108. cecilia marion says:

    hi my name is Anaya and I have this singing group and we was wanting to knowhow can we audition and when and where call or txt Oklahoma city okc

    • CJ thomas says:

      I am eleven years old . My name is CJ .i have a high pitch voice. I would like to go on this show because I want to prove to you that I am confident and I have talent. I am very nice and very brave .Please Please give me this opportunity . Thank you for your time

  109. shakira says:

    Hi my name is shakira I’m 12 years I love music I been a musican since I was 4 years that’s all the information I have and what to give!

  110. sharlize montalvo says:

    I love to sing! I have been singing since i was 4 years old. To me i have a great voice, my parents know that i sing. They say i have a great voice. So i was hoping if you’ll reply back. If you do, it will mean so much to me!!

  111. Ariella says:

    Hi my name is ariella i’ve always wanted to be a singer and i have sang in many places i am 11 and also people told me i have a one of a kind voice i loved singing ever since i was a little girl but i was shy but i have gotten over that (kinda) i never knew how to be a singing but now i do my biggest role model is Ariana Grande and i love the way she sings and her music is amazing and i want to be like her one day. Thank you for your time

  112. Brandon cammarota says:

    i am agrait singer and i am 13years of age.i sing infront of my school my church and my friends and my naiborhood an i have alwayesed wanted to make everyone proude of me and i just want to make money so i can help my family and charities becouse i care about meny thing and if you dont pick me i am fine about that and good luck to all the people that auditions i live in Phoenix so tell me if ther is an audition neer me

  113. Alisa Gavrilov says:

    Hi, I’m Alisa Gavrilov, I’m just one of those normal 12 year old girls who is in love with music, but I have loved music since I was 4, I remember when i was little my mom would turn on music and I would try to sing along to it. This time of my life has been really hard, and I don’t feel like I belong anywhere, I’m not the smartest kid, or the best dancer, or the animal expert, and sometimes I feel like I’m nothing, but singing and Music is the only thing that keeps me alive. I have sang to at least 12 people in my life, non other than that. I express my words into a sad song, or in a happy song, but I never get to sing in public with an audience and this would be a big step for me.Sorry for making this so long. If I don’t get the audition, it’s OK because I understand there is a million other teens trying to wait for their response. thanks again. :)

  114. jermeika says:

    Hello my name is jermeika I see how many txt you get and that make me feel like you won’t read mine but u am hoping you do I have a lot of potential and I can sing dance act I am good at a lot of things I am not saying I am not the best but I like challenges so what every you give me to do I will work my hardest

  115. sarah quinn says:

    I am a very awesomely talented singer and I can’t do the voice kids LA because i am not billingal. And I am also nine so please replay I’ve gone to millions of concerts where I sing (and I wasn’t one of the people in the audience). So please I am begging you.

  116. faith says:

    hi am faith spainhower. ilove to sing and the voice .I have had hard time that why I sing .letit go is my favorite so you should put me on it you won’t say no.

  117. sontee moore says:

    I’m 12 years old! I’ve been the shy girl who doesn’t want to show everybody my talent. I was always in this shell but I got out the shell by singing! I love to sing. I would love to show the world the real me me one day and I think that day is today!

  118. Ariana says:

    I’ve always wanted to be a singer sense I was little but I didn’t know how but now I see this and it would be awesome to have an oddition

  119. Lania whitlock says:

    Hi my name in Lania I’m a good sing well at least I think I grew up in a small town and my passion is to write songs and sing about my feeling . I go to a public school I can’t afford certain things my mom is going through situations with her job . I want to know what it’s like for people to know who I am like if someone’s on the radio I want them to say oh I know that voice that’s Lania . I want to make my mom happy I want help her out that’s what I want to do . I sing at church’s in choirs or on YouTube along time ago but now I think it’s time to take the next step

  120. samori gaines says:

    Hi my name is samori gaines and I have been wanting to sing since I could talk and walk if you can just please give me a chance you would not regret it

  121. Rossisela says:

    Hi my name is Rossisela and since i was five i always wanted to be a great singer and i hope that when i have some money i can help my parents with bills and charities so please help me achieve this dream.

  122. Sarah says:

    Hi My Name is Sarah Mensah, I’m going to be 12,I really want to start singing because I am really confident and outgoing so I think that I will be great for a singer. Oh yeah and I’m a great singer!!!!! Thank you!

  123. Nandikha says:

    Hi my name is Nandikha. I’m 16 from Malaysia. I love singing but I have stage fear. But I really wanna go for an audition n get rid of tiz fear. I would really appreciate if u can do someting to help. I will be very happy if u could help me out and I want to adition really bad. Thx a lot.


  124. sherry c says:

    my granddaughter is 4 and she can sing awesome voice so please reply thank you.2014

  125. lisa cooper says:

    my name is lisa cooper i am 12 years old i love to act so so so so so so so much it is just really my life i can dance i am on a high level in gymnastics i have been to a stage school so i know how to do ballet tap jazz and modern dancing i would so so so so so love to be in a movie or a tv show

  126. tyvisa ,jadye,heaven,ashanti,rodunquie says:

    we would love to be on the voice my dad passed away and he always wanted to be a famous singer i want to follow his dream and become one please let us be on the voice

  127. Sophia jobe says:

    I play the piano and sing write songs twenty four seven I not afraid to sing in front of people my family sings so does my mom they also play instruments I’m almost 9 if you picked me u wouldint regret it please pick me I loved music my hole life that’s wy my name is sophia

  128. Coco Saad says:

    Hi my name is Coco Saad and I wanted to do a private addition for this in Ohio. If u could email me back I will be very happy and I want to adition really bad but private.

  129. alana says:

    Hey my names is alana I have a great voice and i wan to become a singer I’m very talkative i like to wear cute clothes I have a lot of friends and I’m funny

  130. Juliet says:

    Hi my name is Juliet German. I’m 14 years old and would love a chance to participate. It’s always been a dream to become a celebrity and sing in front of people. It would make my world burst if I was joined in and had a chance. Thank you and please I hope I could talk to you again.

    • Bhoomika Ramesh Lunawat says:

      Hi?:-D i luv singing sooo much that i can make my passion and my parents also supports me so please choose me but please take my audition in my home in chandrapur please! :-P

  131. Thando says:

    Hi my name is Thando Dlamini and i’m 11 years of age, i like singing and dancing very much.


  132. Mazzi Ugale says:

    Hey! My name is Mazzi Ugale I am ten years young and I love to sing!
    All of my family members are singers/songwriters, and I would love to show them that I can take my music out of my room and onto tv! I play piano, guitar and I write songs.

    If you are looking for a talkitive, outgoing and self-confident young girl then I hope you consider me!

    Thank you,

  133. olivia says:

    My name is Olivia I can sing and rap I would like to be a pro singer

    Ps.Iam 11

  134. Stephen Patula says:

    Hi There!
    I am a 17 year old in Southeastern Kentucky just waiting for my chance of sharing my talents with the world.
    I love to sing and am active in our local theater, school chorus and my church’s adult band and youth band.
    I can Beat Box too at an intermediate level!

  135. Justin says:

    Hi my name is Justin I’m 13yrs old and singing is not a hobby but a passion. I have experience singing at school, church anywhere where there is a Mic ill most likely Sing into it. I live in Atlanta, GA

  136. Tegan Rider says:

    I am 10 years old and love singing and performing. I have been in a lot of plays and have sang the national anthem for a lot of baseball and hockey teams. I recently sang in front of 9,555 people for the Hershey Bears. Please give me a chance to show you what I can do.

    • Rose says:

      Hi, I’m not looking for fame, I need money big time. My mom isn’t doing so hot in her job and worried we might loose our beloved Georgia peach house. If you get paid on this show please, I can sing. I hoped when I was little, (Seeing all the ruff times we went through ) I could get famous and earn money for my family. Please, tell me what’s the secret to a good voice. -Rose

    • Crystal Laguna says:

      I am 12 years old, my name is Crystal. I love to sing, I love to dance, I know the dance to Ariana grande’s song problem. Speaking of Ariana, she has been my biggest inspiration. I have been singing most of my life and it’s something I just I just do, I don’t know if I’m the best singer or even a singer but I can surely show you what I can do. If you let me try then I will try my hardest, I won’t let anyone down. Becoming famous or at least getting to be seen by most people is or has been my dream since I was about 6. I just thought it would be very fun to sing and making other people happy. I really like that thought, and I’m just happy I get his opportunity to try and thank you guys!

    • madison moredock says:

      i am 11 years old I love singing I am really good I awalys sing since I was little I go to new vision middle school I am in 6 grade I live in san bernadino so please find me

    • Kyla says:

      Your a very great singer. I love singing

  137. Anaika edouard says:

    Hi am 12 years old and I like singing but I’ve never taking singing seriously but so many people say I can sing so I wanted to see and know the real truth

  138. jadalyn silva says:

    hi im 13 years old im a good singer ive been in choir since i was little i was in texas state choir because my choir teacher thought i was really good and i hope i get a reply back!!!!!

  139. Autumn says:

    I’m a 12 year old girl and I love to sing my family really supports me with my singing. I would love if someone would be able to reply with a singing oppertiuny. thank u.

  140. Rebeccah Benedict says:

    Hi! I am a 12-year-old girl from a small town in Washington. I have always loved singing and I am very talented at Singing/Dancing/Acting/Alto Saxophone/Piano. I have been in my school’s 6th grade musical in 5th and 6th grade. I have been offered to attend modeling/acting classes but my family could not afford to. I am an A and B Honors student. I am going into 7th grade this year. I am often told I make a wonderful role model. I would absolutely LOVE to sing for you!! Performing is my LIFE!! I am always VERY PASSIONATE about my performing and already have a plan to attend a performing arts academy in LA when my Family moves to the area early next year. Please Email me with your decision and I would also be delighted to audition in person, on video, and for any other performing competitions you might hold in the future and/or present. I am a determined, hard-working, fast-learning, unique individual who would LOVE to work with you!
    Thank you for your consideration!

  141. Chloe Carson Shain says:

    Hi i’m Chloe Shain i’m 12 years old and I have been singing since I was 2 years old and got a solo at my church’s Christmas production I have played piano for 6 years straight and in my school talent show (Elementary – High School) I got 2nd place my mom is signing me up for singing lessons this year everywhere I go I sing I don’t care where it is I sing my birthday is March 26th i was born in 2002 and I would like a chance to be like Ariana Grande, Zendaya, Avril Lavigne, or Katy Perry and make a mark on the music world I live in Hagerstown, Maryland contact me if you would like to

  142. Chloe Carson Shain says:

    Hi i’m Chloe Shain I’m 12 years old and I love singing i’ve been solo in front of a crowd since the age of 3 I was born March, 26, 2002 and i’d like to take my singing a step forward I have been taking piano lessons for 6 years and y mom is enrolling me in singing lessons this year I got 2nd place in my schools talent show (Elementary – High School) this year and I am also A song-writer my singing style is hip hop, pop, pop rock, rock, and a little rap I live in Hagerstown, Maryland and I’m going into 7th grade this year I also have been drawing since I was 3 I come from a long line of singers and artist contact me if you want to

  143. Taylor says:

    I’m 11 And I Love Singing! I Sing All The Time And Know How To Play Tons Of Instruments! I Have A Singing Account On Smule. If You Want To See That:
    When I Grow Up, I Want To Be A SInger/Actor

  144. Ami r. says:

    Hi my name is Ami, I am a 12 year old girl but i will be turning 13 in the beginning of September, i love to sing and i to take it one step farther ( or a couple) so i looked this up and decided to see if there is an audition in my area, i hope there is!

  145. hana tarakji says:

    i would love to be on it im a great singer i have performed in my school talent show and everyonne said it was great

  146. Isabella says:

    Hi, my name is, Isabella and I have the natural talent of singing. I am 11 about to turn 12 in January. I would love to sing for you guys.

  147. nariyanah says:

    Hi I am nari I am 9 soon to be 10 in November I am very talented its been a dream of mine to do something big in life I would definitely excited to do this

    • Faith says:

      Hi my name is faith in I’m in love with great singers I love to sing for people never scared I would love to be in a group of girls in sing so I can get a better listen to everyone I’m a awesome singer I sing really high in I love Ariana I can sing her whole new CD in I love the intro but I love to sing in I can sing really good cause I’m different …..

  148. makayla says:

    hi I’m makayla and i love singing, everywhere i go its singing. I’m 12 old and I hope i get the opportunity to become a zendaya or an ariana grande and I just reall hope I get a reply

  149. Justyne Long says:

    Hi my name is Justyne Faith Long and I am 11yrs old.I love singing from pop to country.I have had a lot of people tell me I can’t do it but that doesn’t stop me.I love singing it’s my passion!

    Weight:100-110 lbs
    Hair color:Dirty Blonde
    Eye color:Blue

  150. r divya says:


  151. jenaiyah keeslar says:

    hi I’m jenaiyah and I don’t mean to brag but I am an amazing singer please message back.

  152. Lydia says:

    Hey, my name is Lydia I am 10 years old and I do ariel arts (look it up!) and I’m really intarested in singing I recently went to the Delta Girls Rock Camp and the band we formed it intarested in keeping it going and I am starting vocal lessons soon and I think this would be a good opertunity to start a real correr!

  153. kayley says:

    Hi, I’m kayley. Singing has been my passion for as long as I can remember. I am 11, and can sing (I think) very well. I would love to be on singing bee, and hope I can.

  154. Kyly says:

    I am a twelve year old girl I am really interested in getting a audition I am a singer and dancer I would be really interested to get this oportunity

  155. Amela Abrams says:

    Hi, I am a very good singer not to brag, I have taken singing lessons before. I am also a dancer I take dance lessons I can play trombone, act, do accents, I’m very flexible, and starting modeling maybe next month or so. I would love to be in a competition it would be fun to hear different voices.

  156. amya says:

    Hi I’m Amya hendricks and I have been sing since I was four .And I always wanted to and sing is what I want to do for the rest of my life.And I told my mom that for college I qant to going to a singing college so I can learn more about sing

    • Trinity says:

      Hi I really want be a singer a lot when I was five I started to sing a lot now I’m 12 plz let me become a singer

  157. Cheyenne Conner says:

    Plz cn u enter me? Im an awesome singer, but we have a little bit of a money prob, id luv 2 bcome a singer, its my life dream! I am almost 14 yrs. old my name is Cheyenne but i go by Chay, i express myself thru music, its like my 2nd life, i hope i didnt waste ur time, it would b AMAZING if u gave me that chance, u just wanna prove 2 ma family and the whole world i cn sing, show em who i am! I have star potential and i write song, great vocalist! Plz!?!

  158. Alexandra G says:

    Hi my name is Alexandra but most people call me Ally and I would like to be on your very own show the Spelling Bee. My mom says that I truly can sing, so that gave me confidence to say I think i have what it takes! I would really love to audition so please consider me for your show! Thankyou

  159. Alyssa ferguson says:

    Im 12 and love to sing,play piano and guitar.Im also in my school choir.hopefully have a chance to be in your show.Thank you so much,Alyssa

  160. Amira Hamer Pia says:

    When I was little I was around yelling and every time u was scared used to sing to myself and now I have
    Learnt to sing and tell people my emotions though
    Music by singing to have a chance to sing in front
    Of a bug crowd and tell them a story about me and who I am would be a life changing moment for me.

  161. Samantha Moses says:

    my name is Sam and I’ve always wanted to be singer ever I get in on a stage in what I’m trying to say is I’ve always wanted to sing in front of people and make people happy in something that inspired me was the girl on Radio Disney Music Awards 2014 she sings frozen and she’s the youngest a singer I’ve ever heard although I could see the next no she was definitely the best

  162. Olivia says:

    I’m 13 years old I have some singing experience. I wouldn’t say I’m great but I’m good at singing. I’ve always wanted to show other people what I can do because many people have doubted my abilities. If I had a chance to show the judges what I can do I would give 100% of my effort.

  163. Ajah King says:

    Hi my name is rajah I really love singing it my passion.everyone at school love my singing especially my teacher.I really want to be famous so I can make money to fix my family’s mom always said at the age of 10 she started to follow her dream and now she’s making lots of money.

  164. Kat Thao says:

    Hello! I’m 12 years old. I won a singing battle and used to join choir. Uhm.. i play the flute. Im learning how to play the piano, violin, and guitar. i would really like to be pick. I’m trying to achieve my goals. If you’re reading this. Hope you understand.

  165. Aujahnae' says:

    Hi my name is Aujahnae’ and I’m 13 years young I love to sing it’s been my passion since I wiz 3 I would love to audition for this part.Some people sing to make their selves others sing to make family happy I sing to make everyone happy amd hopefully one day the world my favorite quote is “Everybody wants to be famous but nobody wants to put the work in” so basically all I’m asking for is a chance 1 chance to inspire at least 1 person to chase their dream. :-) please and thank you!!!!

  166. allysia osborne says:

    I’m 11 years old and have stage fright but fight it. I love singing in my room by myself. But since it’s online I think I can do it. My name is allysia osborne.

  167. Omarie says:

    I have natural talent I am the star of the living room and I have been singing since two I was singing at church Saturday night live and more and every talent show there was I was there and I really wanna sing so contact my mom thankyou

  168. Grace says:

    I am Grace I have stage fright but If I’m doing this online I won’t be that nevose and I am 8 years old.

  169. jayanna mickey says:

    Hi, my name is jayanna and i was thinking of a sad story to put up here but im not im going to tell you the truth. So, im the youngest out of 5 and i love singing i impersonate ariana grande and jhene aiko. My older brother larry is in the marines and im very proud of him. I play the piano. I have been singing since i was 3 years old and im outgoing and you will love me.
    Ps. Im 11

  170. E'chanti Murdaugh says:

    hi my name is Echanti Murdaugh and I am 14 years old I have been singing my whole life and I just want to show my family I can sing . so thank you and please reply

  171. sherlin says:

    Hi I thin I would be a good singer I have a amazing voice so please reply

  172. Keliane says:

    Hi myname is Keliane and I’m 12 and I love singing and acting. I’ve always loved to sing ever since I was 2. I’ve always had an ambition for singing and acting. When I Sing I feel alive. It’s like lots of songs mean to me help me through tough times. And I’ve sing in front of my family and friends and they have said that it’s time to start something and step forward. I’ve tried things like Interface but that didn’t go so well. And know I hope your company is my last chance to really show who i am thank you .

  173. Libby says:

    I am AMAZING at singing.Everyone I know says I am the best person they know at singing. I am a major soccer/futbol fan, and I love sports. I am 11 years old and my dream is to grow as a singer. I will never give up, and I want everyone to have a chance at their dreams. I am blessed that I have the chance to try. I can sing anything, and I am always positive!

  174. Ziona richardson says:

    Hello my name us ziona richardson I relly hope that I get this job because for fourteen years I always had wanted to be a singer thank you

  175. Nancy Mansor says:

    Hi,My Name Is Nancy Mansor Iv’e Been On America’s Got Talent Everyone Say’s I Sound Like Christina Aguilera And I’m 11 I Can Read Music Act And Dance But My #1 Thing Is To Sing Everyone Who Listen’s To My Voice They Think I’m 30 And A Professnial I Would Really Want This Opportunity.If You Have Any Othet Auditons Or If You Want Me For This Production Contact Me And The Mp3 Of Me Singing Is My Heart Will Go On,Celine Dion,Thank You.Listen To The Ending Of The Mp3.

  176. Skyler Patterson says:

    Hi, Im skyler! I turn 15 on October 6th and I would love to be able for my dream to come true. My grandmother and dad say I have been singing since before I could even talk they even showed me videos. Music is my life and I wont stop at anything until I get a chance. I can relate to alot of people from my past and honestly its in various categories. I sing all the time ive even sang in my hometown Jesus ralley. My voice is High and Lonesome as im told I have the voice of an angel. The biggest reason I want to do this other than its my dream is to show my dad im not a failure and to help our family out. I sing mostly country and gospel music

  177. No name they questioned says:

    I don’t know if I’m a good singer honestly :C . I want to try out, I just have no idea if auditions are actually open XD .I’m 11 and well…who knows I might be good…or might be the worst thing never know… Well my point is that I want to at least try…good luck everyone!!!!!! C:

  178. breybrey says:

    hi im 12 and i love singing im in cleavelands singing angels i take private lessons and i sing in my schools choir i sing every single day to any song and i truly love sing i want to be a singer just like my cousin lakesha

  179. Willy says:

    Hi my name is Wilibaldo (Willy) and I’m a 12 year old boy with a dream. I really want to become a singer!! I am the band Journey’s youngest biggest fan!! I am also like Steve Perry’s biggest youngest fan!!! Someday I want to actually have the band Journey and keep their music going. I really want to be a sing! I want to be the next Steve Perry please!!!

  180. rebekah says:

    hey my name is rebekah but everyone calls me beki i have been singing my whole life and im 13 years old i live on the central in wyoming and my family and friends keep telling me i should go on the kids voice or a talent show
    please reply

  181. Valerie says:

    I love singing and I think I have a beautiful voice the problem is just that I have stage fright

  182. Ella Danna says:

    Hi my name is Ella I’m 11 and I love singing it’s basically my life I write songs in my book I devote myself to it my mom said I would hum when I was little and I used to sing in the car to songs I didn’t even now so please reply to this thanks

  183. Solenne says:

    My singing passion is vital and means so much to me. I realized this is my destiny ever since I won a trophy for first place in 2nd grade!

  184. laura says:

    I have a great voice and i am good at danceing I been through a rough time in my life I am 9 years old and I fill like singing is a great part of my life I was born to sing and I hope someone reply please thank you if your reading this

  185. Sarah Osula says:

    Hi I’m 10 years old I have a good voice unique it’s been my life long dream to become a singer ever since I was 3 years old I really want to be a singer if someone just gives me a shot for a few songs I’ve even started song writing and my family is not that wealthy I really want to help my family

  186. Ashley Hamilton says:

    My name is ashley. I love to sing I was the lead role for my schools play twice. Once
    I played Annie, off the movie “Annie” and the singer Dusty Springfield. Anyway it always been my dream to sing as a famous star so I would love to sing on any national tv show.

  187. Omarie Dunn says:

    Me nd my best Brianna really wanna sing we practice everyday and it’s amazing and we really wanna show our voice

  188. Madison Broadway says:

    Hi, me and my best friend for life . Are very good singers and we would love this opportunity. We are always the first soloist for choir, and we won our talent show 1st place. Please we are 11(me) BFFl (12)

  189. Katelynn says:

    i really enjoy singing and i am auditioning for britains got talent this year and i auditioned last year but didnt gwt through because my nerves took over so this will be a good opportunity

  190. shantel says:

    I am a great singer and I would like to start my singing career

  191. daisha says:

    Hey I’m in atlanta I’m 12 I love to sing and really wanna make it my hobby I really think I need a chance on the voice I just wanna change the world with my lyrics please reply :-)

  192. ariana says:

    Hi I am Ariana I live in Memphis Tennessee I am 10 I singin the shower at church and on the streets dsometimes to raise money

  193. mikayla hensen says:

    hi my name is mikayla hensen and i love to sing its my passion and i just would love to be a reality to other people i do singing a wee bit of acting and modeling
    name:mikayla marie hensen
    skin color: tan
    eye color:green
    hair color:brunett with natral blond high lights

  194. Milena says:

    Hi im 13 years old im not the type of child that dreams to be famous. I just enjoy entertainment and want to be apart of it.I had leading part in a puppet show and avwell known puppet company in FL. I did a play for my church. I am in chorus. I love to sing. I know there are other children that can sing and dance but they do it for fame.

  195. Zoe says:

    Hi I’m zoe i love to sing I am 10 years old . I have been singing all my life . I still love singing. I sing when I’m bored . And I go to choir at school I’ve been singing in the choir for 2 years .

  196. Haylee hounsom says:

    I am 12 I really love to sing I have singing apps my vine is a singing account and I am single singer and very interested

  197. Shameka says:

    I really wanna be on the voice im an amazeing singer and i know it i just need a chance

  198. bradford white says:

    i am a 17 year old boy and i absolutely love singing. i’ve been singing ever since i can remember. music is my passion and my life. if i could, i would listen to music and sing all day long. i would love to get the opportunity to take my singing and love for music to the next level

  199. Megan says:

    hi my name is megan you have most likely gotten this same kind of message an I don’t want you too think im just like everyone else just a kid that’s sings an has the big dream an isn’t good enough because I am an im not just like everyone else an m glad I like being driffrent but I love to sing always have ever sinse I was 5 an I have always got placed in contest I can also do gymnastics,act,and dance I have never had lessons for any of this but it has always been my dream to become famous someday an start a band I can sing country or pop doesn’t matter but I am very confident an I guess if I don’t get chosen then I guess you guys will be making a big mistake.

  200. leatta reddin says:

    i have a granddaughter named Noelle she is 8 years old she wants to be famous so bad she is the best when it comes to singing

  201. kayauna says:

    Hi, my name is kayauna I sing to my family and friends if I get the job it will make me and my family an friends proud if song to about 500 kids for the talent show it’s fun !!!

  202. Hani Mohamed says:

    Hey, my name is Hani and I’m 12 years old. I like doing sport, drama, food… and most of all i love to sing! No matter what i do i will sing. I want to take this really serious, I’ve always wanted to sing.
    I’m a Muslim and this is really strange and weird for my religion but its alright because my family are supporting me on this and my friends are too! I really need your help to make my dream come true (Being a Singer!!) So.. please reply or Email me as soon as possible
    Thanks for reading :D

  203. erin says:

    ok hello im erin and you dont undestand me and my sis alyssa terria are the best singers you can find but i am th one person who can realy sing anything so please reply if you want to but if you dont you will regret it i may only be 11 but im amazing

  204. toddrionna weathers says:

    hi my name is Toddrionna Weathers I been singing ever since I was 5 I have won school talent shows and I been ready this is my dream

  205. Iyanna Ruiz says:

    Hi, my names Iyanna.. and I love to sing,
    If you know me, you will know all I do is sing.. everywhere at home, in the car, in the shower, everywhere I don’t care. I love to sing

  206. Alyssa Angeles says:

    Hi I love to sing i began singing at the age of 3 or 4 i love pop i am 10 bout to be 11 track runner love to compete love to be up on stage

  207. Catherine says:

    Hey I’m Catherine I’m 11 and I used to be shy and I finally found my voice recently!

  208. Stephanie says:

    Hey my name is Stephanie my dream is to be a singer not to get famous but to be a legend . Singing has helped me through a lot so if you guys have time please reply &’ help me live my dream… thanks♥

  209. Brianna says:

    Hey I’m brianna and I’m 10 I write rap and hip hop and I can dance I know how to tap ballet and jazz I be singing on Christmas day in front of my whole family

  210. Cherry says:

    My names Cherry and I am 12 years old. I love to sing and would really like to be a part of this show. I have been told by many people that I have a beautiful voice. I also have a sister named Kelz who is 11 years old. She is also an amazing singer. We really would like to have the opportunity to be presented in front of you.

  211. Alanna Padinha says:

    I love to sing but my mom won’t let me do this and my favorite song is tough lover by Christina Aguilera. Also, I’m 10 years old and I love to sing.

  212. Khyla says:

    I am 10 I’ve been singing since I was 2 and a half I’ve been dancing since 3 I want too give money to the needy and some people in my family if I don’t win it will be fine I just want a chance to be awesome for a while

  213. shyona wilson says:

    My name is shyona although i have a silly name my singing is not i love to sing my parents say my first cry sounded like a song its almost my b day on June 27 i will be turning 11 and it will be the biggest gift ever in the whole world if i win but its ok if you dont ill never give up

  214. Haley says:

    Hi its me Haley again I forgot to say that I am 10.

  215. Haley says:

    I sing every day I was in chorus in school and when I was three I sang in the car every day so I have to say I love singing.

    • kalia says:

      Hi my name is kalia at school I sing for the talent show and everything I will love to be a singer I write songs to

  216. Malika Penha says:

    Hiiii XD I’m Malika Penha I’m 14 I love writing poetry and songs i am a really good singer so plzzzzzzzzzz reply i really want to live my dream

    • Dominique says:

      Hi im Dominique im 13 years old i love to sing alot me an my mom sing at church alot an i always wanted to sing an show the whole world my talent my pastor an his ushers said that my voice is so beautiful an that i should try to start singing

  217. Iexi says:

    hi I love 2 sing and I realy love 2 Sing my fav Song is let it go by Demi lavoto I’m 10 years old and I Would love to get Picked only to give money to the needy

  218. Halle Gavin says:

    Hi my name is Halle Gavin iam 10 years old and iam a talented singer I have been singing since I was 3 and its been my dream to be a singer please can you help me jump start my career I come from liverpool but I live in wales (Rhyl) please I need this

  219. haleigh says:

    my name is haleigh moredock im 10 years old and soon on july 23 2014 will be 11 years I sing every where school home public even if people can hear I sing on the bus and I would love to be on the singing bee! thx xoxo

  220. emerald green says:

    hi my name is emerald. i am 13 years old. i will be 14 on decembder 1,2014. i have loved singing all of my life. my mother has always told me that i would never mound to anything. today i would like to prove her wrong and finnaly follow my dreams. i have had many oppotunities to follow my dreams but i turned them down because i had no self confidence. well today im ready! i will no longer let those words hold me back. from here on out i will do it takes to get my voice out there for every one to ere me and if im turned down im coming back at again and again. i wont give up. please accept me for the voice u can contact

    • dantoria says:

      Hi my name is dantoria 13 years old. i will be 14 on october 7,2014. i have loved singing, dancing,raping,writing music. i have done this all of my life every since i was 5 years old. i know i got what it takes for the voice. my mom always told me that i will get better and to follow my dreams. so today that is what i will do follow my dreams. so please accept for the voice. i will try every step of the way to get better if they turn me down so please and on the voice for you to pass i know all it takes is for one person to turn thier chair around and i have passed and if they do i will push myself to do better so the voice please accept me… to be on your show..:)

  221. Cheyenne fesquez says:

    I really want to be a singer I don’t care if it’s on the voice or American idol a long as I can be a star

    • Deja Reid says:

      Hi My name is Deja, I’m 13 and I love to sing, I want more than anything to form a band because I love bands and I would love to be a lead singer.

  222. jabreya heasley says:

    My name is jabreya heasley. I am 12 turning 13 and I am in love with singing. My dream has always been to sing in front of millions of people. All of my friends say I am a great singer, but being on TV would prove my case even more. I am hoping to be considered and if I am, you won’t regret it.

  223. amelia says:

    hi my name is amelia and i always what to be a singer when i was like 1 and i’m 10 years old so 9 years i wanted to be a singer

  224. Trimia says:

    Hi im Trimia and I have a group but we’re not a big hit yep
    But anyways im 10 going to turn 11 this year and I really can sing so plz reply

  225. Genniefer Emerick says:

    Hi im gennie and im 11but ill be 12 really soon and my mom and dad and all of my friends say I have a really good voice and I would love to be on the voice

  226. abigail says:

    my name is Abigail but my people call me abby. I sometimes sing at football games. I have always loved singing.

  227. caseyone says:

    hi im 12 now and i have been looking for opportunities all month and it hasnt worked out so well so i hope this will thank you

  228. mikayla says:

    hey hey i love singing i am 11 and i like to show my y talent to others ecspacly everyone so just be cool dudet!!!!!!!

  229. Alondra says:

    Hi I’m alondra I always wanted to get noticed with my singing my friends always tell me oh alondra your a really good singer even my siblings and relatives so plz pick me I dream so be a famous singier so I can entertain people with music and give share my talent

  230. Camille says:

    Hi I am Camille lots of people call me callie I love to sing and am really good at it please exept me in your showP.S I am 9 years old

  231. meara brown says:

    Hello my name is Meara Brown and I would like to audition for the voice kids. I am 11 years old and it is my destiny to become a singer. I know in my heart that I will. to me this is a big opprutunity. Please contact me and let my audition. my future in singing depends on it. If you cannot contact me on my email contact my mother

  232. Stephanie says:

    Hi, im 10 but im going to turn 11 but I want to join this.So good luck to everyone to you.

  233. rylie says:

    I’m 11 years old I love to sing and I want to be on this please pick me I live in Lehigh IA and I want to be discovered please pick me to be on this

  234. Lillith says:

    hi i have loved to sing ever since i was little and now i am 12 and i still love to sing i do it when ever i have free time. <3

  235. Marlin says:

    Hi I’m Marlin I really like singing and I’m pretty good I think. So it would be an honer to sing for you. Wish all the song lovers the best.

    • masego says:

      All I have to say is showbiz is my life I do talent shows, music shows and many and if u wanna see me I will show the best of me 12years old MASEGO but STAGE NAME msggirl

  236. alyssa koller says:

    hi my name is Alyssa and I am about to turn 11 but I am still 10 years old me and my friend gabby dedicate our lives to singing and we are really good at it so if you want to hear real voices text me on Facebook my user is Alyssa koller ok tootles.

  237. faith mckenzie says:

    hi my friend and me are really good at singing and we know that we are the right quality for this so please reply you wont regret it

  238. lilah says:

    hi im 11 i sing play the drums and dance im in choir

  239. Ruby says:

    Hi my name is Ruby I am deaf I can sing I won the talent 1 month ago I would
    like to sing to you

  240. Allanah says:

    Hi I’m allanah I love singing it is my passion it means the world to me if I was on your show I love singing in the car at school practically anywhere where I can sing so please accept me thankyou

  241. mercedes says:

    Hi I am 11 yrs old nd I always wanted to be a singer when I was 6 yrs old

  242. Darvanlina says:

    Hello I’m 4 years old and I love to sing, my favorite things to do everyday in my home or in my parents car along with my sister nd brother. Everywhere we go..

  243. Anna says:

    Hi I’m Anna and I’m 13 years old, I have been told I have a sweet voice and that I’m really good at singing but I still want to prove it to myself. I love singing and it is my dream to have lots of people hear me sing even though I am still just beginning to overcome stage fright. Please consider this and reply.

    • china dixon says:

      hi my name is china I am a singer I love to sing I practice everyday and I want to be famous I practice so hard on being a singer I will make videos of me singing the name will be china Dixon I hope yall like it I will post it on soon maybe in November.

  244. Selena furnari says:

    hi I’m Selena and i would love to be on the voice ,it’s been my dream to be noticed internationally by my voice, my parents,family and I all agree that I should be on the voice, I would absolutely love to be on th voice please reply

  245. charlotte says:

    Hi my name is Charlotte and I am 9 I really love singing i do it everywhere it is one of my favourite things to do!

  246. Yajaia says:

    Hello my name is Yajaia I’m 9 and I’ve been singing since I was 6 I been wanting to sing because when I was little I would always listen to famous singer Adele and ever since I’ve been so inspired to sing and be famous I sang songs for my mother on Mother’s Day and I took it to the next level and start singing at church and visiting others church’s and sing and I think you can help me take it to the next level so please reply to me
    P.S. May The Lord bless you

  247. Joy says:

    I’m Joy I ‘m eleven and I ‘m a really good singer I got picked to sing in front of the whole school and all my friends say I m going to be a hit when I grow up I hope you think so too

  248. Abiana Ortiz says:

    My name is Abiana Carle Ortiz. Im 13, and all I want is a chance, a chance to live my dream doing what I love to do. To Sing. Just give me a chance, & I wont disappoint you.

  249. Cierra Feres says:

    I hope I get a chance for this opportunity, I love to sing ive been singing all my life , I hope you think about choosing me, thankyou!!!!!!

  250. Kaisa says:

    Hi my name is Kaisa my whole life I’ve wanted to sing and I saw this and this, it’s like a dream come true. This is my second time I’ve been on the Voice kids but I didn’t make it and I’m 9.

  251. Destiny Jackson says:

    My name is destiny I have been singing since I was 3 I am 12

  252. Ryan Lohbrunner says:

    Hi, my names Ryan and I love to sing. Rock n Roll and alternate is my style of singing. I’m 11 years old, a great singer, dancer, and I’m very smart.
    < )

  253. elsa says:

    i’m 7 years old i’m going to be eight soon and i love singing is been my dream to sing. My mum says i’m a very good singer and i like singing pop music it’s my fave kind I’m very good with high and low voices so please choose me pleassse!

  254. Quin says:

    Hi I am Quin. I am a natural singer and I like singing and dancing. I hope I can audition. I am 10 years old by the way.

  255. Aden gudgeon says:

    Hi I’m aden gudgeon and I love to sing my life is to sing my favourite music is pop and rock and roll I love Michael jackson and elvis Presley and Huey lewis and I’ve got brown hair so please give me a chance to sing if u want me to sing call me thanx

  256. Christina says:

    Hi my name is Christina. i am 10 years old and I love singing and it has always been my dream to sing in front of my favorite stars. I have loved to sing since i was little. I hope you please send me an email and I would love to sing to you.

    • Molly says:

      hi Christina you are exactly like me and i would love to sing in front of my favourite stars some day please comment back
      Molly Xx

    • Savannah Hicks says:

      Hello my name is Savannah Hicks, I’m just a normal 11 year old who lives in Florida but I’ve always had big dreams no matter what. Ive been dancing since I was 2 and have been in multiple musical theater performances. Even though I love acting and dance, singing has always been my passion! Music is my life and this opportunity would be something I’d never ever forget! Thank you, please contact if interested:)

    • Bree says:

      Hello:) My name is Bree I am 12 years old I am looking to find some girls aged 11-17 that love to sing anywhere in the usa

      • Victoria says:

        Hi Bree I’m Victoria and I’m 13 years old I’ve been singing since I was 2 and I can tell you right now that it is my passion

      • Crystall says:

        Hey Bree! I’m Crystall and I am 12 years old. I have always loved singing ever since I can remember! I couldn’t live without music or singing!:)

    • Kiana says:

      Hi Christina I’m Kiana and I’m 10 to I have the same dream as you good luck and you sound great

  257. kaydra silva says:

    Hey my name is Kaydra. Im 11 years old. I. Live in spanaway,washington. I LOVE singing. I’ve been told I’m a very good singer and I guess I am. I am shy but I can overcome that. I have been singing pretty much since I could talk. I really do hope that you recomend me. If not then that’s that

  258. Alexis says:

    Hi I am 10 in have singers in they could sing a lot in there voicesbis real good in I wonder if I can get this

  259. Emily says:

    hi im 10 and me and my friends are good we have dreamt of singing on tv or on talent shows all our life and i hope my dream will come true also my friends dreams as well

  260. Dean Dennie says:

    I Am 12 Years Old.(Male)

    I Enjoy Singing. I Can Sing High And Low But It Just Depends On The Song.

    • Aljane Patete says:

      I Am 12 Years Old. Im Female

      Gustong Gusto Ko talagang Kumanta…At Gusto kuring Ipakita sa Lahat Ang Talint Ko sa Pagkanta….i Can Sing High Anf LOw…

  261. John Gomez says:

    Hey,im 12 years old and ive been singing since i was 4.My dream is to sing its what i live for.Music is my life.If i dont got music im nothing.PLEASE RECOMMEND ME!!
    It would be a dream come true for me.Thanks :)

  262. jasmine simmons says:

    i like to sing im 15 years old im from memphis an i live an memphis

  263. Mary shipman says:

    Hi my name is Mary Louise shipman and I am eleven years old and. I like making music I am flexible I love singing rapping and dancing I like taking care of dogs grooming and washing and I REALLY extremely want to know if there is anybody that setting up an audition to let me know

  264. Gabi says:

    Hi I’m 11 and I really want to be a talented singer And I am I just need help taking baby steps to where I want to be and where I want to be is a professional singer and guitarist.

  265. Faith speicher says:

    Hello I’m faith speicher I am a heart singer I write my own songs I’ve gotten bulled sense I was in school. I fainted vomited form getting bullied and having anxiety attacks! I am so tired of hiding my talent I know I can sing and I can do anything if I put my mind to it I have a really good cause to sing and I wanna express it! I’m 12 and please get ahold of me

    • marissa mizell says:

      Hey guys I’m Marissa I love singing but I’m a bit shy I’m tired of hiding it would be a dream to be famous not for fame or fortune but I want people to enjoy my voice btw I’m 11 bout to be 12 in June 25 wanna hear me sing ? Hit me up on Facebook @Marissa mizell good luck everyone love yall

  266. Zykee Carmicael says:

    Hi my name is Zykee and I am 11 years old I’ve been singing since I was 3 I can change my voice to different tones, also I am rapper it’s not about the fame it’s about the risk please recommend me.

  267. anna says:

    hi my name is Anna, i’m really good at singing. I took chorus for 2 years. I did ballet for 4 years and I have dirty blonde hair, im11 years old, hazel blue eyes and I’ve always wanted to sing for my whole life I hope u give me the opportunity of a life time. thank u and happy mothers day just email me if u want to hear me sing

  268. courtney says:

    Hi my name is courtney im 13 and i love singing my family says im really good at it and im in my school choir i live in rotherham anf my parents dobt drive my nan does and would love to be famous and make my family proud of me

  269. kylie says:

    My name is KYLIE and I want to be a singer because it has been my dream and I want the world to know this is my dream and if I get this it would mean the world to me and if I ever become a singer I will help kids with no food and clothes I realy would love this oppertunity I’m 10 years old and live in illinoise. :-)

  270. kylie says:

    I’m a good singer and I want to be like katy perry

  271. Nautica says:

    Hi I’m Nautica Haynes.I a 13 yeas old.I live in Jacksonville Florida and I am going to Kipp Impact Middle school.I have been singing since I was 9.I have 2 videos on YouTube and I hope you would consider me.

  272. morgyn says:

    Hi. My name is Morgyn I am 11 years old. I have been singing for 9 years. I have a lower voice but still feminine. I have dirty blond hair and hazel/blue eyes. I can 5’2 and weigh 90 pounds. Please recommend me on your show.

    • nyra eason says:

      Hi my name is nyra im 12 turning 13 in july I really want to become a Singer it would mean the world to be to be picked… thanks

  273. Charli says:

    U have no idea how powerful kids voices and I have always wanted to take the next step with my singing but I just want to at least just meet and talk or sing with a singer or be in a performance with anyone! So please if u know anything that will let me do something like them please tell me!

  274. Charmaine says:

    Hi everyone… Im 10 and im from malaysia kl… I love singing i have been singing from the age of 5 u all have to hear my singing

  275. michaela says:

    I’m amazing but soon I will be ten someone if u want to be cool before 10 so pleas reply

  276. liam carlson says:

    ok so Im liam carlson and for my hole life ive wanted to be a famous singer so it would be nice if you could give me a chance. and im 9 years old

  277. Dylan Welch says:

    I am 12 turning 13 in August. I have been singing for 5 years. I’m in choir and my choir director says I’m a great singer.

  278. jeremiah auguste says:

    Really would like to do something fun and be with kids my age I have been singing for 5 years and just want this opportunity

  279. Jadyn says:

    Hi I’m Jadyn Jessup Eisenlohr and I am 11 years old 5ft 3in I am in 5th grade at sunny pointe Elementary an I see you have had 259 comments so far and looks like I’m 250! Yeah I know it’s not so special but whatever I am applying for this competition because you know what you only live once…..and I would like to live that life and I have a history of singing I actually just got my first modeling contract last year and won’t the singing/modeling contest and I was the most bold and unique singer that wasn’t scared because you had to sing in front of the ENTIRE mall and you know what I wasn’t scared one bit and I say Jadyn Eisenlohr WILL be a singer some day to come………

  280. cheyenne says:

    I have been singing since I was five years old Ising good

  281. abbie says:

    i am 8 years old my name is abbie. i sing to my mom and dad every day. my mom and dad love my singing THANK YOU!

  282. Jessica Li says:

    Hi my name is Jessica, I am 11 and turning 12 in July.when I was in 2nd grade I was in chorus and I still am, I love to sing and dance to this anime aikatsu and other animes. I have alot of fun, after a while I thought maybe it is time to do something instead of keeping this to myself, so I am here to have fun and shine brightly!

  283. Lilianna McWhinnie says:

    Hi i am lilianna im going to be 9 this year
    Im the second best singer in my school
    but im the singer in my village and my house
    Im a great song writer give me a word then in a second
    i think of it

  284. Lilianna McWhinnie says:

    Hi im lilianna and im a fantastic singer i have not had any experince in singing clubs or academy
    Im the singer in my villige kilmacolm i would audition for anything
    my mum and dad think im really good a t singing

  285. jude meloni says:

    im not going to brag on about how much i sing or how long ive been singing for because it wont help me get anywhere. i just have a passion for music, and i want to make something of myself.


  286. Summer says:

    I’m an 11 year old girl with great spirit. I’ve been singing since i was 4 years old at a Amusement park in Texas. I’ve always loved singing when ever I hear a song on the radio, I sing even if the volume is low. I don’t care what people think of my singing I know i’m good and that’s what matters. Even though I never sang in front of a large group of people, I still love singing.

  287. princia says:

    hey my name is princia and im 10 i love singing and i want to do more about it i also do songwritting for myself im in the school choir my friends say im a great cofindent singer and they say i should audtion for this so please consider answering me

  288. Sandra says:

    Hi, my dream has always been to become famous and I’m good at memerizing songs. Everyone I sing for thinks that I’m a good singer so here’s some information about me:

    Name: Sandra
    Date of birth: 8/20/2004
    Location: Niagara Falls canada
    Hair colour: dark brown


  289. Destiny says:

    Hi I’m 11 and my main priority was to sing I love to sing and play around with my microphone I play saxophone piano and violin bit I love to play piano that’s my favorite please reply back

  290. Gaven lemacks says:

    Hello my name is Gaven Jenson Lemacks and if it wasn’t for music I would be me I am a good singer but I’m not gonna sit here and say I’m a perfect singer or I’m the best I’m gonna say I need improving but that’s what vocal coahs are for I am 14 and have been singing ever since I have been talking.singing has helped me get thourgh life.I hope you just don’t think I’m just another kid with a dream.singing is my life wheather or not I make it I will always keep my head held high and keep singing and improving.but it would make my heart drop if I was chosen sincerely:Gaven lemacks

  291. leyshleannelopez says:

    Hi my name is leyshleanne and i am 11 about to turn 12 and i love singing and i always sing to my mom or other family members and hope i can get into the contest and i am not rushing to go in.

  292. gabryelle says:

    hey my name is gabryelle and i would like ti audition to be a young rapper

  293. esther says:

    i am esther and i won no 1 in a singing show so i really need 2 show off my talent so pliz give me the opportunity

  294. Toya says:

    My name is toya im 11 and i want to be on your show and sing until the finals i always watch your shows and never miss one hope to be on tv one day

  295. Astrid lainez says:

    I am 12 years old i have been singing since i was in preschool,(or since i was 4) i have been in my schools choirs since 2nd grade.i’m in 6th grade now and i’m in my schools choir as a suprano.being a singer has been my goal since i was 4 and i would really apreciate everything if i made my family is poor we live in a 2 bedroom apartment with a lot of rats and cockroaches.i would post videos on youtube but i have absolutly no equipment to get if i may please get a chance i’d be so speechless.thank you :)oh and im confident as well

  296. kat says:

    me and my friend are trying to be heard and we have been looking every where we are both 12 years old is someone could please reply and give us a chance that would be great,thanks

  297. Alena says:

    My name is Alena and im 12 yrs old i have been singing for now 5 years and im in six grade.I want to be singing for fun and maybe a job. my family has gone through tough times and me my self have to.Im a soprano in choruses iv been in choures for 7 years.I would like for people discover what i have inside accept my niceness and caring.And that’s why i want to show my talent.

  298. Alice Cobban says:

    I. Love. Singing. Want. To. Here. Me. Simon. Cwlo
    So. In. Spraytional. Iam. 8. Years old. Check. Me.
    Out on. YouTube. This. Is. My. Dream. Thanks
    For. Lisening. So. Please. Reply. Boooooooooooooooshhhhhhh!!!!!!!!’!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!’!!!!!!.
    My. Brother. Is. So. Amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” Loooooooooveeeeeeeee!!!!!!’!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!’!!!!!!!’!!!””’!!!!’!!!

  299. zoe says:

    My name is zoe I have a extreme talent I can make up songs out of my head in one second I’m a great dancer I’m not shy I’m the younger of four kids my family is poor so I don’t get to do much this would really be my time to shine I look like this

    Hair color:dark brown
    Eye color:green and brown
    Height:4 foot 3
    Weight:52 pound

    I do have glasses
    And I am a tomboy. Please consider this request please

  300. Skhi says:

    Hi My Name Is Skhi I’m 12 I Love To Sing If I Have A Cut Singing Cures Me lol But YEAH I Love T Sing I’m Not Gonna Be Like Plz Pick Me Cuz I Know Its Useless But Any How I’m Looking Forward To A Career In Singing I live In South Miami Fl Boka Raton BYE!!!

  301. Rania Ahmed says:

    Hello Im 10 years old about to turn 11

    Ive always loved Music I can’t Play any instruments but I love to sing Ive been inspired my mother and my Idols Demi Lovato and Martina Stoessel My dream is to become a Singer
    Please Help my Dream come true

  302. Madison says:

    I have been singing for 2years I’m 10years old brown hair. I love to singing I love to sing in my school plays all my friends say you should try this thing so I did I also writer some songs I love all kinda of sings :Madison

  303. YvetteHope says:

    Hi everyone my name is Yvette um,man im so nervous lol! I come from a family that never really had much as a child and part of my family is suffering because of reasons. (health) I BELIVE that I could achive anything like Justin Bieber did on youtube overnight….. People say I can’t but, when they hear my voice and me act they shut up. I am currently in 6th grade going into 7th im 12yrs old blond hair hazel green eyes tan um I love to sing rap model act anything you hand put in front of me I can achive Im nit begging to be picked just to make my family pround! <3

    • YvetteHope says:

      also I had have expirence with singing actin and raping in case you wanted to know. also I have had modeling gigs its just I never had the chance also I sing hard metal rock 2!

  304. skye herron says:

    Hey my name is skye i really want to be a singer i always sing i was hoping would you give me a chance i want to make my family proud so please pick me:)

  305. Amariah Smothers says:

    Hi, I’m Amariah, I’m 11 years old, turning 12 in a couple of monnths, my friend Faith is 11, and Faith and I would like to audition because we sing alot at school and we have angel voices and we are really good so we hope you can find an area where we can sing. Thanks Bye

  306. davasha says:

    Hi my name is davasha and im just and ordinary Girl trynna make it in the usa.i want to be a sensation one day i really hope i get this opportunity!!!just plzzz give me chance in a life time .i just wantt to prove the people who said i would not make is to prove them wrong and follow my dream… im an 11 year old just waiting for a big opportunity..

  307. Jamelia Canada says:

    I am 11 years old

    My family said I have talent I have been singing since I was 2 years old

    I was in the school choir in 4 th and 5 th grade

  308. deepika arora says:

    its deepika here , i m 14 years old n i m addicted to singing i m searching a platform to perform show people me talent !

  309. ava mcgowan says:

    Hi i am ava and i am 11 years old i have this dream i want to be a singer like other stars.Mostly the only song i know i can sing is this is me by Demi i really need this appertunity to become a singer so if you are wondering where i live it is Florida

  310. naomy says:

    hi im 10 years old and i love to sing i started singing since i was 3 and i like singing solo so please give me the chance to be on tv and show the world that i got talent! im a believer cause i believe in my self. so please reply back

  311. Emmaleigh says:

    I am Raleigh freeman I am 12 turning 13 and my whole. Life I dreamed on being on the voice I sing day and night I have a peace of paper that says on a voice brake but if I go I will so all the people who douted me. Wrong so I will be proud of my self if I will make it

  312. Ani says:

    I am Ani . An aspiring 11 year old singer . Musuc is my life . My main passion . I have been singing since I was 5 years old and I still haven’t stopped . Please reply so that you can make my dreams come true .

  313. Jessa says:

    Hi, I’m Jessa. I’m 11 years old and singing is my passion! I started singing when I was 7 years old and have done some small Karoakes’. I just started playing piano and guitar, and I just performed at a city contest singing and playing acoustic guitar and won 1st place, which is on youtube. I would love to be on your show. Please consider me. Thank you.

  314. Lily says:

    I’m 9 but about to turn 0.
    I love singing, there’s nothing else in the world that I would rather do.
    I am a big fan of Selena Gomez and I want to be an amazing sing like her.
    I’m always a little shy but as soon as I start singing I’m not shy anymore.
    So just please pick me!

  315. Juliette frost says:

    I am 10 I live in San Diego CA I sing 24 hours a day I play piano, guitar, violin, and I sing. I really think I can win this so please pick me

  316. Ella Pepper :) says:

    Hi! My name is Ella and I am addicted to singing! I go to a stage school, I’m 11 now and I started my stage school at 4, but I have been singing ever since I got babble a word! My mam said I should go online and look for singing auditions so I came across this website (May I say an amazing one!) I’m very bright and just want to share my voice with everyone :) I’ve done shows in the Helix ever since I joined my stage school. I’m doing my third this year opening show! I just want to get a chance to shine and now I have the opportunity I just hope you give me the chance! Thanks kind regards me Ella :)

  317. Ashlynn says:

    Hi, my name is Ashlynn and I have been sining since before I could talk. My soon to be aunt is a singer and her dad is to. I sang at my talent show and won 1st place and I sang at my church.

  318. jayme says:

    hey there I’m Jayme and I’m 9 years old and singing is my life my family tell me I’m great and friends and teachers at my school so give me this chance and please reply back to me.

  319. Emma says:

    Hi my name is Emma an I have been singing since I was 10, I know that isn’t very long ago but it seems that I have a natural talent at it. I don’t sing a lot in public and if I do it’s in a choir but I would love to give your show a shot and if I do put make it, well it’s a learning curve

  320. Tajmeer says:

    I am Tajmeer I would like to sang to u to see if u like me or not so reply so u can know that I am a good singer.

  321. Lavina Brown says:

    Please pick me I have been told that I can’t do it and I won’t to prove to people that I am more that what I look like I can actually do something and prove them wrong I love singing that is my life!!!!!!!!!

  322. Keleena davis says:

    I’m Keleena davis and I LOVE TO SING.I love to
    Sing all types of different music.I like to sing pop,soul,
    R&B,classical,and hip hop.I sing in a choir at my church.
    I also like to dance and act.All my friends at school
    says that I have a great voice and a strong voice.My favorite singers are Whitney Houston,TLC,Mariah Carey,Jordin Sparks,and Mary J Blidge.And I forgot to add I’m 10 years old and I’m in 5 grade!!!!So can u help me out with my career.Thank you!

  323. Marisa says:

    If you are reading this you probably haven’t picked a singer yet… Hi I’m Marisa and Im 11 (almost 12)and I’ve been singing since I was 2.. I’m taking this risk because i can handle singing under pressure and I won’t let any other singer push me around because a lot of people I know say i have the best voice ever!!! But whatever.. Sometimes i go into my parents car just to hear myself sing and try things that i wouldn’t be able to do unless someone helped me.. So please review this and help me get to my dream!!!

  324. Ava says:

    Hey I’m Ava I’m 11 years old and I’ve been singing sine I was 4 I wasn’t good at 4 and 5 but over the years everyone has been telling me I’m an amazing singer and so then I moved and sang in a fancy restraunt and everyone clapped and said I was amazing!!

    ~ Ava

  325. Zoey says:

    Hi! My name is Zoey and I’m 12 years old. I love singing and everyone that hears me sing tells me how good I sound. I would love to be able to share my talent with the world. Please pick me, this would be the best thing that had ever happened to me. I won’t let you down ;)

  326. joshua says:

    I’m joshua I am 12 I have been singing,rapping and acting since I was 2. I love singing because that’s my number one gift. I love rapping because its like poetry and rhyming is easy. I loving acting because I like pretending to be someone else.

  327. Asia says:

    Hello, im Asia. I am 11 years old and i have been singing since i was 6, yep thats right, five years. And my mom, and my dad and a lot of other people in my family think that i am a talented singer, and have great talents, but my best is singing. And if i think that im a great singer and my family does too, i want to see what other people in the world think about my talent.

  328. Neema says:

    I am 9 years old almost turning 10.
    Singing is my life!!!
    I sing all the time.
    I perform at my church and they say I’m good so I just want to do all I can to achieve my dream!!!

  329. claudia says:

    im claudia im 10 years old fith grade i ould love to sing it my life

  330. maylin says:

    hi im maylin and im 9 years old and i would really like to join the voice and i am really shy but i am taking this risk to sing thas my dream thing to do when i sing evry thing is silent its like im the only one and thats my reason to be on the voice

  331. lauralli thayer says:

    Hi my name is lauralli I am 11 I am in 5th grade I have stage freight but I love to sing my voice is not the best. My friends say I have a amazing voice but j dissagree

    • saniya says:

      dosent matter what other think what you think is what matters im 11 and in the 5th grade but mt voiced is amazing but dont be scred its natruek to be but one day your going to be the next beyoncer or mariah carrie so try and it wil;l pay off

  332. sofia says:

    hi my name is sofia.ilove to sing people say i am good and that i should addicion for smething.singng is my life i get shy sometimes but i want to show the world that always be brave and show the world who you realy are.will thats all i have to so i realy hope you respond to me will have a great day bye.

  333. Camila Stetz says:

    Hello, my name is Camila and I am 9 year old girl living in San Diego, CA. I constantly sing at home and where ever I go. I dream to perform on the stage and show to others my passion for singing. I had some solos in my schools Christmas she and it felt great. my last favorite is Let it go from movie the Frozen. I hope I will here from you sometime.

  334. Katlyn says:

    Hi I’m 12 years old singing is my everything I love to sing I think I’m not good but everyone says I have an amzing voice my dad said if that’s your dream then go for it I want too prove everyone who said I couldn’t do it or make it I want too prove them wrong so please consider and reply back

  335. nicole G says:

    hi i am 9 years old and me and my four friends love to sing we sing in school everyday ! We really want to show people how much effort we put into this we been trying to find auditons and then we found this . this is something importent to us so please contact me

    • nicole G says:

      athough i know it may only be for one person and that is ok but please tell me witch other places we can go all four of us because we are a team if you can not work things out thanks you :)

  336. erica says:

    i really want to sing and im shuch a great singer singing is like my life and thats all i do is sing my friends and family says im great even my teacher so just give me a chance im begging you too pleaz

  337. Charlotte says:

    Hello! I’m Charlotte, and I am eleven years old and am in fifth grade. I really like to sing, and I think this is a pretty good opportunity. The only problem is I am very shy and I don’t think this is the competition for me.

  338. kirstin says:

    Hello I’m only 12 and I love singing ill sing in the middle of class I get in trouble but keep singing singing is my live there’s two things horses and singing I’m ready plz I’m begging you just give me chance that’s all I ask…

  339. Denisa says:

    Hi my name is Denisa I am 11 years old and I love singing , people say I am really good at singing and i should try out. I sing everyday , when I sing I fell like its just me I love how it feels so i hope you choose me bye!!

  340. Jazmine McKenzie says:

    Hi, I am 12 years old and I LOVE to sing. Singing is my passion. I am very good in singing. I practice my warm ups daily. Please reply back.

  341. Saimir G says:

    Hello iam a 15 year african american male singer. I have been singing since i was about 8 years old honestly. Music is my everything its who i truly am. Iam currently in a group home, for behavioral problems but ive i have changed since ive been here, i want to show other kids like me that you can be something more than what people label you as. I want to be the one to help people (young people cope with their problems because their is always a positive way to do things.). But if anyone is looking forward to see my talent you can reach me on face book at saimir gillis and you can follow me on twitter at saimir_gillis. Please and thankyou

  342. tiara rizky amaliah says:

    hai..I’m female 12 years old. I love singing. My performance could be seen on youtube : tiara rizky amaliah. Thank’s

  343. hannah.davis says:

    hi im 11 years old and I would love to join for this please im amazing at singing good luck to all <3

  344. Chloe Johnson says:

    My name is Chloe Johnson, I’m 13 years of age and people in my community say I can sing. Wondered if you were interested or not?

  345. celia says:

    hello my name is Celia. I have been singing since i can remember it would mean the worl if i could preform on this show. i realy want to make my family proud. my brother and sister all have plans to become layers and things like that i have always wanted to become a singer plz reply i would be the happiest thankyou

  346. Katelynn says:

    I am 10 years old I have been singing since I was about 5 years old and I would love if I could audition for this

    • Makayla says:

      Hi I’m makayla I’m 9 and I have auditioned for Ellen . I was not on live but I was shown on the screen. I am determined to be the next big popstar!

  347. olivia garner says:

    Hi! My name is Olivia Garner I am 10 years old .I love to sing and I am good at is so I want to do a audiyion today . BYE.

  348. Amra says:

    Hi i’m 10 years old me and my friends are good singers we keep singing every time at home and at lunch recces for school are parents want us to audition for singing and we love dancing we know how to dance crazy my friends sister said we are really really good awesome dancers pretty please reply thank you have a nice day

  349. Tyquasia says:

    i really wanted to just see if i were good enough for any real audition. my passion is singeing and i want to fulfill my dream being a successful singer. i also love to make up my own songs. i would get up and be the star of my mothers living room every time she had company or when it was family night i love to sing

  350. Jada rock says:

    Hi my name is Jada Rock I’m 13 years old and
    I’m a triplet. I LOVE to sing. Music
    Is just a part of my soul and it makes me happy. I
    Am in choir at school and it would be a dream to make it .

  351. cortlynd fruggiero says:

    I am a really good singer

  352. 4EVR 21 says:

    Hi are names are Gracy and Diana we are 12 years of age and we’ve been told by our family that we are good singers. We have been in dance classes and we’d like to show the world what we can do. THANK YOU :)

  353. Diana and Gracy says:

    Me and my cousin want to try out and we are only 12 years old and we must love to sing

  354. Lauren says:

    I am a 10 year-old bully victim. This is my dream to get on a singing contest.

  355. Tatiana says:

    Hi, my name is Tatiana I am 11 years young little girl with big dreams I am a great singer people say I have a voice of an angel so why not show other people in the world my talent !! So please reply

  356. Amethyst Lowery says:

    My name is amethyst im 11 years old I love to sing but here is the thing I have never shared my talent for singing
    To anyone at all

  357. LIL_T says:

    Hi I’m 12 years old and me and my friends it 3 of us and we wanted to be a famous sence we were little and me and my friend already been performing I front of people and we song all the time and dance and I want to show the world wat we got and travel around the world for bus.

  358. Taila says:

    Hi I’m Talia, and I’m 10.I love singing,acting and dancing. My dream was always that I would become a singer and u hope that will come true. I have sung in church(solo) and done plays. I hope you see this because it would change everything.
    Thank you so much love Talia

  359. Taila says:

    Hi, I’m Talia and I’m 10. Ever since I was little I loved to sing, dance and act . I have always dreamed that I would be a singer and I really want that to happen. I have sung in churns has a solo and I have done plays to.
    Thank you
    From Talia

  360. Faith says:

    Hey , im Faith im 13 years old my friends say i sing great as well as other people at my school of facebook through message .. an i sing at school too . And i also love love justin bieber so much

  361. Christyle Holmes says:

    My name is Christyle Holmes, I was just selected to sing in the honor chorus at my school. I’m a real good singer, and I would love to sing on your show the singing bee, sounds like a lot of fun. I live in Atlanta,so please let me know, when you all are in my area.

  362. Mitchell says:

    Hi, I’m Mitchell and I’m 14, I love to sing!
    My favorite type of songs to sing are
    Today’s top hits in any genre.

  363. Marissa Brown says:

    Hi my name is Marissa I’m 11 years old and im in choir and drama club both for singing im mixed I live with my mother a lot difficult stuff is going on and when I sing it makes me feel like nothing can touch me I’ve wanted to sing for a long time but you probably read multiple comments like this but mine is diffrent if you could please give me a call that will be nice, thank you.

  364. Madison Chambers says:

    Hi I’m Madison I’m 11 years old and love singing when I sing I can really express my self. I’m a really good singer well that’s what every one that here’s me says I like to sing country music. I sing for my family and for me. There is this one song I know called temporey home and when I sing it I crybecause at the end it talks about an old man and that sort of reminds me of my papa that died with liver cancer. I want to be famous for him and for my family. I live in Auburn so I can’t really go so where far so if you could come near my town then I’ll try to sing for you!

  365. yasmeen says:

    I’m 10 and my friends and I are in a singing band and were good singers

  366. Madison says:

    I always want to sing. When Beyoncé came out I was like since I was three. Now I sing very good.i am PROUD

  367. Natalia says:

    Hi my name is Natalia I’m 12 years and I I’m a good singer I wish to full fill my dreams by becoming a professional singer it has always been my dream so please contact me I live in Texas thank you.

  368. Rebecca says:

    My name is Rebecca and I’m a pretty good singer.

  369. Leah says:

    I am 11 and I have always wanted to be a singer

  370. Destiny Greer says:

    My name is destiny im 9 years old and love to sing dance and rap

  371. Lily Osborne says:

    Hello! My name is Lily I’m ten years old! I have been singing for a long time and am experienced!! I’m currently doing voice lessons and enjoy it very much! I would love to hear back from you! I think it’s a good idea to move on to something else such as this for my singing career! I’ve always wanted to do this! Thanks you so much!

    • Elisha Jones says:

      Hi, my name is Elisha.Im am 13 and I really love singing ever since I was a little girl.I want someone the be very kind in take some time out of their day to help take singing lession. I always wanted to be on American idol. Or the voice.

  372. destiny says:

    Hey my name is destiny im 12 years old and am a really good singer I have been in my school talent show andmy school play I am really excited to audition I cant wait this might just be the start of me full filling my dream of becomeing a perfessional singer I cant wait :-D

    • Alexia says:

      Hey I am 9 years old I can sing and memorize a song in one week. I really want to audition but do they have the singing competition in my area it is rochester nh

  373. selena says:

    im 10 years old and I think im a good singer

  374. Andrew says:

    Hi, I am 9 years old and love singing. I have a powerful and unique voice and really have talents in singing. I have experience in performing on several talent shows. I hope my voice can be heard by more people!!!

  375. tara says:

    Hi I am Tara I am 11 years of age I have auditioned for acting modeling and talent for christ AMTC once and would like to become a singer one day. I have been in two talents shows I am in 6th grade and I am also in chorus. Please reply.

  376. Emma says:

    I have always dreamed to become I star someday and I think I will.

  377. Ragan C. says:

    Hi I’m an 11 year old female and I’m hoping to show you my talent I like to think that I have natural talent and I love singing and I hope I get a job or something and I’m not looking to travel much so yeah there you go please email me back. I’m excited.

  378. Branson Waite says:

    My name is Branson Waite and I just turned 11. Check my first public performance one Youtube…….Branson Waite/there’s a hero

  379. Shauna says:

    I am a really good singer and also have a special gift. Singing other languages.
    I wish to be on the voice kids.

  380. Holly Nicle Brookins says:

    Hi my name is Holly I have always loved to sing. I think I have a talent, but it’s up to yall. I know that their are so many others that have a beautiful voice and im just 1 out of 1,000,000 but I would love the chance to atleast try. I live in Ozark so im trying not to travel far. I am 13 so I have schooling to do but I just want my voice to be heard. Thank you for your time!

  381. Pink fluffy panda says:

    Hi I’m a girl who loves singing! I have an amazing voice and I’m 9 years old. My friends think I have an amazing voice and that I should find a job. I really hope you emails back.

    • hailey says:

      Hi i’m nine too. Me and my friend thought maybe singing at a market could help. we have amazing voices. I think if you do that and put a hat for money you will be confident. the you could send in recordings to producers. being the last step. chek out this website theres a website that shows you steps to become a star if you do singing ouppertunities for nine year olds.

  382. Trisha stiles says:

    Honestly me and my friend sabriah are good singers and dancers. Both of our moms say they don’t believe we are good enough to sing nor dance, plus people dont believe in us they think we won’t become discovered nor like to sign or give us a record deal. I want to prove them wrong. We are both 12 im mixed, Sabriahs white, i sing dance and act, sabriah sings and act. I want people to believe we can and prove to them we are able to become what we want to become………………

  383. Zulmy Lopez says:

    Hi, my name is zulmy lopez Im 13 years old and live in Nashville,TN. I love to sing and have been passionate about it since I was in 2nd grade.I write my own music and sing anywhere I go.Please reply to my email as soon as you can thank you.

  384. ariana lopez says:

    Hi, I’m ariana and I’m 10, my twin sister and I are very talented. I could sing and my sister can draw like lauren faust from my little pony, (I only sing japanese songs) so I will like to hear from you!

  385. Holly Snook says:

    Hi my name is Holly im 12 ive been singing naturally talented with singing and acting ive been trying to follow my dreams but they are always scams and i want my dad to see my dreams come true before he passes because of his chrones desease right now hes on stage four im in 7th grade at broadway middle school seaside,oregon

  386. Claire says:

    my name is Claire. I am 11 years old and I have stage fright. Right now I believe that if I audition, and make it somewhere, I’ll get over it. PLEASE RESPOND

    • Leah says:

      I have really bad stage fright but I don’t mind singing in front of people it is just the acting

      Once I sang infront of 100+ people!

  387. alyssa says:

    hello my name is Alyssa and I have 2 other girls named Chiara and gabby we are good at singing and if you don’t reply back your missing all the talent

  388. Aaliyah says:

    Hi i’m Aaliyah i’m age 9 i love singing i been singing since i was 3 years old i was spoiled a lot but i want more i wanted to be on stage every one cheering on to me i’m mostly inspire by Aaliyah that why my name is Aaliyah my mom named it and who ever reply i love you so much

  389. alyssa says:

    hello my name is Alyssa me and my 2 friend gabby and Chiara are really good singer and I am 10, Chiara is 9 and gabby is 9 so please reply back but if you don’t your gonna miss all the talent

    • KYLEIGH says:

      I too am a very good singer. So is my 2 other friends. Haley and Skylar. I also love acting and modeling. It is my dream!


    im 15 am a goof singers in english and Spanish
    so please reply my E-Mail I live in New York

  391. Keely Hardin says:

    Hi, I’ve always wanted to become a singer. I’ve just been nervous about the idea though. All of my friends say i sing good and i try not to doubt it. i began singing before i talked and me and my cousin would put on Minnie concerts in the living room. The problem is, im not that attractive and it makes me sad that because of my looks i will make people judge my appearance and not my voice. North Carolina is not a very famous town for singers to begin. I would like to sing something other than country though. Singing is my love and i want someone to help me grow stronger at it. Thank you for reading this if you did.

    • Breeywanna says:

      My friend Briana and me would like to sing by Riverside and Los Angles we go to school at Chemawa Middle School. My friend and I have singing experience but give us a chance and I will make it worth ur wild

  392. devyn says:

    hi im devyn and im 11 i have a great voice i love to dance and sing and i am always doing that i do not have stage fright!!!!! so reply on me

  393. jasmine cal says:

    hi my name is jasmine and i wont tobe a singer and i have a gert voice and i am 11

  394. Shahida says:

    Hi my name is Shahida and my 12 year old son Percy has a beautiful,powerful and original voice. He currently attends Girard Academic Music Program and we are just searching for an opportunity to share his talent and bless someone. We live in Philadelphia, pa please reply.

  395. Amber Pratt says:

    Also Im 12 :)

  396. Amber Pratt says:

    Hi My Name Is Amber And I Love To Sing Lol I Have No Reason Why I Have This Talent Because My Mom Dad And Sister Have No Talent To Sing Lol But I Probably Get It From My Auntie I Love Singing And Would Really Likee Yo Join This Show ! :)

  397. emonie maxwell says:

    Hi im emonie im 13 years old my nickname is gigglez.I love to sing, dance, act, and I love sports. I work really well with others and im very out going an full of energy! I care for everyone, im girly but I also have a tomboy side. And I’d really appreciate your time and patients to get to know a little bit about me and hopefully you’ll consider my comment and I hope to hear from you guys.
    #fingers crossed

  398. Clara Armstrong says:

    I am ten years old and I love to sing act and do sports and I enjoy s one of the few things no one will ever take away from me

  399. Jade Grace says:

    Hi I’m jade. I’m 13. I sing and play bass. Iv loved music for as long as I can remember. My dad taught me everything about music and he died recently. I promised him in the chapel of rest that id make him proud and be a great musician. As long as I can do that I’d be happy.

  400. Qudar says:

    Hello my name is Qudar Shontez Burton. I’m 13 years old and I’v been trying to become since I was 7 and now I am 13. but I started singing when I was 6 but the terrible thing was I was singing at school, but I was singing infront of my teacher and she said I could sing. well that is my story about me and I hope you like it and please give me a call thank you.

  401. Hawkins Iesha says:

    Hi,Its me Iesha Hawkins again ready to show yall what I got It’s my voice

  402. kachina young says:

    im 16 years old i love to sing and i wrote some songs and looking for a manager

  403. Alexandra says:

    Hi I’m Alexandra and I wish good luck to everyone.
    Um the first time I sang in a crowed was when I was in music class,and then I got a solo for a part.i sang since 2/3years old.O and by the way I’m nine.

    • Alexandra says:

      Every time I sing at school everyone loves me singing,and I do every play at my school.

    • kayla says:

      im actually nine but im turning ten and i wish everyone else good luck!and i started singing at 4/5 years old and the first time i every sing in front of a crowd was at church so good luck and dont jinx anything guys we have to do good at this go auditions!wooo!bye guys!

      • Catheryn,Kaiden,andRosie says:

        Hi,we have a lot of experience with singing our band name is the generations it is only a girl band we came up with 2yrs.ago. We have an age range of 9,10,and11.we hope the best for acception. We have also preformed in the American Kids Group of Missouri we all thank you and we pray and hope for the best.

  404. Daisy says:

    hey I am daisy I love too sing my family thinks I should be famous my talent is singing artistic pictures and gymnastics I am also good at field hockey I am active I love to do cartwheels n tight places and when my friends and family are over I sing to them I sing while im on the trampoline doing gymnastis and more please contact me my family is in a rough position I am 12years old my email is for facebook

    • Daisy says:

      my name for facebook is daisy bleck I hope you will pic me this is my dream if I am not famous my wish is gone forever and my whole career I have wanted to do so much each year i am in the talent show I am from marathon ny I wish i was popular most people think im weird because of my singing talent my dad sais there just jealous but there not because im broke but its okif you don’t want to pic me I know how it feels people always back down on me

  405. melancia alcius says:

    loves to sing and act.
    things about me:
    loves food,loves books ,can act ,and good at singing.

  406. Kathryn sellick says:

    I love to sing and my friends say how good i am and then the people that dint don’t like know know me say how bad i am so that why i have low confidence and i could normally sing in front of anyone and i can’t even sing in front of my boyfriend cause im scared he’ll think im rubbish xxx

  407. Christina says:

    Hi my name is Christina and I have always loved singing. I used to go to a lot of acting auditions,so I have a resume. I have always been great at memorizing lines and have recited several monologues for auditions.I also rap and create beats. I have also been in a modeling contest before,and I was born to model. I have been in some photo shoots as well. I am a total fashionista and I just LOVE fashion! I’ve taken ballet,tap,jazz,and hip hop lessons. In addition,I’m working on getting an agency to represent me. I think I’m very well rounded and multi talented and after years and years of me and my parents thinking about it,I believe I’m finally ready. I would just love a chance to be on the show and show everyone my wonderful god given talent. So please contact me soon! Thanks,and here is some info on me.

    Name : Christina
    Age : 12
    Ethnicity : African American
    Hair Color : Black
    Complexion : Medium Dark Brown
    Eye Color : Brown
    Height : 5’1
    Weight : 80 lbs
    Talents : Acting,Singing,Dancing,Modeling,Rapping,Making Beats/DJ
    Hobbies : Reading,Biking,Crocheting,Games,Technology

    I hope you can contact me very soon. Thank you! :)

    • kayla says:

      my name is kaylamy age is 10 ethnicity is african american/hatian hair color black and dark brown complexion dark brown height 4’1 weight 49 lbs talents acting singing dancing hobbies reading biking games computer outside activitys
      i hope u contact me i really want this to happen!<3 (:

  408. jahcon says:

    hey im jahcon plz pik me im a good singer and
    dancer u will ever see in your LIFE I wanna
    be famous

    • jailee says:

      Hi im jailee w.
      Skin – brown
      Race-African american
      Eye color-brown
      Size-average Tall
      Weight-80 pounds

  409. alaijah pugh says:

    hi my name is alaijah I am a fantastic singer actor and dancer and I work very well with others I would love love love to sing for you thanks please please please contact me

  410. sadif siljkovic says:

    i really love to sing nobody has herd my voice yet so i wish to be on

  411. krishna says:

    my name is krishna i am 10 years old i sing good but nobody accepts so i want to tell everyone my singing talent

  412. kaitlyn says:

    ido need singing lessoins thought

  413. kaitlyn says:

    i realy love singing and i want to join i love singing sometimes i sing at school but they tell me to shut up our your voice is horrible i realy want somebody to teach me our even be able to peforme with other groups to raise my voice to my patictle people say that i sing like adale and i like country and iwas born in austin texas go long horns

  414. johnquashia says:

    i always to be a singer i can singer people tell me but i cant be one it to much hard work my mother says

  415. christine says:

    I’m 10 yrs old and I sing to mychurch since age of 5. Won various competition. Perform for non profit event, birthday, weddings, retirement and bazaar. Sing R and B, Broadway, classical, country and Pop.

  416. Jack says:

    Hello I am almost 13 years old and I am a boy I have a very talented voice but I’m being humble I have listened to Luciano Pavarotti many times before because I have a high pitched voice and I am a tenor in my school choir and I like singing opera I will understand if you don’t pick me though because of all the other people too!

  417. kennedy ross says:

    i am 9 yrs old i been singing since i was 1 please give me one chance thats all it take and you would love what you hear Whitney Houston and Jennifer hudson put together

  418. Hailey says:

    I’ve loved singing for as long as I can remember as well as wanting to be a singer. I’m 13 and female email me

  419. miriata says:

    hi my name is miriata im 12 years old and a female and im a singer I have been singing since I could talk I have passion in my singing. I never sang in front of a crowd before but I think I have the confidence to sing in front of a crowd. ill give all I have. email me if u are interested if u don’t that’s ok its worth a try.

  420. Kayla Gunter says:

    im 10 years old i hope i make it one day it

    has always been my dream.

  421. Mya k.t says:

    i’m 12 years old, and i want to become famous because, i wanna be heard. When i was little i couldn’t sleep without music. Every time i start to sing my friends start screaming, asking ”Why haven’t you gon pro yet?” thats when i decided to try and carry my voice to records. please contact me at 443 397 6323

  422. tiffany kiep says:

    i want to make my mom proud so im doing this everyone tells me a great singer but i dont know for all my life ive wanted to be a singerand dancer and its been hard with the divorce of my parents and all the
    bullying and its been real hard but i want to prove those peoplewrong cause singing and dancing are my passions and make me forget allabout them

  423. Cassia says:

    Oops, I forgot to say that I really want to be on the voice for kids. Please consider me to get through on to the show!

  424. Cassia says:

    I absolutely LOVE to sing and the good thing is everyone thinks I’m great at it! I’m 11 years old and I’m a girl. I also rap a bit.

  425. Krisha wakabi says:

    Hey I am Krisha I am 12 years and I love singing all the time.ever since I was 3 I wanted to be a singer and I am a good singer I have sang in church and I sing in many places so I wanted to sing there

  426. Paige says:

    I want to sign up to the voice but I am only 10 can you let me know where and when auditions in Brisbane will be held

  427. Aaliyah L. says:

    Hey my name is Aaliyah I’am a 12 YEAR OLD female.I stay with my mother and Two siblings.I love to sing,I love to dance,and I love to act.I have great talent and actually not shy at all I believe in my self.Everyday I practice singing,dancing,and acting with my niece and nephew Tamara and Isaiah.Im also an dancegirl,Ive been an dancegirl for 2years now and I also have singing auditions at my school Im am an amazing songwriter.
    And Right Now I Want To Spread My Talent

  428. Shakayla says:

    Im #1 myself and have a talented voice thats what people say but I dont believe. And im going to marion to sign up for a singing audition yall please wish me good luck.

  429. faith says:

    hey sup my name is faith and im 11 years old and I am a fantastic singer and I can also do acting

  430. emily cumming says:

    Hi im 12 yrs old and I am a singer
    Since I was 4 I new what I wanted to be, a singer.
    I have been told through out my years that I am a amazing singer and I would like to prove it to the whole world.
    I’ve sang infront of my all my school assembly’s and infront of everyone I know.
    I have also been rejected almost my whole life because no one really liked me everyone would always tease me.i really hope that you will read this and consider me in the voice. Please!!!! :)

  431. Neha Vellu says:

    Hi I’m 11 years old and my friend is 10 we have been singing since we were 3 and we would like to audition for the voice kids please let us know how to audition
    From Kelzey May and Neha Vellu

  432. shauna says:

    hi im shauna I am 12 and I love to sing I was the lead in my school musical I was pearl I had to sing a lot of song

  433. Ajon says:

    I really want to be a actor

  434. beahmas says:

    hi im 10 and imin a group we would love to be part of this audition dont know if the inrollment day are our dance conncets so wemightdo it just email

  435. Matt says:

    Hey, I am 13 years of age and I absolutely love singing, I sing everywhere, at school, the lounge room, especially the shower! I have sang in front of crowds before and I love it! I can make my voice go deep and high and I can remember songs quickly pretty well! Bye! o/

  436. Kathryn says:

    Hi im 12 years old and for years people have been saying to me i have a good voice and my dream is to go on britians got talent or x factor and i sing alot with my mate teisha who is also very good and i have been singing for 4 years

  437. Alexis Zacarias says:

    My name is Alexis Zaarias. I love to sing. I actually don’t know when I started to sing. :) But I’ve been dreaming of singing my whole life. I made an Instagram account for my singing videos. Please follow it!!! @alexis_zacarias
    Bye! , Alexis.xx. ❤

  438. abagail bserani says:

    Hi my name is Abagail and I’m 10 years old. I love to sing and do lots of drama!!! I’ve been singing for my life and I hope I never will stop. It’s now my chance to sing in front of so many people I don’t know and show them what I can do. If I make it to the finals I will be so proud of myself and I would’ve faced all of my stage fright fears!!! Thank You and good luck everyone!!!! HAVE FUN!!!!!

  439. Talisha shaw says:

    hi I am Talisha I am 11 years old I have a pashion for music I have been singing since I was little singing is my dream and I hope I make it to the end I really Injoy the voice and when I found out it was the kids turn on the voice I begged my mum and she said yes so I hope I can get in

  440. Lara says:

    I’m only eight in grade three and at my school we do a mini the voice and I won against grade sixes and now I get to make a c d my dream is to one day be famos and live my dream

  441. Porsha Henderson says:

    Hi I’m Porsha Henderson I love to sing been singing for 4 years and my grandad and my family think I have talent and friends do to and I love singing

  442. chelsea baran says:

    I am a 9 year old girl and all I want to do in my life is sing.I just moved schools and I went into my school’s talent show.I am also in the Australian Girls Chior. I hope 1 day people will want to come and see me preform.

  443. ozaya cole says:

    hi im ozaya im 14 year old girl im a singer and that’s my dream job <3 I was in a talent show I got 1st place I was I 5th grade I rap a little but I mostly sing :)

  444. sarah alvarez says:

    Hi im sarah and i would love to be on x factor. Ive been singing since i was 4 and my school, family, etc. think i have a real, natural talent.
    Im 10 yrs.
    I have an amazing voice, i can also act, etc. etc. If you could just take the time to read this and actually understand, and put me in it, it would be very awesome.

  445. becca says:

    Hi:-)I’m Becca and I’m 10 yrs old. I started singing when I was 4. I’ve wanted to be a singer all my life and my family thinks I’m good.

  446. Lillian Aubin says:

    hi I am Lillian I am 10 turning 11 in November I think I am a good singer I have been singing since I was 5 and I really want to sing for u I was in a school talent show I came in 3rd place I am alittle good at country but not like profeshonaly good hope to here back from u oh by the way I live in Morrsinville New York

  447. Gacarria says:

    Hi my name is gacarria and I have been singing since 6 now I am 12 and really want to sing for everyone my dream is to become a singer me and my two sis made up a song called beautiful love and we canr wait to sing it

  448. jr says:

    I’m only 11 but I have a lot to give :)

  449. brianna says:

    hi im brianna and i am 12 years old all of my friends and family say that i sound like whitney houston abd i belive it i would love to try out email me back

  450. Cara says:

    I am 10 years old and I am a female I have been wanting to pursue my singing career for as long as I can remember!

  451. alexa says:

    hello my name is alexa i love to sing im very talented. Im shy to sing but if i have to do it i will but i really want to be on X-factor.

  452. chloe says:

    Hi IM chloe IM 11 ive always wanted to be a singer or sing in front of a real audience instead of just doing a duet in front of my whole school and their relatives and parents blah blah yeah and now theirs the voice for kids and thats awesome its always been a thing i love and people always tell me that im really good and sing is like my passion i really love to sing

  453. chloe says:

    I have always had a love to sing its like my passion but people always say that i am amazing at singing but singing is my passion i really love to sing

  454. chloe says:

    Hi im chloe im 11 ive always wanted to be a singef or sing in front of a real audience instead of just doing a duet in front of my whole school and their relatives and parents blah blah yeah and now thiers the voice for kids and thats awesome

  455. Marianna eshelman says:

    hi my name is Marianna inline in California I really live to sing it is my dream I live singing and I really wanna help out my family and my one year old neice

  456. nikki says:

    I love to sing i am ten and would love to get paid for doing what i love. :-)

  457. Denise Battle says:

    I love to sing since i waz 5 and im 11 turning 12 in september and i would really like to show off my singing skills to everyone and when u here me sing u would want to hear me sing agina and my name is briana jacobs. And this is my moms email account thing bye.

  458. Denise Battle says:

    I love to sing since i waz 5 and im 11 turning 12 in september and i would really like to show off my singing skills to everyone and when u here me sing u would want to hear me sing agina and my name is briana jacobs.

  459. knilyn says:

    Hi my name islyn and i am 12 years old i love to sing everywhere i go as entertainment i would love to be on the voice i know i will make its just time for me to show you my talent so you can be suprised

  460. Layla says:

    Hi my name is Layla and im 14 and I would love to be in this tv show I love singing but I’m afraid of the people’s response.but everytime I sing for someone they love it I’m just shy but I’m positive this show will contribute to brake this fear

  461. Samantha Gonzalez says:

    I’m Samantha.
    I love singing. I’m in Los Angeles children’s choir.
    I have worked for paramount studios.
    I’m 12 years old. I’m severely depressed and my music is my coping. This would mean the world.

  462. lexi Simons says:

    My parenys tell me I sm a wonderful singer but I couldn’t find any auditions so if there is one let me know thanks

  463. jakayla says:

    i love to sing adele every where i go.

  464. Rayla says:

    Hello, I am 15 years old and full of energy! I absolutely love singing, and music is my everything. I will work hard and do whatever it makes to make it someday. I hope to hear from you soon.

    • Elyzabeth wood says:

      Hi my name is Elyzabeth wood and I got chosen for state and district choir I wanted to know If you can listen to my voice in the next week I just want to try out for things

  465. Yisel segura says:

    Hi, my name is Yisel in kennesaw GA I am reining 11on July 12 and I got in a competing in Feb. And won 1St place I love to sing so much. I also got in my music class talent show and my dreams are to be a wonderful and if I don’t get in it’s play ;-)

  466. Jailyn says:

    Hi my name is Jailyn i’m 10 years old, I love to sing and have a great voice. I’m a hard worker and if I fail at first I keep on trying. Plz pick me. :)

  467. samantha mcvay says:

    I’m 13 years old and I love to sing.My parents want me to continue with my volleyball but, I think I could have a chance.Please pick me.

  468. jakai green says:

    Hi my name is jakai green and I am 13 years old I love to sing its the only thing I can imagine myself doing. I sing not only through my mouth but my heart mind and spirit . I know my capabilities and where I stand vocally. Honestly I believe I have been blessed with a gift that I should share . Singing is part of me that I want everyone to see and enjoy .

  469. sade sullivan says:

    i just turned 11 and ive already performed twice at my old school

    • denomi says:

      hi me and my two friends love to sing and we even have some videos on YouTube im 11 the second oldest is 10 and then the last is 9 years old

  470. Alizey(Allie) says:

    Hi! I’m Alizey,but my friends call me Allie.I love to sing.but i’m a little shy.I just turned 12 & i’ve always wanted to be on The Voice when I grow up,& now that I know theres The Voice for kids,I desperatly want to go on that show.

  471. jayvon says:

    hi my name is JAYVON and i have ALOT to give i could REALLY SING Im 11 YEARS OLD

  472. Araceli P. says:

    Hi mi name is Araceli,I am 11 years old and music is my life i need it like i need to breathe its my passion i might be shy but music lets me be free i’ve been bullied but music is the only thing that helps :-) i am an amazing singer i don’t say so myself you can ask my family and friends becoming a singer iis like a dream come true its always been my dream since i was 2. thats how much i’d love to become a singer!

  473. rebekah heng says:

    Im going to be 10 soon and i had been singing ever since i was 1 and ever since then its been my dream my father was a great singer and sang for a church then sadly he died on my birthday when i was turning 4 i sing for love honesty confidence and most truly the heart. I sing everyday and sing with my true emotions and feeling. So please let md join i will never be myself again if i didnt make it to be a singer so give me the chance to please!

  474. felicity says:

    Well my name is felicity I love to sing and dance I hope to be a singer because I love 5o I just love to sing and have fun im not shy so yeah im 12 years old to

  475. felicity says:

    Well my name is felicity I love to sing and dance I live in milwauke wisconsin I hope to be a singer because I love 5o u can look me up on youtube felicity neitman I just love to sing and have fun im not shy so yeah

  476. Caniya says:

    I love singing and I have a great. Voice please pick me even if i don’t have much to say but music is my life mydream my passion.thank you

  477. Angelica says:

    Hi my names angelica I love to sing and I love ppl that have a passion to sing and enjoy it if u feel me hit me uhp

  478. Stephanie castellanos says:

    Hi,I am 11 and I do group work fine I am a great
    Dancer and Singer actor model I do ballet, hiphop, singingclasses
    ,and karate clases blue blet and moving on to purple (am female).During this time of take clases and learning new ways I have learned that not everything us at your reach I know I’m not perfect but perfect enough to be on stage rocking it out I have passion everything a girl needs to be on stage I have been told by many people
    that I have been born to be on stage I love katy perry she is my idol I have dreamt of being on stage like her in sparkly suits .I know that one day I will be a popstar and I will never ever give up my dream no matter what anyone says.okay now some things about me are that I love bling I have an adorable face not to skinny not to fat just right know how to do stunts not so much flexibility but so so .so I hope you chose me

  479. Che berardi says:

    Hi my daughter is 5 years old and has a great singing voice. She has an unique talent for remembering songs she has heard 2 or 3 times. She is always singing and has a great smile. I think she would be a great addition to the singing bee We live in San Diego but are willing to travel

  480. Nelly says:

    I am 12 I sing, act and write songs . I do really good in school I have wanted to be a singer for as long as I can remember please give me a chance

  481. Jordan Utterback says:

    hi my name is Jordan Utterback, and I am 13 almost 14 and I am a really good singer( told to me by other people) and I am a really good actor and I am a male. I have gotten roles before but couldn’t do them because my family didn’t have the money to take me to florida where they were shooting it so I would love to get back in the business please get back to me thank you :)

  482. Elijah temple says:

    Hi my name is Elijah temple I express my feelings through lyrics and I am a passionate singer I’m 11 years old and I always have my hopes up I’m sometimes shy but loud when I wanna be

  483. ashantae lewis says:

    hi im ashantae lewis and im 12 and i have a beautiful voice and one day I wish to share it with the world ive been looking for singing cintests for a very long time for me to be in this contest or anywhere someone can make my voice be heard that will be a true blessing and my family and friends will be so proud of me Ill soon be famous somehow and somewhere

  484. eduardo says:

    Im 13 and i love to sing but i can sing in a high pitch and i want to be in a band

  485. Hannah Lunsford says:

    My name is Hannah. I am eleven and I would love a chance to audition and learn as much as I can. I have an awesome voice coach, however I can learn a lot from the experience with you. Ready for my chance to shine. Been working very hard.

    Hannah Joy

  486. LaDonshay Dampier says:

    I am a 16 year old young lady and i’ve been singing since i was nine and i have a very powerful and strong voice. I use my voice right and i maintain my voice everyday i practice,I see me one day being succesful in my singing career.

  487. hannah says:

    i dont care what show i go on i also really want to be noticed for singing

  488. Dejaniece says:

    Hello im 13 years old and my cousin benjamin inspired me to sing. Every since than ive been singing. I have been in chores since i was in third grade. I always loved singing i am dedicated to singing. so I hope i get in a group that will rise up.Thank you for reading my story.

  489. Brianna Larson says:

    HI, I’m 13 years old and I am in love with music and singing. I started singing when I was very little. I will sing any song that I know all the words to! My family, friends, and my friend’s family tell me that I am a good singer.I sing everywhere- atschool,in a restaurants, stores,in the shower,everywhere.I am not afirad to sing infront of people. I would sing and sing and I don’t care if people don’t like it!

  490. Celeste says:

    Hello everyone.My name is Celeste,i am 14 years old,i love to sing,write songs,and sometimes act.I live with my mom dad and my 3 siblings.I am told to be the talented one in the family.My life is mostly singing,its my dream to become a famous singer!I hope to get a record deal sometime,and to show everyone who said i couldn’t make it that they were wrong.I first dreamed of becoming famous,after one of my good friends passed away,and not a day goes by without me thinking about him and remembering his good spirit.So that is some things about me.I hope someone will find my story inspiring to others.

  491. Makayla says:

    Singing is the one place I can prove to people that I am more than they think it Is the one place I can express my words into feelings but those feelings are the ones u always want need and have

  492. amaya montgomery says:

    i can sing and act a little bit

  493. athena Creese says:

    I want to audition for the voices kids by nbc. my name is Athena Creese

  494. star singer says:

    I hope I’m able to become a singer I always sing all day I hope my dream of a singer comes true;but I am always scared to sing in front of people even my boyfriend and my sis and my mom I need help

  495. Tilly says:

    I’m from Australia, and I love to sing!!!!! ! My voice isn’t recognised as much because I don’t sing pop, or country, or any of the modern music. I really love classical, and 40’s to 80’s Broadway. I also looooooove horses and the piano!

  496. Samantha says:

    I’m 14, and love to sing music. I was never good at singing when I was younger, but I picked up a few things as I grew up and now sing at my church. I think I’m pretty good and would love an opportunity to show my talent

  497. hanna says:

    hi my name is hanna i am 10 i am sporty, singing and dancy girl i WISH TO BECOME FAMOUS PLEASEEE!! BECAUSE IT IS MY DREAM!!! LLLLOOOOOLLLLL HANNA

  498. hanna says:

    well i would love to sing i can sing rolling in the deep better than adele and i have done it since i was little my DREAM IS TO SING!!

  499. Delaney Brown says:

    im delaney i have been in many musicals and plays i have written a few songs i love to sing and act it is my passion

  500. karisma rogers says:

    hi my name is karisma rogers and i love to sing.singing inspires me.i watched all the voice shows and i would love to be on one of your shows.i love you christian bye.i really want to be on your show bye.

  501. Kelsey says:

    Well I’m 10 going on 11 I have always loved singing the reason is that my grandpa (pap) is a good singer he inspires me too keep on trying my best we sometimes get the chance to sing for my great grandma or church so I enjoy singing.

    • nickole says:

      Hey im nickole i love to sing also and write songs do you want to be in my group Its called Unetspected Galz I made a really big mistake asking a boy to be in my group didnt know lol b ut i hope u get back to this message :)!!

    • star singer says:

      I’m 11 now I have always loved to sing its so fun to actullay sing and express what your thinking and to shairyour voice but I got one problem is that I have stage fright plz coment and help me

  502. Donna says:

    Hi My name is Donna I just Turned 13 and I love to sing and can sing..I Inspire Beyonce and Study How She Became Famous.. I Long to be a singer anyday and everyday i Sing At My Church nad always Participate In school Programs and Talent Shows..I will Love To Show You My Talent

  503. Liz says:

    Hey I’m Liz I live in California and I’m 11 years old!I LOVE WATCHING Victorious! My dream is to be on Victorious because this show is all about singing with passion, believe in yourself,have faith in you, and to believe in your dreams. I LOVE to sing, singing is the only thing that speaks to me. I LOVE acting when you act you say your lines with feeling and. I’ve been in a few school plays.In my entire life I’ve never been of t.v. before with famous actors. I would LOVE to sing with famous actress Victoria Justice and Ariana Grande.I think I have a great personality for this humorous show. Plus I think I should play for one episode Tori’s little cousin Scarlet visits Tori because she wanted hang out with her like they both did when they little or I could play Beck’s little sister for a two part one hour episode Beck’s sister Anabelle comes and visits Beck to celebrate her 12th birthday, every year Beck forgets his sister’s birthday, suddenly Beck got in a fight with Anabelle, so she runs away and Anabelle says she will never forgive Beck for doing this

  504. kali says:

    me and my friend caroline are good singers and wish to famous were both 10

  505. Annaleise lechler says:

    Im a 11 who loves singing I have had a passion for singing and im a little thick but i don’r dreams are to be able to sing anywhere i don’t do rap or anything just country.Also my race is white.

  506. julian arciniega says:

    I am 12 years old and I have a passion for music and I am interested in this. I am a song writer, a dancer, and a great singer. my main specialty is hip hop and pop. I hope you guys are interested in me.

    • nickole says:

      hey i love that u love to to sing also an im 12 :D u want to be in my group?

    • Kaitlyn says:

      you sound very dedicated and it sounds as if you might be good. I sing a little also and I love pop. that is my style. would love to hear you one day.

  507. Julia Decarvallo says:

    Hi. My name is Julia and i am 11 years old and love to sing. I heave been singing since i was two and come from a long line of singers. My friend always says, “Julia you are a really good singer. You should sign up for American Idol or The Voice.” I am white and live in Atlanta,Georgia. Please give me a shot it is a dream and if you like me than you should see my cousin, Marina she is very soulful for a 10 year old. She is also white and llives in Atlanta,Georgia too.Thank you.

  508. Africa Pascchall says:

    I am 14 years old and have been taking voice and piano lessons for 4 years. During this time,I have learned a great deal and worked very hard. I would love to showcase my talents. In school, I serve in several positions for our school’s television station and work in the school’s library. Singing in the Youth Chorus at my Church has been rewarding and uplifting. In a spare time, I love to play tennis and ride my horse “Peanut.”

  509. DeJarnira Richmond says:

    I’m a 14 year old female. I would love to be in a group who will soon rise to the top! I’m very dedicated to my work.

    • Ernie E. says:

      Hi! Im Ernie! I’m a 12 year old girl looking for a musical partner and best friend for life! If your’re interested, email me! Can’t wait until you get back to me!

      • Eriqua says:

        I am 12 years of age and i sing the my church choir i love to sing and i rap a little I entered in a school talent show in 6th grade and won 4th place

        • amie edmunds says:

          Im 10 and i love music my family says that im a really good singer and im in my school choir and i live in ebbw vale but i dont own a car and would really like to be famouse and make my family prou of me

      • jack says:

        Hey I’m 8 me and my freinds are good singers so pleas reply

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