Atlanta Singing Auditions & Tryouts

You have found the best place to find info on The Voice Auditions.  The right place for great singers prove they have the right stuff for this hot new tv show on NBC.  Please Leave a Comment below and let us know why you should be considered for The Voice Casting Call in Atlanta, Georgia!

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129 Audition Responses

  1. Hannah says:

    I think that I should be at this adudion because I think that I am a really great singer so do my friends and my family. Also because this could finally be a chance to become a singer. All my life I have been singing and me finding this website and possibly auditioning will make my dream come true.

  2. Celes Aeris says:

    The reason I think that I would be great on The Voice is because I am told all over the place that I have a great voice. When I was in third grade, I went to a new school and even though it was the middle of the year, my music teacher litteraly begged my principal to allow me to be in chorus. Also, I have been stopped in the middle of singing in the store on multiple occasions with random people saying that I had a great voice. Being on The Voice would be a dram come true and I hope that you consider me.

  3. Madison conlan says:

    Hi my name is Madison and I am from Albany ,Georgia and moved to Atlanta at the age of four . I make straight a’s ! And I love singing for my family at holidays and much more ! I have done other activities like soccer , cheerleading,hip hop , ballet , tap , and gymnastics since I was 2 ! I live with my mom and I have no siblings accept for a half sibling on my dads side ! I do local singing activities , and I am getting involved in singing the national anthem at local football games . Many people have said that I had a great voice and should apply for this so I did !!! I also have done acting and have been told to apply for applications . I do have a agent and a portfolio and think that I would love to audition and see where I can go from there !!!!

  4. Rebekah says:

    I feel like I should go on the voice because I’m very talented and I can impress you very much

  5. Madison says:

    Hi, my name is Madison. I am 14 and i love to sing. I walk around my house singing random songs or making up tunes. My sisters are always yelling at me like “Okay we get it! You’re good!” I would love to be on the voice to be heard more and be seen for my talent that I have. I believe that people should hear the talent tat god blessed me with(in a non conceited way). Thank You and I hope to definitely hear back from you!

  6. Kate Hollowell says:

    My name is Kate Hollowell and I’m 10 years old. I began to hum when I was about 4 months old whenever my grandmother would sing to me. I have always been a performer by acting,dancing,and singing through local groups and concerts with Lisa Kelly and Chole Agnew from the original Celtic Women. I also perform in school plays and chours concerts. I would really appreciate this oportunity to share my talent with the world.

  7. Sabrina Welch says:

    I’m seventeen years old, and I honestly just love to sing. I can sing almost anything except rap, but I favor showtunes. I found it funny when someone told me that they thought I was a recording until they looked around, so I figured, why not? I am exceedingly quirky, and sometimes dress it, but I’m also strangely endearing.

  8. Madeline Novak says:

    My name is Madeline Novak. I sing country and I am 9 years old. And I am the voice you are looking for. Hope to see you in Atlanta!

  9. Lexi says:

    Hi! I love to sing and have been singing since I first performed when I was only 6 years old. I and 12 years old and i would love to be on the voice. It would be a dream come true!!! Thank you; )

  10. Hayley says:

    Hi my name is Hayley and I love to sing and dance and I put my feelings in all of my songs I write and I love to sing Taylor Swift songs and Carrie Underwood.

  11. Erin Womack says:

    Hi, I’m Erin and I’m a 14 year old girl. I love singing. I sing for my school a lot. When I sing for friends and family they tell me that I need to show the world so that’s what I’m trying to do. Show the world the talent that God has given me. My life would just be amazing if I were to be on this show. To some people singing is what you do for fun but to me singing is something special. Music is my passion. I also play guitar and piano. Please keep me in mind. Email me if you get a chance please. Thank you!!

  12. chasity says:

    Hi my name is chasity and I have been a good singer since I was 3 years old. At school no body talks to me . I am a shy little girl but now I want to show every body that I am a good singer.I know that I can do this . I really want to be a my step mom .please! Every body give me a chances.

  13. Anatasiya says:

    Hello my name is Anastasiya and I am 10 years old,I have been singing since I could talk (1 and a half years old) nobody at my school really notices me,and I really want to show people around the world what children are capable of.If I even past through the first round of the kids voice I would just be so happy.Right now I cant even describe my feelings in this post being on the voice was my dream since I was 4,When I was little i always thought that I would become a huge pop star all the way.People say you have to follow your dreams and never give them up so if you can do anything about that please contact me and I will show you what my voice is capable of.

  14. Shannon says:

    I was put on this planet to do four things. Be a good son, be a good father, be a good husband, and to rock the world!! The only one I have left to accomplish is to rock the world!!! Stay tuned! Coming at you live!!

  15. Cameron Parales-Kamalii says:

    My name is Cameron I’m 12 years old born 2002,April,3
    and a male I’d like to be on the voice or the voice kids.

  16. Ramiyah says:

    I’m 12 years old I am an soprano.I have been song since I was 3

  17. Tsion Chernet says:

    My name is Tsion Chernet and I would like to audition to be on this television show. I am 13 years almost 14 and I just gave this a try. Everyone tells me im amazing at singing and thought I should do auditons. I have done some performances and I enjoy doing them (;

  18. Lauren says:

    My name is Lauren and I am 10, I really feel like singing is an outlet to me and I just love doing it! please please pick me I love singing and I have been looking to do just that all my life! please pick me and I WILL be The Voice!

  19. Sovoanarith Sey says:

    Wooh! Never thought I would reach the, “make a comment portion.” I’ve always been interested in making music and being able to perform with all the artists I look up too. I’m an young 18 year old male looking for opportunities to at least make music I or we love. I had a deal open for me by the guy,Patrice Wilson, who hooked Rebecca Black on with “Friday” but my brother turned it down. Please pick me you guys and I will try to give it my all.

  20. Jakira Reed says:

    I have been singing in a choir since I was 4. I rarely ever sing alone since I have an older sister who also sings . I’m ready to branch out on my own and find my voice.

  21. Selena Medrano says:

    Hey my name is selena and I am 11 years old and I would look really love to become a singer. the reason I want to become a singer is because I’ve been singing since I was 5 and I’ve never actually got to experience that way to be come a singer. I would love to become one and I hope my dreams come true to become a singer and have the experience2 become one.

  22. JD Blain says:

    i have been sing for as long as i could remember i can sing “classic” really good and some other songs

    • Angela cobb says:

      After suffering from an aneurysm and stroke I had given up on a career as a singer. For some reason the wheels keep turning on my dream. I decided as long as breath is still in my body singing will always be my desire.

  23. India Gilmore says:

    I’m 22 years old & I have a passion for singing. Right now I’m between job but no matter what I do I just can’t get singing out of my head. I grew up in a church where everyone is family. My grandfather is the head deacon of the church and he pretty raised me so singing has always been a huge part of my life. He’s always told me to never work a job that you hate clocking in to. Out of every job I’ve had I wasn’t happy there but singing makes my soul smile and the people around me as well.

  24. Heidi Martinez-Campos says:

    Hey my name is Heidi i am 10 years old. I love to sing. My friends and other people say that i sing pretty i been singing since i was 7 years old. I play soccer,gymnastics and im signing up for ballet. the reason i want to sign up for the voice kids is cause i really want to sing i want my dream to come true i want to experience how to be a singer.

  25. Travis reeves says:

    Coming from the little country town of good ole dawsonville ga I have a country voice that no one has ever heard. With the many struggles in life I have went through I have let god help me in life and keep pushing me everyday. All I ask Is one audition and I know for a fact you will love my voice. I have a Allman brothers,ccr,lynyrd skynyrd country type voice that will rock your ears. Please give me one chance and you will not be disappointed. I know for a fact. Thank you.

  26. Anasazi Iagram says:

    Hi-o I am 12 and I love to sing I can sing the phantom of the opera in Japanese I’ve gotten really good at it so please consider me. TY

  27. tyvisa,rodunique says:

    we are really good singers my dad loved to sing but he died and we want to follow in his footsteps this would be a dream to us. we would like to become a singer on here please let us . It would be our heart we wont let you down.

  28. Cassandra Galloway says:



  29. Faith says:

    Hello, my name is Faith. I’ve been singing since i was two years old. I started in church. I was later split from my family and put in foster care. Growing up there was a lot of abuse put on me and music was the only thing that literally kept me alive inside. For me life growing up without my family made me feel like no one loved me, but when i listened to music n sang all my pain went away. singing is all i want and is my passion. without i dont feel like i’m living. To share my passion and my story with the world would be a miracle to me. Please consider me so i can share my passion w the world.

    • DeJerious says:

      I feel that I should be considered because I have veeb singing all my life. I write songs and I also can act dance rap and model. I feel that with my songs I can bring something new to the world. My voice is surprano. People have come to me saying they almost cried how beautiful I sing. My grandma literally did. I sing in front of classes or anywhere and any chance I get.singing truely is my life!!!!

  30. Felicia Diaz says:

    Hi I’m Felicia and I love to sing. Singing is my passion and I want to have a career in this field . Singing makes me happy and when I don’t sing I feel sad. I have been singing since I was 5. I am now 12 . I love to sing Ariana grande and other artist such as Selena Gomez and demi lovato . I just couldn’t see myself doing any other thing in life . I love singing and when I sing I sing like I’m a real singer and I just don’t want to stop . You should pick me because this is a dream come true and I really want this to help my family out .

  31. Dawn says:


  32. treston tuggles says:

    Hi, I am the voice. I can do many different things with my voice from low to high. I don’t mind doing background for an Artist. I’ve been singing since I was a little and this is what I want a career in.

  33. Chelsea Smith says:

    I’m 22 years old who has just won a thousand dollars at a local singing contest. I play the piano and guitar and sing. My entire life I have been back and forth with my musical worth and who I want to be as an artist. I am finally to a point where I know that this is what I want, I have no other choice. Thinking that I may not make it in this industry has been a fear, now it’s all about touching others with my music. Whether its preforming in Phillips Arena or at the local bar down the street I want my talents to be heard. The support of my friends and family is a huge part of me as a person and artist. Music is my first love and my last and everything in between. I’m still growing as a person/artist and want an opportunity to change other’s lives.

  34. Phantasia Stewart says:

    hello , my name is phantasia stewart . i am 17 years old and ive been singing every since i was able to talk correctly . singing is life , its all i do . i also write music , and i preform whenever bucked , but nothing as big as i want to be . i went to the voice once before , but i went with a friend . this time i want to go on my own and do this and show them that i have what it takes to be the voice .

  35. Kanja Thomas says:

    I read over some of the other people’s comments and I might not live up to their experiences. I’m just a 13 year old girl who beleives like most girls singing is my passion and it is but I’m not going to tell you how splendid my singing is or all the struggles I’ve been through. I just only to ask can you give me a chance to live my dream and make my parents proud. Bless you all

  36. Megan Hawkins says:

    I would like to know the voice auditions because I love to sing I want to be the next voice

  37. Sandra Jarrell says:

    My daughters name is Amber her voice is like a rapture shes 31 has 2 children and has always wanted to be in entertainment, she knows whats its like to have nothing , she has lost everything she owned twice one by fire, had her son kidnapped, and her daughter well descreet is the word I choose to use but she keeps striving to build a better life. I know if you heard her sing you would be amazed! Shes beautiful in her heart, and sings with passion always wanting to bring a smile or heartfelt feelings for those that listen to her sing, I promise you will not be disappointed!

  38. Jeff says:

    My oldest daughter (17) is an incredible singer. Please email me so she can audition and show her talent. Thanks so much for your time.

    Thank You,


    • kendall brunson says:

      I’m Kendall Brunson president of HELP A CHILD AMERICA. We urge all youth ages 8-18 to go to our online talent auditions click on Talent. We are looking for 10-lead vocals to sing the WE Can Change Our Ways Youth Song.

  39. Nia Parham says:

    Hi . My name is Nia . Being on the voice would be a PERFECT opportunity for me and my friend to be noticed and show our passion for singing. That’s all we do all day everyday ! Please notify me when and where the auditions are . Thank you

  40. Alejandro Espina says:

    Hello, i would love to sing for you guys! I think that now more than ever the latino community is very important in the U.S. Therefore, since i am a latin guy from Venezuela with 18 years old i consider that The Voice needs to look for something different that represents different points of view such as the latino community. Please watch my video

  41. Sweba Abdala says:

    Hi!,My name is Sweba and I sing.ive been singing ever since ever.Being on The Voice NBC singing competition would but a great way to show my talent,it’s cool to see that there’s still hope out there to get my Dreams noticed without it being some kind of scam.ive audition to several different singing talent stuff and always go through but they always turn to be some sort of scam.The Voice is legit and would love to be on the show. I know even If I don’t win that it could open the doors to so many opportunities.

  42. Denisse Flores says:

    Hi, my name is Denisse and I love to sing and act I am 12 years old about to be 13 in june 13 .I play guitar and Clarinet I am learning to play the violin I started learning a few weeks ago,I started singing when I was 8years old and I loved it.My life is all about music

  43. Genia Boko says:

    I can’t talk too much just let you Know that I am better than you think

  44. Ceara Hester says:

    My name is Ceara Hester and I am 19 years old. I have been singing ever since I could talk, maybe even before then haha. It has always been my biggest passion, and the stage has been my home since I was 11 years old and performed at a karaoke restaurant. I have always been a performer, but my first time in front of complete strangers was then when I was 11. I would love to become a well known singer someday and I believe being on The Voice could help me with that dream. I have a Southern voice, coming from Georgia, however, I do like to be diverse as well. I very much want to be on The Voice because it is one of my favorite shows, and Adam Levine is so hot :), just kidding, well not really. I have a bubbly and hard working personality. Please choose me and help me make my dreams come true!

  45. Brianna Rivers says:

    My Name Is Brianna Rivers, I Started Singing In Church When I Was 5. When I First Sung “Eye On The Sparrow” And Got A Standing Ovation I Knew Singing Was Passion, I Sung At My Mom’s Funeral At The Age Of 10. Every Since Then I Took Music Very Seriously! I Mean Singing Is My Life, Whenever I Start To Sing, I Just Turn To A Whole New Person. I Really Would Like For You To Contact Me, So I Can Prove To You My Talents ! Thank You

    • nyasia singletary says:

      Brianna im nyand im nyasia singletary I am really inspired by your story.and id like to meet with you in personand I really have a voice and id like to see whicvk one of us can sing better like a friendly compotision

  46. Myranda Renai says:

    I’m praying my comment works (:

  47. Myranda Renai says:

    Hi I’m myranda I’m 17 and a senior singing is my passion but I’m sure this isn’t the real thing to get people to actually check me out sadly but I took a risk at least for writing this

  48. Sean Black says:

    I want to save lives with my voice. I want to really help kids know that having faith and drive can get you so far in life. I want to make music for kids like me and adults that went through the things I’ve been through. I’m inspirational and I want to motivate soul to stay positive. My voice is my vessel.

  49. Miracle Geter says:

    I have been singing since I was 6 years old and now I am 13. My mom has told that sometime when I sing in the car she thinks its the radio , so I think I should get picked. I just have such a strong passion for singing that you can not put into words.

  50. Corrina adams says:

    I would love to be on the voice but I’m in hapeville ga, so can’t do it unless its in atlanta!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁

  51. Montezzia says:


  52. Rodney johnson says:

    I think I should be a star because I love to sing and I sing every day all day I really can’t get enough of singing and I’m craving stardom I would love to be famous and I love paparazzi to be around I want to help a lot of charities and the less fortunate with all the money I make

  53. Kennedy Norris says:

    Hello. I am only 14 and it has been my dream to show somebody I can sing. I love to sing. Im not the best but i think i am very good at it. I sing everyday and I love it, and i would like to show my voice and maybe my parents will be proud of me. Please contact or email me so i may make some people proud of me. Thank you.

  54. Kathleen Williams says:

    I would’nt say that I have the greatest voice in the world. But I’m far from the worst. I can carry a tune.. I can sing quite well. I would love to have the opportunity to showcase my voice and a chance to be all that I can vocally. I can surely sing multipal styles. I’ve known that I could sing since I was five yrs. old. But not many people know this about me. Without guidance and support it’s just waiting to be released with the right group of people.God willing, it will be on the Voice.. :)))

  55. Kiara says:

    I’m what the world is craving for a real live singer to give them a emotional visual ride of what music is and also give wisdom to the listeners of my voice.

  56. latoya calloway says:

    After trying out for sunday best and american idol and recieving the response from the judges, I feel Im ready to strive on to my dream;)

  57. angelica harris says:

    i am the next super star
    the world needs to know about me 🙂

    • jennifer says:

      Hey my name is jennifer and i love to sing its my dream. And i want to be in a band i have two friends in my band if u are interested to me im my band please contact me im 13 and i would love to have anygirl in my band

  58. Catherine Newell Stephens says:

    Hello my name is Catherine Newell Stephens I am 24years old and singing is me I am singing I sing all day every day everywhere I go I’m a dreamer I feel like I’m the right choice for the voice is because I have an amazing voice that moves people’s abd make them feel amazing

  59. Heather says:

    I am the personification of The Voice. I’m not a stick figure Barbie blonde, but I can sing like Barbie can’t. I’ve had training at the Cobb County Center for the Performing Arts magnet high school as a vocal major. Voted most likely to succeed by my chorus peers my sophmore year of high school. I work with special needs kids and the kids at my church, I teach kids to sing. I’m a Governor’s Honors candidate for the state of GA for the second year in a row.

    I know this is what God placed me on this Earth to do.

  60. Rebekah says:

    I am the voice you are looking for please just let me show you that I have the comppasion and knowledge & heart to do the job God gave me the voice for me to do something good and great with it .

  61. Rebekah says:

    Hi,Im trying to figure out what I should do to start off as a singer and maybe actor & dancing also I just need some really good advice on where I should start , email me with good advice please

  62. Kira says:

    i believe i can sing!:)

  63. janasiah says:

    ten i knoe i am the voice your lookin for i have been singing for a long ttime and the only way i can let my pain out was by aunt is also a singer her name is tameka valdez she is a blind gospel singer ana if you let me prove to you i am the voice i can can take you alot of places

  64. pennica edwards says:


  65. Rentavious Williams says:

    Hey my name is rentavious I come frown a small town called West Point in Georgia, I’m not rich or famous and really don’t care for being I just want to prove to the people who doubted me and told me that I will be nothing In life that I can make it

  66. Alexandra says:

    Hi! My name is Alexandra & music is, literally, my life! I love it more than I love air… if that’s possible! I know I should think about school more, but I can’t. All I think about is music. If I were to get this, I will be very grateful!

  67. Armina Dizdarevic says:

    Hi,my name is Armina Dizdarevic.I am 13 years old,loooove to sing and many people who have heard my Voice telling me that I am a singer.My origin is from war torn Bosnia and Hercegovina.My parents moved in this great country after war and here I am.
    give me a chance to sing for you and I make sure that you remember MY VOICE!
    thank you

    • kearrah clayton says:

      hi my name is kearrah i am a born natural performer growing up all me and my fomily did was sing and i really think i can take it to the next level and thats really the goal i want and what i have my ideal standard on being just like beyonce or aretha franklin and im telling you i knoe i am the voice

  68. Iesha Hawkins says:

    Hi my name is iesha Hawkins in I am a 13 year old girl who loves to sing infront of millions of fans I been singing since I was 11 and I want to show American that I have the voice that they really want to hear.THANKYOU#the future

  69. Deb Garrison says:

    I know I can be the next voice as I was raised in the church choir, did my homework to all generes of music(Country, rock, classic, most anything! And I am still singing all the way to The Voice! Love your show and I know you will love me more! Needing a call!

  70. kendall says:


  71. paul cannon says:

    I should be considered for the voice because i love to sing but my whole life i have been forced to do sports which is not my passion. my passion is singing and i know i have what it takes. i have the drive and the will im just need a chance to prove myself.I live in cleveland,tn im from a low income family whos barley scrapes by.At the age of 14 i quit sports my dad hated this but i knew it was my time to start persuing my dreams not his so i started doing musicals and joined show choir.So please give me this chance so i can prove to my dad and my family that i can do it!!

  72. Carnella Scott says:

    I am a 30yr old single mother of 3. I love to sing and write its a passion for me. I am not going to say that I am a better singer, but a futuristic one. It has been my passion for over ten years. I play around in my studio a lot putting my voice to music and I love it. I just want a chance in the spot light!!!!

  73. Lantern Lane says:

    Hi there!
    I’m a small town country gal,single mom of 3, who is also a singer/songwriter- and performer who writes songs and performs for the military, our veterans and others. Patriotism runs in my blood,as does music. My dad was born and raised in East Germany, their family got out, amazingly, he got his US citezenship,and has instilled a love in me for the USA!! I love giving back in music to help our troops and non profit organizations, as well as doing music with my other music friends! I love AMERICA, and all the opportunities that we have to make it a better place!

    The Ultimate compliment that I’ve had is a marine general telling me that I’m the “portrait of a true American Sweetheart” from when he heard the songs I wrote for his troops! I hope to be YOUR Voice pic to represent all of our voices in letting our troops know WE STAND with THEM! It would be a great privilege and honor to share the God given talents with all of you and more of our military families & how much they mean to all of us!I have a goal to be one of the world’s best voices & talent,that make a positive impact on others.

  74. shanikahunt says:

    Please, please, give me a chance to audition for this show! I love, love, love it! I’ve slways wanted to sing but I’ve always been so scared to share this talent! You won’t b disappointed in whateva it is you hear! Thanks for reading! P.S. please help me make my dreams come true!

  75. Joseph Eugene Palmer says:

    Ican sing and happy for the opportunity for a well built,good looking 5-9 young 60 year Man to addition. I have sang on stage with the temptations in San Diego, Ca. and received a standing ovation then signed autographs. What a blessed night that was. I sing The momments, smokey,Chi-lites style music and love to sing lead and background.

    All I ask for is a chance to sing or act.

    Thank you, you will not be dissapointed

  76. BROOKE says:

    $50 I AM 11 YRS OLD

    • SHATHOMA says:

      I’ve benn singing since i was abt 7 yrs old. I was in chorus most, of my school years, we did concerts i always sang solo, i even had a solo in my 4th grade class. i really a great singer, and i wnt the world to hear my voice!

  77. Teidyn Gage says:

    i am 10 my friends say i am great at singing and i won 5th out of 30 kids in my school talent show.Ising adel songs ,Who knew by pink,and a song called breath.pick me and you will be blown ME.Thanks!

  78. Teidyn says:

    I am 10 but my friends think i am awesome out of 30 kids in the talent show i won 5th place by singing Someone Like You by me to be blown away.i also sing Pink’s Who Knew and a song called Breathe

  79. bry'anne meeks says:

    I am the “Voice”!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Bry’anne Meeks the “Tx Princess”

  80. bry'anne meeks says:

    hi my name is redd johnson(manager) and niece name Bry’anne aka the “tx princess” has auditioned for the american idol twice as unsuccessful in getting thru to the finale. Bry’anne has performed thru out texas/georgia and california with different entertainment companies and producers as well as performing with different artist locally and well known artist such as lil ke’ke and t’pain and thats just to name a few!.Growing up around a southern family that has alot of different talent on levels she embrassed the her ability to sing among a few other things but singings is comes natural.So reachout me u wont be “DISSAPPOINTED”!

  81. Jerica and Wyketa Corbett says:

    Ever since we were young, my sister and I have had a love of singing. While we were not raised going to church where we could not gain soul, we would sing our hearts out together everynight. We believe that a duo like us could changte America, We want to be the voice of our ancestors and future generations. Please call us for an audition. A thousand thanks loves 🙂

  82. Cherelle Thomas says:

    When most people hear my voice they think of something universal. I can sing any type and genre of music. I found my passion for music at a very young age. My parents both were blessed with the talent to sing, so they pushed me and my other siblings to sing. My father was more musical then my mom, but unfortunately he passed before he could fufill his dream. So I made it my best to carry on with his dream because I love music just as much as he did. Music is my answer to anything or any problems I may be facing in life. I sing everywhere I go. Im known around my town as a music fanatic. I’ve song and several choirs & chorus, talent shows, funerals, weddings, and school functions. God Blessed me with this beautiful talenet and I want to use it to the best of my ability!

  83. Kelli Collins says:

    I have been one of God’s choosen to use my voice to minister to people all across the world. i am truly humbled to have a chance at showing what he has given me. i listen to all types of music but im a r&b fan but i really love gospel. if you all give me that chance i promise i will not disapoint you.

  84. Africa Pascchall says:

    I am 14 years old. I have been taking voice lessons and everybody says I sound exactly like Whitney Houston. I would like to think that I am in my own element. I have work for hard with my piano and voice lessons. My mom left me and I never knew my dad. This would be my chance to show that I am worthy and maybe my dad would see me and would like to meet me. My grandparents adopted me and they are great parents. I love them dearly and I know that they love me without a doubt. Thye work hard to give me the things that would assist me in being successful. I also take tennis lessons and horseback riding. I would also like to show them that they help and money has not been waste.I beleive also that I can make a different in my peers. It does not matter what life throws at you if you have determination and self worth. It does not matter if my mom left me, my parents (grandparents) has instilled self confidence and self worth in me. When I sing, I am very happy it appears that I am in another place.

  85. Cassandra Mitchell says:

    Hey everyone im 16 years old and i’ve been singing since i was 5 years old. I decided to audition because i was tired of being in my little shell and not showing off my voice.
    I do have a youtube account but get very few views. Hope i make it 🙂

  86. Troy says:

    I have been singing in competitions for about 12 years, and have been fortunate to win in 9 different states. There is NOTHING like the chance to have the whole room in the palm of your hand. Music gives you the power to do just that. I am coming to the ATL!

  87. Brandy says:

    My name is Brandy Welch i am 23 years old. The reason i am THE VOICE ya’ll want is becasue i have been singing for about 11 years and i have a very different voice for what i look like. i have been singing country almost all my life but my voice is more raspy bluesy jazzy sound to it and i do have some power but everyone in music today its all about their “pipes” and i think i have what it takes to do so good!!! I just want to prove what i have to offer. PLEASE OH PLEASE PICK ME FOR A CHANCE TO AUDITION! Thank you Brandy

  88. Cassandra Wright says:

    Hi my name is Cassandra and im 21 years old.I have been singing for 12 years,16 if you count singing in the shower.I love to sing and write music.I was also in honors chorus in high school and lead praise and worship for my church for 4+ years I also tried out for AMTC and was consider to be a triple threat. The only reason I did not go through with it was because I did not have the money at the time.I have work with a few up and coming people in the studio as a background singer and helping them on there hooks. I love to sing and i feel it is time to step out from behind people and be the star I know I can be.I would love to be considered for your auditions so i can show you what I can do.
    Thanks and have a wounderful day

  89. Eddie Raymond says:

    Hi My name is Eddie andd i love to sing. Ive always wanted to sing every since i could remember. I injoy singing alot and I can Really Sing. My dream is to become a great singer and be the best at my goal, And I hope who ever read this give me that chance thank you.

  90. Allen Swank says:

    I was told that I need to try out for the voice. I have been a singer for most of my life. I have never really considered being part of a talent search because I am just not cookie cutter material. And yet, here I am lol. I love performing and the stage has always been my home. I would love to be a part of such a cool competition. Finally a show with integrity.

  91. Ashley Jo Farmer says:

    Once you have heard me sing, you won’t want me to stop.

  92. Patsy Maria Lane says:

    Hi. I am a graduate of the Army School of
    Music. When it comes to performing, I am
    professional and have nerves of steel. I have an unlimited vocal range and like all
    types of music. Please allow me the honor
    of being on your show. Thank you. God bless.

  93. Earl Harris says:

    I am Big Earl Harris,
    Things have fallen off for us…I have been at this all my life…I do what I do well. I am sorry that I don’t have a sob story for you or a pity party for you to attend…what I do have is a hit if you write it…and opportunity if you proved it…and you will have a winner of your show in me if you should just open that door a little bit…the TeddyBear delivers

  94. Shalonda Moore says:

    I love to sing. It’s in my blood and I sing everywhere. At home, work I mean everywhere. I want this so much. I believe I have what it takes to make it. I’m 27 years old and I have been performing all my life from radio to a play and even tv. So if given a chance to sing on the voice I wont let you down you can count on that trust me. GIVE ME A SHOT PLEASE

  95. Tony Johnston says:

    Hey there my name is Tony Johnston I love singing it is a passion for me its also like a nine to 5 job as well I would hate never having the opportunity the show the world what all I have and to never know if I could have been that next star to be honest I have “The Voice”.

  96. (enisha says:

    I am a great singer love to sing been singin since I was 4 I 9an sing all parts I’m the next voice

  97. Nucci says:

    I am a United States Marine Corps veteran. I surprise myself when singing to people because they are touched by “the pain in my voice”. Even when I am being my worst critic, others are in tune with my expression. I left active duty to pursue whatever God has for my voice. I am 24 and not getting any younger.

  98. Ronnie bright says:

    Ive been singing and writing on a regular basis since I was 15. Started singing at age 4. Self taught piano player. I am married with four kids so my dream had to be put away. I know I have the voice to be the winner and I can perform but I’ve just always been afraid to pursue it. It’s now or never.

  99. Kenny Winchester says:

    I was once a professional singer in the eighties traveling and performing in night clubs up and down the entire east coast. Now I am homeless and living in my pick up truck. I am separated from my son for the second time in his life, I live with physical complications as a result of a surgery where my entire colon was removed back in ’06, and everything I once owned is gone. My voice is all I have left. I would jump at the chance to turn it all around.

  100. frances says:

    Because, this has been my dream since i was a little girl, at the age of 8.I would take a hair brush, and would use that as my micrphone, and made believe, i would be singing to an audiance. I’ve recorded, in nashville tenn, and also competed here in augusta at the james brown arena, and won. This would be a great opportunity to try it.

  101. Camelia Tyson says:

    Because I know what your coaches are looking for, lives within me; a wonderful, unique sound that stands out.

  102. Rachael McFalls says:

    I have been singing since before I could talk and it has always been my dream to go to Nashville and become a country music star. It’s the one thing I know I can do and do well and I love watching peoples faces light up when they hear my voice. A little more about myself, I sang all throughout high school and won honor choir during 8th grade. I am 19 years old and attended Spartanburg Methodist College last year and sang in the choir both semesters. I also sing in my church choir and can sing many genres but I prefer country music. I live with my bestfriend and her son and if you give me the chance to show you my talents she would be in the car before me yelling for me to pack my bags and make it quick!

  103. T.C. Spivey-Hall says:

    Music is who I am and that I know. A long drawn out detail of why is impossible for me to do. It’s beyond loving music, I am an instrument, and I am music.

  104. Mandy Bennett says:

    Well, honestly, I can’t think of a creative, unique special reason why you should consider me, on the same note, I can’t think of a reason why you wouldn’t. I believe music is therapy, I sing from my heart, if I don’t like the song, well, it shows…I can’t fake it, not happenin’! So there, that’s bout all this 38 year old single mama from the second poorest county in the state of GA has to say. Love y’all!

  105. JEREMY JOHNSON says:


  106. Angela King says:

    I love to sing i find music sooths the soul.I have been singing since the age of four. I rasied two children and put my dreams on hold but my son said to me mom, please try out for the voice on NBC. He said you look great and sound so good it’s time for you. Well,there you go,i already have my biggest fan. I’m young at heart and you just need to hear me. I love to conect with people through music and never give up on your dreams…

  107. Brittany Carter says:

    I am 21. I have been singing for a while now yet no break my way. Im country and American Idol disliked me for that reason. Ive sung in competetions and evem tied with Lauren Alaina last year in Chattanooga Idol. So i do have faith that i have what it takes. Just need another chance. God willing.

  108. Songbird Meshela says:

    My voice is very Unique, powerful and they don’t call me Songbird for Nothing!!! In addition to these facts, my voice can fill an entre stadium without a mic!!! When I sing, I take the people to church!!! I give them those goose bumbs which leave a lasting feeling on them for years to come.

  109. Mackenzie Sirmans says:

    Hi! My name is Mackenzie Sirmans. I am from the small town of Douglas, GA! I believe that i should be chosen for The Voice Casting Call because I deserve the chance to show America that you don’t have to have the perfect “look” to have the perfect VOICE! My passion for music started as soon as I could talk. I was given the glorious gift of being able to sing. On stage, I will become anyone i want to be. I am a born entertainer! I sing Rock, Pop, Country, Classical, and many other genres with ease. It just comes natural to me. I could go on and on trying to get you to understand how I sing but you will never know until i get that chance to stand on a stage and show off MY VOICE to THE VOICE! This is my once in a lifetime chance to show America that a small town girl from nowhere GA with a big voice and a big heart can have what it takes to become THE Voice!

  110. Gaylon Marshall says:

    All my friends get mad at me, because they say I was born to sing. I Love country music and will prove to you why I should be on The Voice.

  111. Tamicka says:

    My fiance should be considered because he has a natural talent. He sings all the time. He is better than any thing thats on the radio right now. If you are looking for true soulful singing that is extordionry pick my future husband, so he can make his dreams come a reality! You wont be sorry!

  112. Derisse Perry says:

    I should be considered because I believe I was born to sing. I a little shy but I believe I have a voice that is good enough to be heard. I would love to be considered so that my dream of being a professional singer will be achieved. Please consider me Thank you.

  113. Ebony Nobles says:

    I started singing when I was in the second grade and loved it. When I had to move away from my choir school it tore me apart, music had become such a big part of my life. As the years passed I longed to be singing once again but never could find the right place. Still I would sing for friends and family and every time I finished a song I just had such a feeling of peace and happiness come over me. Songs and the voices of songs have saved my life from the deepest and darkest places and given me hope for anything that will come my way. I would like to be considered so that I can share that same since of peace and happiness with the world. I want to be the little pillar of light that makes someone feel as if they are not worthless. I want to be the smile.

  114. TA`Chara McIntyre says:

    I would love to have the chance to show everyone that I can be somebody and I will be somebody. Being on the voice would give me the chance to share my love and passion for singing with the world. I have been singing 13 years out of my 16 years of life and its what I do best. I would be so grateful to be able to audition for The Voice.

  115. Sarah Ortiz says:

    U want a show?!? Give a mic, a stage and the soptlight and u got it! I was born to entertain!!! My best friend says she feels like whenever she is with me one day her life will just bust out into a musical. HA! Like everyone else I have many struggles I’ve had to deal with in my past and if it werent for music, my voice and especially Christina Aguilera I dont know what I would have done. Not only did she inspire me with her powerful voice but with her strength just in general. I was pretty weak at times and doubted myself alot at times but once I knew what everyone else was talking about to me, it was on!!! Being able to have such a blessing to make others feel good and smile when I sing is an unbelieveable feeling and I will NEVER get tired of it!!! so PICK ME!!!!! : )

  116. Melody Poznanski says:

    I would like you to consider my wonderful brother-in-law, Ken Randolph, D.C. for an audition in Atlanta. Like Javier, he has been so close so many times just to have the door close in front of him. He sings it all, southern rock, country, blue grass… you name it he can sing it. He has even written a beautiful song called “Tribute to a Soldier” that Jeff Cook from the super-group Alabama and Charlie Daniels sing on his CD with him, that I wish the world could hear. He knows and has opened for so many famous people, but just can’t get his break. I believe this could be his opportunity.

  117. Darlene Arnold says:

    The reason that I feel I should be considered for The Voice, is because I want to use the talent/gift that God has given me, and to be a blessing to others across America. I love to sing !! My husband is my biggest fan. I have just auditioned in Atlanta, Ga., at the AMTC, Talent Agency, this past saturday and I made it thru. And now getting ready to go to Regionals in Cullman, Alabama, this saturday July 16th, in the Talent Quest Contest at McGukin Civic Center. I have 4 videos on YouTube, under country,videos, arnold, darlene, and I sing Rock-n-Roll, Pop, and Country. So look me up on YouTube and let me audition for “The Voice”, please. I would love to win this competition so that I could help my immediate family members, such as my N-Laws, my dad, all who are diabled and struggling financially. I know that I can do this if just given the chance. I just need to get my foot in the door and hopefully (I pray) someone will say, “Hey, that girl can really sing!” “Lets sign her up”! Thanks ahead of time for the opportunity to audition for “The Voice”.

  118. Gaylon Marshall says:

    Love singing. Have won 21 contests from Arkansas to Florida. Can sing most any type of music, but prefer country.

  119. Kristina Bouska says:

    I should be considered for the voice because I want to share my story with the world. My dad passed away in August and music has seemed to get me thru. Im 16 with the ambitions of an adult. I just want to show the world what I have. I play guitar also, and write my own songs.

  120. Donia Mckenzie says:

    I should be considered in The Voice Casting Call in Atlanta,Georgia, because I have been blessed with a gift that should be shared with the world. Through my gift, emotions and experiences are felt and heard. And honestly, bein a contestant on The Voice is a perfect way to get the exposure I need! This could also be the life changing experiance my family needs!

  121. Michelle Naas says:

    I would love to prove to my kids that their mom is the coolest mom in the world!
    Just a little about myself:
    I am a recently divorced mom, I have three incredible little boys who are my world. I have sang since I was 3 years old and I have played the piano since I was in third grade. It has always been my dream to sing in front of millions of people. There have been many doors open for singing opportunities for me but they always seem to fall short of the expectations I wished that they would turn into. Even though there has been disappointment I continue to look at the bright side of everything I have done, telling myself that it wasn’t the right place or time or it would have happened. What I have learned from my experiences is that I will never give up, and as long as I am enjoying singing I know I have touched someones life along the way.
    I would love more than anything to be given this oppurtunity to show you the talent I have, and to give my boys the life they deserve.

  122. Desmond Payne says:

    I am the Voice you are looking for. I sing opera, standards, r & b, and rap. I have been singing since I was 10 year old. I have made demo’s but I am ready now to let America know I have the “Voice” please contact me for an audition so that I may prove my talents to you. Thank you

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