Dallas, Texas

Dallas, Texas has tons of talent! If you are looking to get a chance to audition for The Voice you found the right place! We are looking for great singers prove they have the right stuff for this hot new TV show on NBC. Don’t wait, tryout now. Please Leave a Comment below and let us know why you should be considered for The Voice Casting Call in Dallas, Texas!

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174 Audition Responses

  1. Hannah Hubbard says:

    Hi my name is Hannah Hubbard I am 13 years old and I love to sing. I live near Chorpus Christi Texas and singing is my passion. I don’t know if this will get me to audition but if it does would please consider and let me audition.
    Thank You.

  2. Hannah Hubbard says:

    Hi my name is Hannah Hubbard I am 13 years old and I love to sing. I live near Chorpus Christi Texas and singing is my passion. I started singing when I was 6 years old and everywhere I go I get many , many , MANY , complements about my singing. I know this might not get me to auditions but if it does would please consider and let me audition.
    Thank You.

  3. Katie Railey says:

    Hi I’m Katie I have always wanted to be on the voice because I’m a very talented girl and I love to sing I hope you consider me on the voice.

  4. kaelyn evans says:

    Hi I have been singing ever since I was 2 and I had ever since now I am 9 years old and would like to do an audition thank you

  5. Jordan gorham says:

    My name is jordan I have been singing for as long as I can remember. I am 11 years old and I love to sing more than anything else in the world. I never got the opportunity to go anywhere with this carrier and I think this would be an amazing opportunity for me since my family isn’t the most fortunate. I would love it if this worked out for me!

  6. isabel says:

    Hi my name is Isabel I live near the area of Dallas and I love performing for my school and going off to compete against other schools I am 13 now and I signed up a long time ago but I never got a reply this has been my dream for so long but ive never gotten noticed only by my home town and i come from a small town and only one singer from here has made it and he is known as freddy fender and so im gonna try to be the second person to make it out and bmlive my dream just like him I’m trying again and hopefully I get a reply to this this comment

  7. Abbi says:

    Hi my name is Abbi I’m 11 years old and I am a singer.I have been singing since I was 4 years old and everyone I know thinks I am very talented.when I grow up I want to become a singer.singing helps me get through everything in life.u hope that you will consider me please email or reply.thank you

  8. Precious Reeder says:

    Hi, my name is Precious Reeder. I am 14 years old, and I live in Oklahoma. I sing, play piano, and also play the guitar. I have been singing since I was 3 years old. I have sung at weddings and even at my family gatherings. And it was my dream to make my family happy and support me of doing something that I love, which is singing. My family says that I am “gifted”, and I wanna show that to all of you. Thank you, and i’m hoping to get a casting call.

  9. brandee says:

    I have been sing since I was able to speak I’ve been looking for somewhere to start my singing career and my mom told me that when I get there she is willing to travel with me, but there is only one problem we are NOT PAYING NO EXPETIONS I’m so sorry about that but I hope that you will except me to sing in front of you oh and by the way I’m 12 keep me posted

  10. Kylie says:

    Hi my name is Kylie Braswell. I am 11 years old. I would absolutely LOVE to audition!!! I have been singing since literally the day I was born!!! Singing is my life, I love singing!!! I was actually hoping and dreaming I will become a big time singer. Singing is in my blood, my great grandma, my grandma, and my mom all sing and I would love to follow their footsteps!!!! I sing at church sometimes, and every time I don’t, everybody there is always asking, “When are you going to sing again?” I literally find myself singing all the time. When I’m at school, I’m singing, at Walmart, singing, cleaning, singing, when I’m sad, I’m singing. Everywhere I go, I’m singing. I really hope you reply

  11. Claudia Crystal Rivera says:

    My name is claudia rivera i would love to try out for the voice im 13 yrs old in the 8th grade the youngest in my school to be in 8th. I love to sing trust me i audition for choir in school for it could be my 3rd year ive been singing since kindergarten (mom told me) i have good report on singing from my old choir teacher the new chior teacher and his students in his 2nd period class. I go to balch srlprings middle school if you want proof ~music is my passion ?????????????

  12. Miranda Henson says:

    My name is Miranda and I am 19 years old. Lately people have been asking me what I want to do. Honestly the only things I know I love to do are sing and dance. I currently have a a job as an insurance agent, have a salary pay, and have a house which is a lot more than your typical 19 year old. I am very hard working and dedicated. If I had the opportunity to be on the voice, I would work my best to be the best and hopefully do what I love.

    • Farrah Thornburg says:

      Hi, my name is Farrah. I love to sing. I have been singing scince I was in the 3rd grade. I’m only 11 but lots of people say I have lots of talent. There are not many singing opportunitys for me so please pick me!

  13. Savannah says:

    Hi my name is Savannah and my dream is to go the Voice kids on day and I been singing since I was 2 and I am just excited

  14. Alekzandra Pena says:

    Hello it is very nice talking to you, my name is Alekzandra Pena and I am 11 turning 12 this month on the 25. I have always have the dream to go to LA for collage and get a major in singing. I have been singing since I was 4. I am always wanted my dream to come true and if this works out than my dream will come true. I hope you consider me for The Voice Kids.

  15. Mia Renee says:

    Uh hello? I recently decided i actually wanted to do something in the music industry. im 13 years old, Eighth grade currently. Ive been since since i was a little girl, and over the years ive noticed my voice progress into something more. I’m in Chamber choir, and even by myself i love to sing. This would be an awesome experience even if i don’t get to audition.

  16. Audrey says:

    I have been singing sense the 4th grade and now I am going in to 6th grade I would love to be picked. I have a normal life besides the fact that my younger sister has heart problems.so please pick me. Thanks!

  17. Larajni williams says:

    Hi. Im larajni and i want to audition to be one the show because i grew up around singing my mom used to sing me to sleep every night but now i sing my self to sleep i find myself singing at random times but nobody really knows i sing but when i do sing it’s with a group im in my school choir but honestly i want to do the show to prove a point to myself that i can conquer my fear of singing in front if a crowd

  18. Andrea Zamora says:

    I’m a young 16 year old who tries to stay out of trouble and do different than what other teens do at this age, I want a future and I want to influence others that singing/music is a gateway to beautiful things. I’ll be the first to actually graduate and do something valuable with my life rather than be a regular drop out, I want to audition not just for the singing and talent but also give a voice to those others who think the teenage life is just to have fun and mess it up, do something with it we aren’t young forever.

  19. Chloe Lawson says:

    My name is Chloe I love singing it is my passion I am taking singing lessons now and I would luv to tryout I am eleven please reply it will make my dream come true if you let me have a chance thank you for your support and cooperation

  20. Mackenzie says:

    Hi. My name is Mackenzie Lawhon. I am 12 years old, and have been dreaming of something like this for a long time. My faith has always been a strong part of my life, but I recently fell down a dark path. Kids started bullying me and harassing me, and I began to get depressed. That’s when music became a really strong part of my life. It’s my escape to a happy place. All of my struggles are left behind when I sit at my piano bench and play and sing. I couldn’t imagine anything better than the opportunity to be on this show.

  21. grace holmes says:

    i have wanted to sing on stage all my ten years it would mean a lot to me i do not have that many hobby’s so if you email i will be the most happy person eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeever

  22. Kayla says:

    I have been singing since I was 3yrs old. My first solo was in my church choir at 4. My Pre-K music teacher found out I could sing and she let me lead our graduation song in front of everyone. I LOVE to sing and I know that this is my purpose in life because GOD gave me this instrument & I refuse to not use it.

  23. Brooke says:

    I would love to be considered to be on voice kids. I love to sing all kinds of music, i sing country, pop and mariachi music. My heart belongs to music and i love it when the audience is happy to hear me sing, especially my grandma because she is my greatest fan and supporter. Please choose me, if my grandma loves me, i think you will too. Thank you

  24. Kaleb says:

    Hi. My name is Kaleb and i wanna audition becouse I believe I can be “the next big thing” I’ve been singing sense I was 10 and I am 16 now. And I have been playing guitar for the last 4 months and am really good now. I’m good in crowdes and good with an audience I believe I was born to be a singer.

  25. Bailey & Alexis says:

    hey , were best friends and we been wanting to be a singing group since 5th grade we are now 8th graders well going to 8th graders. and we want to have a chance to sing on the voice .It will be an honor to tryout please contact us.

  26. Kaedyn McClain says:

    Hi my name is Kaedyn and I have loved singing since I was 2. I am 10 years old and my teacher told me I should do something with my voice.I have been in 2 auditioned shows. Please pick me!It is my biggest wish.It would be a dream come true! I have wanted to sing professionally since I was 5.

  27. BrandyMurphy says:

    Hey,Im a singer/songwriter and I play guitar. My style is alternative rock. I have so many great songs to offer to the world. I believe if I got the chance to win I would and I would become iconic.

  28. alayna wilson says:

    I’m Alayna I’m 15 turn 16in June singing is my passion I sing walking to class I sing as soon as I get home since I was 3 I said I wanted to be a vet then 6th grade came and I couldn’t stop singing I sung at school once and I sing at my granddad church. Ive been having alot of doubts lately but its time I start believing in me

  29. nakyla jones says:

    hi im nakyla. i love to sing in front of the tv. i love to sing. im in little kids rock. my mom says i can do it. singing is me!! my fish watch me sing. people say i use to sing bad.. but now people say im better.. im 9

  30. nakyla jones says:

    my name is nakyla im 9 people say ima good singer. i’ve song in a high school.god tells me follow ur dream or gurdian angel. i sing in the mirror. follow my dream . i was a horrible singer. now im better. but i’ve been singing since i was 5. im in little kids rock. and im the singer

  31. Brayden Carr says:

    My name is Brayden and I am 12 years old. I feel I have a specail gift and that is being able to sing very well. I love to sing songs that mean something and make people smile. I want the whole world to hear my voice!!!!

  32. Brieanna Russell says:

    Hi my name is Brie Russell and I am 13 years old I’ve sang in 2 school talent shows and I’ve gotten stand ovations from everyone and I love to sing I’ve always wanted to be since I was 7 and I’ve been singing and writing my own music ever since and this is my dream to become a famous singer its always what I’ve wanted to do and it would be amazing if I could be on your show

  33. KyleeAnn Fenn says:

    Hi my name is kylee I will be 15 years old next May. I sing the national anthem for rodeos,in 2013 I sang in Las Vegas for a big rodeo. I love the voice I’ve watched it since the first season. It’s been my dream to meet Blake Shelton I live in his home town (ada Oklahoma) and have always loved him! I would love a shot on The Voice!!!!

  34. Ethan Zackoski says:

    Hi, my name is Ethan Zackoski. I am 17 years old and about to turn 18. I have been doing music ever sense I can remember. It is my life. I love to make people amazed by what I can do, and infact it is one of my biggest goals in life to do so. I want to give people the music that makes feel like they aren’t alone, and I want it to hit them were it touches home. I wanna preform for people. I love singing and I even play guitar. I have been playing sense I was around 5 And I believe I have what it takes to make it. I am a musician and I am going to be great someday.

  35. Jesus says:

    Hi my name is Jesus Ramirez iam 17 years old and iam a singer i love music love performing and I would love a chance to show the world who Jesus Ramirez is iam not an average 17 year old boy i am a opens minded self assured young individual who is not scared to speak his mind i am really confterbol with who I am and with my sexual orientation I am gay and I would like to be a gay advocate for gay people my age and let them know that it will get better and don’t try to change for anyone let everyone try to be like you I am a positive person I work really good under peresure singing is my passion my music icons would have to be Diana Ross lady gaga Adele Sam smith and Amy whinehouse.ohh and the legendary Whitney Houston please consider me I will not let the world down thank you I hope to heard from you all soon

  36. marry garcia says:

    Im a 25 year old single mother who takes care of her own mother. I want this opportunity to not only help take care of my mom, but my daughter as well. My mother suffers from a hernia that developed from a stage four kidney being removed. Constantly being denied assistance I want to be able to look at her and have her know that everything is ok. My mother and daughter have been my greatest supporters and inspirations. They motivate me to do better and follow my heart. My heart lead me to this. Ive sang since I was 3years old and have wanted nothing more than my voice to be heard.

  37. hope johnson says:

    Hello im hope im 15 and i like to sing singing is my talent.Im blessed to have such a gifted voice.I live in dallas tx and i will love to sing in front of Celo Green

  38. Vara Omolade says:

    My name is vara omolade and I’m 13 years old I would really love a shot at auditioning for the voice because I’ve always wanted to sing professionally . I feel like I need to show people what I’ve got instead of only singing for church I would love to sing just for the world to hear me to see if I really should continue with my dream . I love to sing and have been singing since I can remember and I would love to sing everyday doing what I love . I would love to live this life I’ve always dreamed of and I think at least being on this show could make this happen . I know I’ve used the word love and would a lot but this is just a big opportunity I just don’t want to miss out of . My family had been in a struggle recently and it’s still kind of hard to think of it but to audition and mAybe to make it on the show would take my mind of that and make my life brighter knowing I will actually have a chance to become someone I’ve always wanted to be . Thank you for reading this . Have a good day/night .(:

  39. Kendal Brandt says:

    I am Kendal Brandt and I don’t even have words to describe the passion that I have for singing and music. It is an understatement to say that my “dream” is to be a big singer. I absolutely love singing and do it 24/7 haha. I wake up singing and go to bed singing. I came out of the womb singing haha πŸ™‚ I’ve been a worship leader and I absolutely love it! I would do anything to have the opportunity to try out for the voice. Thank you for taking the time to read.

  40. Jessica jolly says:

    I have been singing since I was a little girl. It is the only thing I have ever wanted to do, and I would like the chance to try. I would love to receive details to be on the voice

  41. Mario Terrell says:

    I love to sing. I write my own songs and every chance I get to sing, I take it. I sing in church and I sing in Talent shows at my school. I am 13 and just looking for a chance to showcase my talent Thank you have a great day

  42. andre says:

    I am a naturally gifted singer however i have had professional training. This training has only made what i can do naturally much more enhanced. I am also a very talented songwriter and i have one atleast one national song writing competition. My voice is unique however you can hear the influences of Michael Jackson, boys II men,Usher Raymond and many more powerful male r&b singers. I have had some training with jan smith at jan smith studios in Atlanta as well as some training from tom mckenny studios here in plano texas where i currently reside. You should pick me because i wont loose period.

  43. Maura says:

    Hi I’m 10 and I love to sing and would be onerd to sing on the voice please please please pick me

  44. Noelani LONGORIA says:

    I was born to sing! I will sing for as long as God allows breath in my lungs!
    I’m ready to show the world my unique,and creative abilities.
    Would love the opportunity to represent my city and unveil great talent that Dallas has missed out on!:) Dallas proud! I have what i takes!

  45. Kaytlyn Rangel says:

    I love singing. I am not shy. I enjoy performing alone or in groups. I have been in talent shows.

  46. Kinley tate says:

    Hi my name is Kinley. I am 11 years old and I live in Texas. I have always loved singing and its always been my passion. Please let me have this chance. I love to sing and my dream is to become a global sensation and inspire people all over the world. I love pop and hip hop. All the latests hits

  47. Su Kang says:

    Hello! My name is Sue. I am 17 year old girl who has passion for singing and performing. Though I sucked at singing 3 years ago, I have practiced and practiced and finally had the courage to perform in front of others. Though I may not be talented like all these great singers, I am dedicated. I look forward to get a call for this audition and is very excited about it! Thank you.

  48. clarence Rogers-Craft says:

    Hi My name Is Clarence Craft i been singing since i was seven i started singing because of the love of music my idols growing up that had me singing are Usher Chris Brown And Micheal Jackson i belive i can make it far sense i record my own music but i always feel the need that i can do more so if you guys think im physically ready let me show u how really taltened i am…peace and love

  49. Ashley Berry says:

    Hello my name is Ashley Berry and I’ve been singing since the age of 2, singing is a passion of mine. I believe that with the right opportunity that I could be a great artist one day, its always been a dream of mine but do to my dad being on dialysis for 8 years we never had the money for me to get in the studio, its been a few years now and I finally got a chance to get in a studio, its my friends boyfriends studio, I’ve written about 20 songs and I’m singing a few on YouTube. I sang Bruno Mars when I was your man, she answered it with the female version. Go to YouTube and check me out on YouTube, I’m up and coming.

  50. Terra Kennedy says:

    My name is Terra. Music speaks to me like nothing else. It makes me happy when I’m down and joyful when I need to lighten up. I play clarinet. I’ve played it ever since fourth grade. I’ve always always sang. I sing constantly everywhere I go. Music calms me in a way that nothing else can,and I just want the opportunity to be able to make someone feel the feeling I feel when I’m listening,singing,and playing music.

  51. Luis Costas says:

    I guess you hear the same old line all the time. but is just that. ever since I was a little boy I wanted to be a singer. I would sing any were I could My family would gather around an I would sing song from the jackson5
    All the oldy. I sing both english an spanish songs. even if I didn’t win just to be there would be great. Thank you.

  52. zephra beastmotive says:

    i have been practicing singing for the past 6 years and i think its time to let the world hear what’s been kept behind doors for too long…..

  53. ARUN JOSEPH says:

    I have been singing for the last 10 years. I am trained in both Indian Karnatic music and Western music. I love to sing and I do have a very soulful voice. It would be a great opportunity for a person like me from a third world country to show the world that I can sing.
    Thank you.

  54. Jasmine Justine says:

    I’m JJustine and I’ve been singing since I was 7. My family has always supported and believed in me and this opportunity would mean everything to them and me.
    CHOOSE ME FOR THE VOICE!!!!!!!!!!! <3

    • LaDeija says:

      Same all life my life i’v been wanting to sing and show people my talent and here I have the chance to show every body.Some people have surpoted me and trying to help me to become a better.Sometimes I can be very shy.Many people tell me that i have a great voice when i’m singing to myself.

  55. Ty says:

    I really wanna sing n i dnt want to leave a long comment jus plz pic me

  56. Madison Lovering says:

    Hi I’m fourteen going to be fifteen in December and I have a regular life.my parents divorced in 2011 and I have been depressed ever since ,I believe I would be a good audition for the voice,thank you.

  57. Madison Lovering says:

    Hello,my name is Madison,I’ve loved to sing since I was merely in middle school.my family has said I should go sing for my passion and I’m trying to pursue that passion.I have many obstacles in high school.I hope you find me intriguing to pick.

  58. Steve Douthit says:

    I have been invited to audition for the last 3 seasons of The Voice. I have not been able to go as the venues have been too far for me to be able to travel to at that time. I live in North Texas and would love to be able to audition in Dallas. Its also where I am from.
    I am very excited about the possibility of a Dallas venue.

  59. Elizabeth Stokes Kujawa says:

    Hello my name is Elizabeth I’m 11 years old and really I have no reason why I should be the one on the show and not someone else. I have been singing for years and that’s all I have.

  60. Kimberly says:

    Hi my name is Kimberly……Singing is my passion I’ve been singing since I could first talk I remember my momma always telling me that I’m singing Umbrella By Rihanna Its the first song I’ve ever sang….I love music so much I play violin and some guitar also I’m always singing at school at home in the car during a test always its my dream to become a singer I’ve been in the all city honor choir I always always since I first found out about The Voice I wanted to be on it I’ve tried everything so I could be on it Hopefully I’m able to go on the voice hopefully Got does help me with my dream there’s nothing else in this world that I want more that at least getting a chance to be on the voice hopefully I could be on it I would appreciate it so so so much I’ll do anything thank you for your time and thank you for reading this I gladly appreciate it thank you

  61. Genesis says:

    Hi My name is Genesis. I love singing with a passion. And only God knows what this opportunity would mean to me and how much I need it. It would be the greatest blessing. I think God has blessed me with a voice and its time to share it to the world. I love singing with a passion. It would amazing if I get this opportunity.

  62. Ke'Adric Nelson says:

    I love to sing I have a passion for music. I play keyboard & drums. I’m the muisican at my church. I just love singing

  63. Ashley Rush says:

    Hi! My my name is Ashley, and unlike most people I decided singing would probably not bring a career my direction. I went off to college, and decided that before I could continue singing in my spare time I needed an education first. As I look at what I am going into as a career I always have the feeling something is missing. My parents were always pushing me to do Karaoke everywhere, go to singing lessons ( which I did for a very long time), and sign my self up for singing competitions no matter where they were. I was the one who chose to give it all up to pursue my education. My parents still always tell me ” you should be famous by now.” So here I am, last year of college, wondering if there is still a chance to do what I am really supposed to do, sing!

  64. Daryl Sagrado says:

    I’m not like most people here who say they’ve been singing since their young days or having much experience singing to people. Though, I do know that when I pick up my guitar or just start singing some random song in my head, it helps calm my mind and soothe my friends (So I here haha). So I decided “why not?”, I’d give it a chance. Thank you~

  65. Chasydee carrasco says:

    I love singing soo much I don’t fit in anywhere else except on stage singing I’m not good at anything but music.music is my life.ive been bullied all my life for being diffent and I had nothing except music to turn to.i want to make a diffence in the world with my music.

  66. Aaliyah Wells says:

    I don’t know if 12 is to young but I know that I defiantly want to go on this show!!Im a determined and hard working person.I never quit and I don’t only think I have what it tkes I KNOW!

  67. Jennifer Henson says:

    Hi my name is Jennifer H. and I am from Wylie, Texas and I am 11 years old and soon to be 12 this year in November and I love singing. My mom is a singer, my grandma is a singer, and my sister is a singer. Singing is what I do when I am sad or just to have fun.

  68. Brandy Montgomery says:

    This is my dreams, since I was 2 Planning to make singing as A career.

  69. mattie says:

    im Mattie im 13 and i have been in every talent show my school has had.in my 2nd grade one i one 1st place against the whole elementary and this year i had made it to the finales against the whole 6th threw high school. my whole life ive always have wanted a chance to show the world who really am please give me a chance. love your friend Mattie.

  70. Catherine Norton says:

    Me and my friend both love singing so much and we do it all the time. Recently we have started doing covers for people and we enjoy it so much.

  71. Kristen says:

    Hey hi hello, name is kristen…love to sing pretty damn good at it, born and raised in Texas. I’m not even sure if this will be effective, worth a shot.

  72. Juliana Portillo says:

    I have been singing since I was five, Wright now I am ten. I love singing I join choir and I audition for singing parts in plays. I sing spanish and english. I mostly sing One Direction songs.

  73. Giana says:

    Hi my name is Giana im 16 and would love to auditiom for the voice my brithday just came up and one of my wishes was to audition for the voice to see if i have the I really wish that you would let audition

  74. abigail says:

    My name is Abigail and I love singing! It is my dream to be on the voice. I hope to become famous when I grow up. πŸ™‚

  75. dynastee rosemon says:

    Hi my name is dynastee rosemon I have been singing since i was 4 years old. singing is my passion i am 15 years old and there is nothing i wouldnt do to make my dream come true.

  76. Collin walker says:

    YALL NEED MORE AFRICAN AMERICAN COUNTRY SINGERS!! I love country music and I love singing country music! Give me a shot to show the world I can be the next best country singer on “the voice”

  77. Sharetha Riggins says:

    My name is Sharetha Riggins, I am 20 years old. I have been singing since I was a little girl. I discovered my true voice in middle school maybe about the sixth grade, that’s when my voice started to develop. I carried on with it, I started doing plays, for companies and mostly school. They were mostly musicals, I always had lead roles, that required alot of singing. Music is truly a passion for me. Not only do I sing, I instruments as well. Each and ever day, all I think about is singing, I day dream about being on a stage in front of a huge audience and the lights are on me, I’m pouring my soul into my performance, when i’m done I receive a standing ovation. I’m happy, tears of joy are flowing down my cheeks. It’s a dream, I want to make it a reality. I am ready to be discovered, I believe in myself and I’m really good, and I want to show the world. Choosing me would really be a life changing experience. Mentally,physically,emotionally, and most of all financially. It would help so much, I can do some things I don’t ever think I can do at this moment in my life. It’s a struggle. It’s not easy not having the money to do things, not having transportation to get around, depending on the bus and a job that doesn’t help much. I need this opportunity. And this is not any opportunity, it’s something I love to do, it’s a deep passion, and I’m really good at what I do. So please give me a chance, and consider me.

  78. Patti Stewart says:

    Hi! My name is Patti. I am 37 years old and I’ve been singing for almost 30 years. I have a 13 year old son and a wonderfully supportive husband. In my local community I sing every week. I have been told that I would do extremely well in a competition such as The Voice. I sing an wide variety of music from Etta James to Myriah Carey. I always try to make it mine though! I would be honored to have a chance to compete in The Voice. Thank you in advance for the opportunity!

  79. Aaliyah mitchell says:

    I am very passionate about singing… I come from a back ground of great singers the only thing is that no one had the opportunity to get their voice heard. I want to be the me that takes the opportunity and go far with it… I’m very loving and fun to be around so I know that I’d be an awesome person to have in the spot light.. I want to influence young boys and girls under me…

  80. Theresa Whitaker says:

    I work two jobs. I am 22. I live alone with my son Hiram. Music soothes my soul. I grew up in choir and band. Always in the shadows. I have come to find it is not only my passion but my talent. When I sing.. I feel it come from with in. I am not afraid anymore. My son needs more of my time. My life it just isn’t right. I want to make a difference. I believe this is my mission. God wants this for me. For us. Two years ago I wouldn’t have the guts. Now I do. I’m taking this full throttle. Ready to put on a show. I have the look the talent speak two languages. My idol is Selena from way back when I was a child. I want to touch peoples hearts through my voice. Change lives. My son and I we need this chance. I need this chance. Its my only escape. Please and thank you. May God bless the world and every single soul in it.

  81. Brianna melendez says:

    Also I believe that I would be blessed to be in this competition because I have wanted to compete in a competition like this because my family culd never afford it now this my big chance to achieve my dream in a singing carerr thank you for reading this god bless u

  82. scarlett says:

    I am a professional recording artist from Dallas Texas. I have an album with the London Symphony Orchestra. I am recording my second album. I have sang with Patti Labelle, Tony Orlando, Marty Haggard, Tata Vega (for Russell Simmons)among many other famous performers. I love singing and feel it is what I was meant to do from the time I can remember it has always been my passion. I long to tour again… Aside from any accomplishments nothing can compare to the feeling that you are helping people and inspiring them when you sing to them. I’m in love with traveling and performing and nothing makes me happier in life then knowing I have touched someone’s heart through my music. I hope one day to have an incredibly career as an artist and also contribute great humanitarian efforts and benefits to make the world a better place, and am grateful for every blessing and opportunity to share my love for music and singing with people. Please consider me for the voice… ~Scarlett Peavy~

    • Brianna melendez says:

      Hi my name is brianna I believe that I would be blessed to be in this competition because I have wanted to compete in a competition like this because my family culd never afford it now this my big chance to achieve my dream in a singing carerr thank you for reading this god bless u

  83. briana galvan says:

    I love singing I been singing since I was 7 now I am 12 I do want to get a singing career and with your help I will accomplish my dream

  84. Joy garrett says:

    Every since I was 2 years old I thought I would be the next big star but then I realized that I still need to develope my tone. Me and my sister is always singing never stop and always making raps and songs. I think that I can make it as a singer and follow my dreams as a singer and make it big

  85. Lisette Melendez says:

    The first time I realized I wanted to do this forever is when i sang in front of my school which was 500 people. You would think id stumble on my words the first time, but no, I sang like I was a professional and been doing it forever. It felt like I belong on stage and I am supposed to be in front of a large audience. It felt…like I finally found my place in this big world. I don’t plan on being just a teenage sensation and everyone forget me..no I wanna be someone who people can look at me and my music and say “That’s different” or “It’s/she’s uniuqe!” I want people to like my music and listen to the meaning behind them. To see who I am and that those who feel alone are not and don’t have to be.
    I’m 17, today, and I still got a long way to go, but I’m not stoping from trying to reach my goal/dream. I want to sing.
    This is my life and my decision, nobody else has a say in what i do or choose. I am who I am and if nobody can except that…well all I can say is I don’t care if you don’t except me and maybe not everyone is going to like me or my music, but that’s life, I will stay strong.

  86. Ariadne Wilkins says:

    My name is Ariadne, and anyone that knows me calls me Arie. I’m not going to spend this time explain a vast history of vocal training I wish I had or all the competitions I wish I would’ve won. I sing. I have been since I could talk. Its a gift I’ve been blessed with and I enjoy sharing with others. I ask that you read my reply amongst all the many other amazingly talented individuals responses and as you see the dream that I share with them, you also see my own unique hope to be chosen. I don’t ask to be given “the dreamcometrue”, I just ask that you see me at this moment and perhaps be moved to give me “a chance”.
    Thank you very much for your time.
    Another singer, another dreamer, Ariadne Wilkins

  87. jenna cope says:

    when I was younger I started to sing I sang in my school talent show when I was in 3ed grade hen I was stage fright ever since then, but my aunt worked at a place with live singing and I sang and I really liked it and my grandpa he has a lot of karaoke stuff and I started singing again

  88. Brittany Powell says:

    I’ve been a singer for about 6years now .
    I’ve been to several competitions for example solo & ensemble . Out of 4years of competing I received 3 superiors which are 1’s & a 2 . I auditioned for All City Choir twice & got in along with All Region Choir . This is all dream of . Singing out everything i’ve ever felt that just warms up my heart and not only that , to prove im going to succeed in what i love to do i just hope one day it happens because i’ve been the girl to hide my face & not believe in my dreams & now i wana let it show not only to the person who believes in me but , to myself .

  89. Tresha B says:

    I was blessed with a beautiful voice at a very young age. I have recently taken the time to study the proper way to sing and it has developed my gift significantly. I would love to have the opportunity to go to the voice and learn from some of the best artists/vocalists out there. I am confident in my gift, but more confidence is needed. I want to move and inspire others with my gift, if I’m able to get through to one person on the voice panel, I will be truly confident in knowing that my purpose is to bless others with the voice I have been blessed with.

  90. kia garvin says:

    I have a lot…but with my voice often times I spread my gift with others. Weather it is somebody on the street or a family member, I try my best to make them happy with my voice. God blessed me with a gift that not many people have. I would like to get this callback to help my family, from my dad in Washington, to me and my mom here in the great state of Texas. Thank you for reading my application and I hope to hear back from you…. -kia a. Garvin

  91. Shalaune says:

    Hi my name is shalaune Williams I am 13 and I have been singing for 11 years and I know this is what I want to do for the rest of my life it would be a dream cum true to be selected I have a beautiful voice and it all started when I was 2 in the angle choir singing is my life and it could be a lot better with your help thank you

  92. Vanessa Sanchez says:

    My name is Vanessa Sanchez and I’m 14 about to be 15 and i live in Athens,Tx. I love to sing and ever since i was 6 I’ve always loved to sing and people say that I’m crazy to do a music career but I want to follow through a dream and I’ve been throuugh a lot of problems and want to try to do my best and if I don’t make it I tried my best.
    I hope you give a chance
    Vanessa Sanchez

  93. Keshana Stevenson says:

    hi my name is Keshana I have been thinking all my life I love singing my mom saying my family put me in a choir and I’m the lead singer everybody keeps calling me to ask me but I want to write producerbecause I don’t want to stay in my living room and waste all my talents for no reason I Can Dance but I most definitely can see that may have a horrible background cares if you see what’s inside of my heart you see that I’m a very sweet young pretty girl and I am looking so you can hear my voice and I want to win so I can become famous like others I’m not a follower I want to make something out of myself so please email me and let me be an audition please

  94. Erin Eder says:

    As the rest of vocals list have said , I have been singing since I was 3. God had blessed me with a voice and I would like to show America as well. I have performed all
    My life and even got to work with randy meadows who is a part of willie Nelson’s family . His dad was Bucky meadows . To even step on the stage and audition for the coaches would be life changing . I want to eventually help people with my music and the stories it tells. If someone can hear that they are not alone in a situation similar to mine then that’s all I have ever wanted . So please help me make my dream come true ! I also want to provide for my husband for once he has done do much for me and I’d like to have the means to show him he makes me push to be the best that I can be .
    Erin Eder

  95. Chabely Rodriguez says:

    To the voice:
    I would like to take this opportunity to tell you that I am a performer and I love sharing my talent and music to the audience. I am from Dallas Texas, graduate from Booker T. Washington High school for the Performing and Visual Arts. I am currently studying Music Performance at The University of North Texas. I have performed on many different stages around Dallas. I sing many genres of music to different audiences. I would love to share my gift that god has given me to sing and continue further on cherishing many people hearts.

    Thank you in taking this opportunity to read my reply.


  96. Josh says:

    Hi…my names…I’ve sang all my life not for bands or nothing. .my family started with just guitars at our family reunion then my dad bought a karaoke machine and we do every year so eventually started our own business doin bars weddins school dances and such….I love music always have its my escape…I worked on a farm for a while and when I was stuck on a tractor I always aang along…I just wanna chance to become something….I’m originally from vicksburg mississippi close to jackson but live in alexandria Louisiana. …please give me a chance to become something great doin what I love ..thank you for your time

  97. meosha brown says:

    I have always love to sing. Everyone always told me you will never make it, but i dont listen to what they have to say. I just wanna show my family that i have sone kind of talent in me.

  98. aricella says:

    i have been singing since i was 2.ive always had a passion for singing.my parents and friend s always have me sing for them they are the ones who are helping me come out of my box and start singing for others.im trying to start a band called death by departure.im also a songwriter i write all my own songs and am trying to put music to them.

  99. Adrianna Leal says:

    I used to live in Dallas,Tx and now live in a small town Pearsall. I really do love to sing and its one of my talents i do best with. I am shy a little to sing in front of a crowd but i want a chance to get past that fear to show people what i have. I just want a chance to audition πŸ™‚

  100. andre Gentry says:

    Hi my name is andre Im from dallas Texas I am 15 I have been singing since i was a toddler i sing when i wake up when i go to sleep and sing just to sing it keeps me going and i decided to take it to another level i have directed a youth choir and help others.

  101. Rachel Farmer says:

    Well, I don’t have the best voice in the world but I feel that God has blessed me with a good singing voice. And I would like to use the gift he gave to me.

  102. Diamond Harris says:

    I have been singing since i was 3, singing is my passion. Everyone has told me im never gona make it, and i wanna prove them all wrong. This can change my life forever, I wanna help my mom and family out. Im only 15, and all i do is sing everywhere i go i can’t help it. Im from New Orleans, LA my family and i had to move and start all over because of Hurricane Katrina. Im not gonna let people stop my dream, this is my time to shine and im taking over. Please and Thank You.

  103. Alejandra Ramos says:

    I have been singing since I was seven years old. I always had a passion for music. I was never the best singer as a young girl, but as I began to grow my voice got better and better. I have been in three talent shows in school and learned to play guitar when I was fourteen. I am currently in my High Schools mariachi, which is traditional Mexican music. I play guitar and sing and I am currently the president. Music is my life! I want to go to college and major in music performance. Music is not a hobby, it’s my life and I don’t see myself doing anything else but performing in crowds and changing people’s life’s. To be considered for a show like this would mean the world to me.

  104. Dan Do says:

    Hi, my name is Dan. I just turned 17 this summer. I have always wanted to try out for auditions but have always been really shy and not confident at all. I kept telling myself, “Even if I do get to audition, who is going to take me?” Telling myself, no one is going to take me and such pessimistic thoughts, but now that I know there are people around me that care so much, I am willing to try because I love music.

    I like the idea of the Voice because I can’t be judged by appearance, there are so much stereotypes these days and no one likes to be judged. I would also like to gain more musical experiences to enhance my spectrum in music. Thank You for reading this comment and for the opportunity of getting a chance for a casting call.

  105. Tab says:

    Honestly I would like to be on the voice so that I can interact with people who have a gift just as good as mine and learn from their experiences and mistakes as well as mine. While its no doubt that my voice is clearly a gift I know that its no where near its potential because I have yet to have my first voice lesson. So it would be an adventure to see how far I can make it and what will become of my voice.

  106. Ashley Thomas says:

    Hello talent development team IM 22 years
    Of age IM a single mother.Aspiring Vocalist
    Working mom currently Iam a Certified nurse
    Aide I love taking good care of people my mother and sister are terminally.Sickly
    My career goal is to become a nurse and my
    Dream which I believe through hardworking,
    And determination with and through God above nothing is impossible I have been
    Through alot as we have all only hoping and praying that you just listen to the sincerity in my message. I live own the Southside of dallas
    Raised in an suburban area .I have a big vision
    Of my life and I believe that faith without works is dead. Dallas TX

  107. Timothy says:

    I want to because singing is my life ! I sing in my my church && school chrous !! I Want to be seen && herd so bad .. I dont want to have this good voice && not let it out ,, i want to be herd !

  108. Cilicia Session says:

    U want to know why I think I should be considered for The Voice? I think i should be considered for the voice because i have a passion for singing that’ll make understande my heart. I’ve sung in choirs all my school life…I’ve sung n church. I put my all in my singing. Its apart of who i am and I would love share apart of that with the world!!

  109. Dave Prentice Pearsall says:

    Dave Prentice Pearsall’s my name, and I should get a shot because I’ve got what it takes,and learned from my mistakes. I’m a singer/song writer/musician. I seldom do cover songs. I’ve paid my dues, and earned the right to go my own way. With the exception of a few really good covers that I grew up with. Thanks for the ear (if I got one)chuckle chuckle

  110. David Prentice Pearsall says:

    My name is David Prentice Pearsall. I must have been singing in the womb. Because it has been an all consuming passion for every moment that I can remember. To hear the fruits of my passion.

    All ten songs are my original creations. I am a singer/song writer/musician. And quite happy to be so.

  111. Rebekah says:

    I love singing soooo much its my dream to be on the voice I first started singing in a pageant I sang the itsy bitsy spider and I started singing at church and from then on I just fell in love with singing it is one of my goals to make this dream happen for me.

  112. Danielle Jones says:

    Hello, my name is Danielle Jones. I currently reside in Heath, Texas. I shall like to tryout for The Voice. I recently discovered my talent of being able to sing and play the piano. I have no musical background as I have just discovered my gift of singing and songwriting and playing the piano. I have always had the gift inside me I suppose, but have never done anything about it until now. I hope that I will be considered being on The Voice, as I will be able to share my gift with others.

  113. Tyie Smiley says:

    I am 11 and have a new fresh voice every body who heard me sing said I was good I might have my bad times but I still bring it to the table because then the game will be on I think I could be that voice just give me that chance I will prove you I can be that voice I have a gift and I want the world to see it

  114. tyie says:

    I think I could be very good and give you what you are looking for and every body I know says I am good I have been singing for a while I have a fresh new voice and you know what I think I can be that voice just give me that chance I might have my bad times but when it comes to the game I bring it to the table please pick me I will bring it trust me

  115. isailah says:

    hi my name is isailah and i have been singing and make ing my own songs since 4 years old and i have been singing in church and for birthdays and for stores and graduwatshons,school and in all of my schools i was the best singer and my girls made song and sang theme for the on the ansoments and for mommeys day it was so cool singing is all i do and i cant stop my mom sing my dad sings like smokey roberson and my brother sings and me i can sing aney way but one thing i do mess up just like everyone i have a big dream thxs

  116. Alizey(Allie) says:

    Hi!!I’m 12 & I <3 to sing!I'm shy,but when had a talent show I signed up.I had only forgot 1 verse to Love Story,but I still got 2nd place in the talent show.;)

  117. Tyicha says:

    My name is Tyicha and I have loved singing since I was 9 years old and I’m am soo in love with music period. Singing is my passion and I sing for my church choir every Sunday and I love it dearly. I will truly be very blessed to get the opportunity to sing on a stage where can hear me use my talent that I was told by many people.

    Thanks !!!

  118. Araceli P. says:

    my name is Araceli i love to sing i always have sincce i was 2. i’ve been bullied almost everyday but music is the only thing that helps :). i love to sing, i neeed it like i need to eat or breathe its my soul, my passion, my life! becoming a singer would be a dream come true and of course it would show myself that i am not worthless or an untalented girl who’s always in the shadow. this would make me and my family and friends proud of myself :’-( and it would show those BULLIES WRONG!!!! thats how much this would mean to me and if i dont get it, it doesn’t mean i won’t stop trying or quit on my dreams πŸ™‚

  119. Julie says:

    I’m a New Yorker living in Texas. I’m 23, 5 ft tall and sing like Aretha Franklin.

  120. keashon says:

    im 14 years old and mi daddy in jail and every time i go vist him he tells me all your dreams ill be more than happy to help u for fill them. and he tell me if i mess up he will sit there and laugh at me because he told me so, so i wanna show him i can do it and be more than what he expect me to be. also i love tha fact you can mix pop and gospel together and i will love to let everybody here mi creation

  121. kourtney says:

    it helps me understand why I wan to be famous in the world can tell me that im awesome

  122. Sylvia Morales says:

    I Love Singing Is My Passion, Ive Been Singinf Since I Qas 6 years old. I used to sing mariachi songs at my grandmas house when I was little I remember always telling my mom I want to be on stage and perform and ever since ive been singing. I love demi lovato songs and any type of songs that touch my heart or seem awesome I sing it πŸ™‚ singing is in my heart ! FOREVER ! ! ! πŸ˜€

  123. Stephen Michael says:

    I have been singing since i was about five or six years old. I never really did stick to any specific genre of music, i just sang whatever song appealed to me. Now, i have gotten into more ballads, oldies rock, even symphonic metal and some opera. My music journey has been a rough one, especially so since i’m deaf in my right ear and even more so being diagnosed with autism. Music and singing in general though has greatly helped me in life, and its what im most passionate about. Its always been a dream of mine to let my voice be heard, and i would thrilled if i got chosen. I know i can do this.

  124. robel woldemicael says:

    my name is robel woldemicael and i am very passionate about singing and becoming a star.i will make it one way or the other but im just asking the voice to take a chance and i guarantee i’m the singing star yall are looking for.i’m very confident,very good looking and can be the biggest star of all time.i compare myself to artist like michael jackson,usher and chris brown,and i guarantee i will soon be mentioned on the list along with all of these artist.

  125. jamie says:

    Im so excited that the voice is coming to Dallas. I havent had any voice lessons its just one them things that you either got it or you dont. Ive been singing since a little girl and i love it i can sing almost any genre of music.Im so nervous lol i cant wait to bring what i got and finally do what i love because thats whats most important!!Representing Tx, ya baby!!!!!!!!!!!

  126. Heather Sladecek says:

    I can not carry a tune… But my sister in law who signs beautiful and plays piano and guitar by ear can sign! She is a wonderful mother of 3 beautiful kids and works so hard to provide for her family. My brother ( her husband) has a horrible hip disease he has had all his life is not able to work. He needs a complete hip replacement, but they are not able to afford it. She never complains about her life, she is an amazing person!. She knows she has to provide what her family needs. I would hope you would consider her for the voice!!

  127. Jonathan Hobart says:

    I am very confident that i am going to shine. I sing every day while playing the piano or the guitar. It’s not only my life, it’s what I love to do. If you gave me a chance, you would be interested. I have a very “Rock” voice.

  128. Hannah Alley says:

    i love singing and i want to be nothing but a singer,its my dream.i want to make people think of music diffrent that is not all bad and all about love and broken hearts.

  129. giai phap seo says:

    My brother recommended I would possibly like this web site. He was entirely right. This post actually made my day. You cann’t imagine just how much time I had spent for this information! Thank you!

  130. ENW says:

    Beacuse music is like breathing to me.
    Its all i think about its the one TRUE thing
    i know i CAN DO….

  131. Caci G. says:

    It has always been a passion of mine to sing because it makes me feel free and it makes me feel good when my music influences others for the greater good. There is too much war, hate and heartbreak and I hope to change that, one fraction at a time. I hope everyone is well in music land. “o”

  132. Sammie Muhammad says:

    Sammie Muhammad sing all the time to us at Retreat Capital Management in Irving Tx.75039. He has a lovely voice and refuse to audition with The Voice. The whole team has tried to encourage him but he is afraid. I really beleive he has a great big chance to WIN the whole thing. Please consider him and bring him a Special Invition to WOO the judges. Thanks Shani Price

  133. Joe Lynch says:

    My pastor, Ronnie Vanderslice, has a wonderful voice and he has been singing and playing bass guitar with a group known as Golden Harvest for years. They were the band for JERRY VAN DYKE. He wrote a love song for a childhood sweetheart about his dog and her chicken. I call it the Foul Love Song, and you should it because it will make you laugh and cry at the same time I will be with him in Dallas.

  134. Yamil Ramirez says:

    I would love to have a shot at an audition. I have been singing my whole life in choirs, theater, church and solo. Music has been a huge part of my life and I would love to be able to share it with more people.

  135. Rosie Castorena says:

    Hey Guys I’m Rosie Castorena! I’m just a small town country girl who’s looking for a chance
    To show people who I am an what I can be<3 I have grown up all my life wanting to do
    This but my mom just never had the chance to take me
    To big things like this , or singing classes. We just didn't have the money for it. I had always wanted to learn how to play guitar . So one day I set a goal for myself . That I would learn at least some chords ! Months went by , an I did it! As I sang an played for the first time I knew it was going to be my time to
    Shine! I have written a couple of songs an hope
    To share it with y'all one day! I just want to make my momma
    Proud. An I'm
    Not wanting people to feel sorry for me, I just hope
    Pray they give me a
    Chance. Thank you!

  136. Ryan Taylor says:

    I’ve been singing since I was a child with many influences from Elvis to Ray Charles to Broadway musicals to meatloaf. I’ve been doing amateur singing competitions for years and would like to finally move up to a more professional competition. I look forward to the challenge and chance to sing before judges who have an actual history in singing themselves. I look forward to trying out for you in the near future…


  137. Jimmy Caddell says:

    Jimmy is my great nephew and has a great voice. He sounds like Conway. He does have a CD that he made. He sings in several small opery house. If someone does not sign him it is a waste of talent. He is 26 or 27 I can’t remember. I pray that someone will give him his big chance.
    thanks Debbie Loftis

  138. Meagan Carmack says:

    I have been singing for a long time. Gosspil growing up. Then whatever else jusst popped up. I have 2little girls. Im raiseing my teenage sister. Im 21 work at whataburger. Im battleing a heart condition. An would love to be a big inspiration for others to show them just because your battleing a heath condition u can still follow your dreams.i hope i get the opertunity to show how i can do this just like a normal healthy person.

  139. sylvester says:

    Hi my name is sylvester, and I would love the opportunity to showcase my talent to all if america. I just have big dreams and a voice, if given the opportunity I know I could go far.

  140. Jeanette Benton says:

    I am older in years than most of the people I’ve read about. But , I live in ft.Worth tx. I’ve been singing for years, in church and local opreys. I love southern gospel and country and western music. I would just love to be judged by professional singers. It has been my lifelong dream. I was asked to join a gruop called the IVORY TONES when I was 16 . but declined and I so regret that decision. I am told by many that I have a great voice. I would like to hear this from a professinal.

  141. Neechi says:

    To whom this may concern, Hi my name is Neechi. I’m very gifted with the art of singing as well as rap. I have been trying to get a chance since I was 6 years old. Now I’m 33 and still trying with my two rap partners. I deserve a chance as well as my brothers(rappartners). If we all can’t audition. I will represent and show what we have worked so hard for all our lives. We never had a plan B. So we live day by day. All that is needed is a real chance. So please who ever has to make the final desicion, I (we) hope you find it in your heart to consider letting us audition. Stock Market.

  142. Tamika Brooks says:

    I should be considered, because singing is what I Love to do and Iam tired of hiding my talent. When I go for it Iam going all the way.

  143. ERIN ALLEN says:


  144. Logan Morrow says:

    I want to reccommend someone else. He is an older gentleman in his Fifties, with a deep voice that makes songs moving. His passion seems to come out a lot during love songs. I think he’s the perfect candatate for your show, which I personally love, and of which he has not seen. I simply think he would thrive if given the opportunity and also believe his family would enjoy the experience! I’ll connect you of interested. Best wishes!

  145. Deborah Atwood says:

    Good Evening. I would like to audition for this show for Many reasons. I have been singing since I was 4YEARS OLD. have been fortunate to sing for HBO’s Boxing match. The American Heart Ball. El Paso Diablo’s.Dallas Star’s.I am a single mother of 5 Beautifull children. 4boy’s @ one daughter who has been very sick since 2005 with an Auto Immune Disorder, Systemic Lupus @ Kidney Diesas. So if I am able to make it this could help all of us out. Back in El Paso I had a News Paper artical written on me comparring me to Whitney Houston. That is a Great Honor. I want this SO BAD!!!!!!!!!!!

  146. Ashley says:

    I Have a great voice and unbelievable passion. I would love nothing more than to do what i love and make people happy wile doing so!!! bring it on i want to show you what i got!

    • Destiny Culver says:

      I wish nothing more but to do the same thing i have always wanted to be a singer and actress but mainly singer and you should go for it i want to make the best singer ever proud of me i sound a lot like her Adele

  147. Caitlin Willison says:

    I want to pursue singing as my future because it’s my passion. I spend all the spare time i have, doing it. All though i am a bit shy, I’ve been getting up more in front of people lately, and trying to conquer that fear. I’m determind to go somewhere with this, and i wont stop until i do.

  148. antonio rodriguez says:

    i am a talented singer and i want to show the world what i got.

  149. Alex Gilfeather says:

    Whenever I sing I make sure that the time of the song is felt. The audience needs to connect with me. The only reason great performances are great is because the singer makes that emotional connection and I strive to do that every time. But most of all I make people smile! Music is happiness no matter what facet!

  150. Juliee Anna Danielle Chips says:

    I should be considered for a casting call because I’m a bright young girl with some talent. I’ve preformed locally in my town a few times and can’t live without music. I’ve been in love with music since I can remember and I cannot go a day without it. I may not be the best singer but I sure try, I’d like a chance to try and get my moment to shine like a star even just for a short moment. I’d be more than greatful if you would consider me for this. I haven’t had the best luck and would give anything to get a chance to make my dreams come true…

  151. Jarrett Everett says:

    I have been playing guitar for a couple of years now. I am from a little oil patch town in west texas. I think I have the sound and the soul of the next big country star. Music has always been my passion. It is my life. I want my music to be heard and enjoyed by everyone. Thanks ya’ll.

  152. Angela Flores says:

    This is what I love to do and God has provided me with a supportive family, if this is His calling for me then I will put all my soul into my music this would be a great opportunity to share His grace through talent.

  153. ray pickney says:

    Ever since I was a young boy I’ve always loved to sing a varitiy of music my favorite artist would be maxwell and I’ve worked very hard in singing pretty wings to perfection and I don’t have a problem singing on demand also.

  154. Ryan R Taylor says:

    I never knew the real me until just a few short years ago. I got into the singing game relatively late, namely 23, when I auditioned for a band in the small East Texas town where I grew up. I’d never done any singing in my life up to that point except sing with the radio. Now I’m a regular at karaoke and parties because I sadly have little time to commit to a band due to my having two jobs. However, if I could sing for a living I would be doing what I love and loving what I do.

  155. Rhiannon says:

    Ever since I was 4 I knew I had a voice… Twinkle twinkle little stars and amazing grace are the songs I would sing. I sing in the shower and every chance I get to sing infront of people, I take it. If theres a talent show at school, im the first person to sign up. In choir if we have solos, im the first one to audition. Pick me πŸ™‚

  156. Sharon wash says:

    singing is my passion!!! Im very good at it…i sing at church most of the time,but also when im just hanging around…i’ve been singing since I can remember,my father says I was 2…its always been a dream of mine and to have you all help me with that dream would be a blessing!!!

  157. paulette says:

    i live in dallas TX and im 15 and ever since i was a little girl i loved singing.i could never go a day without singing a song.i used to be shy when it came to singing until my 5 grade talent show i sang a miley cyrus song and won first place.now in days my mom makes me sing in front of her friends.i would love it if i could receive going foward regarding the voice. <3

  158. paulette says:

    i live in dallas TX and im 15 and ever since i was a little girl i loved singing.i could never go a day without singing a song.i used to be shy when it came to singing untill my 5 grade talent show i sang a miley cyrus song and won first place.now in days my mom makes me sing in front of her friends.i would love it if i could receive going foward regarding the voice. <3

  159. Greer Veon says:

    Although I am 17, I know that this is my passion. I know everyone says something to that effect, but I truly mean it. I’ve been singing since I can remember and have sung many different styles from pop to country to broadway to r&b to folk to even old rock. In love to sit down with my guitar and let people truly hear the real me and for just a few minutes help them forget all their worries, and give them hope and happiness, which makes me happy because i know that i have brightened someone’s day. This is truly my dream and I would drive all the way from Texarkana, Arkansas just for the chance to audition! Thanks!
    Greer V.

  160. Tanya Cazares says:

    I live in San Antonio, TX and although I would travel to any city, I would love to audition in Dallas. I also would love to receive details going forward regarding the Voice. Thanks!

  161. Christen Taylor Strickland says:

    One of the most amazing voices I have ever heard in my life. She is such a great singer. She deserves a shot at this more than anyone.The most passionate person I know about music. She sings every night to in her apartment. Such an amazing voice. Such a wonderful person. She has such a great voice and it is one of a kind. One of those voices that just stand out when you hear it you know who is singing. This show would be the perfect thing for her to get her foot in the door. All she needs is something to believe in.

  162. Dara Nugent says:

    My soul cant help but find its voice in songs! Our voices especially when in song give texture to every human emotion out there. That’s what I do and feel when I sing whether by myself, to a crowded club, in a worship environment, to my kids. I love with all my heart to give a voice/song to the human experience. Oh and I’m awesome at doing so!!

  163. Michel La Doucier says:

    i help my audience feel and connect when i sing and give them hope by taking them away to places they wanna connect to within themselves.

    click the sound cloud link for samples:
    i write sing and produce everything i do.

  164. Tia Walt says:

    I have been singing since I was 8 . My grandmom placed me in front of her living room and made me sing a Rev. James Cleveland song and every since that day , I knew I was born to do this . Most people say that, but thats my passion and heart . I know that I’m supposed to be doing this . There were obstacles , but nothing is gonna keep me down from following my dream .

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