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Audition For The Voice

Audition For The Voice

You have found the best place to find info on The Voice Auditions.  The right place for great singers prove they have the right stuff for this hot new tv show on NBC.

You can use this site to check out great new videos that have been submitted by new singers from all across the USA. New audition videos for The Voice pop up all the time, so check back as much as possible!

Are you ready to land a casting call or tryout for NBC’s The Voice? Casting for the new season The Voice is going to be underway and now you can apply and send in your audition through the web for future castings and try outs.

Some Things you need for the new online auditions is a webcam with microphone to get started. Plus you need to use a pre-selected songs only.

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491 Audition Responses

  1. Yasmine says:

    Hey the voice my name is Yasmine Herbert and I been trying to get into the voice for the longest and I’m trying I want to sing for y’all ummm! I want to sing say you won’t let go by James Arthur and I picked this song because I get the lyrics I know what he means and it’s like I could fell him I also want to be a professional hairstylist when I get older I also really wish I could do gymnastics I want to be in a gymnastics gym and dove Cameron has inspired me to sing so thanks and love!!👍💙💙you dove Cameron

  2. Violet says:

    I am eleven years old.Ever since I was little I sang.Everyone I know tells me I am good.I want to be on the voice because I want to challenge myself to see if the people I know are right.

  3. Brooklyn Shepard says:

    I am 12 years old and live in Ohio. I took up singing as a hobby in about third grade and I have been singing frequently ever since. If you are interested my mom’s number is, 513-795-2532

  4. Tarian says:

    Hello I am a awesome singer plz choose me I want this chance to show how good I can be in singing plzim 10 too

  5. Tarian says:

    Hello I am a awesome singer plz choose me I want this chance to show how good I can be in singing plz

  6. Ariana Warath says:

    I really want to sing, I love to sing please nomanate me

  7. alaysia jackson says:

    hi my name is alaysia and I am 11 years old I would love to be on the voice the reason I am writing this comment is because I believe that I can sing if there is a way that I can send you a video of me singing please contact me via email thank you

  8. Halie says:

    Halie is not in the compitishion

  9. Jaelee Berry says:

    Hi I am Jaelee Berry,I think I would be amazing on The kids Voice,I am 10 almost 11 and I sing like a angel I started to sing when I started to talk and I started dancing when I could walk.Music is my L I F E and I don’t make my goal then why dreaming about it?I am in a choir and yes I won contests before…I am sweet and please just think about it!It is my dream I watch the voice and kids voice every Single day!

  10. Carrina says:

    hi my name is carrina and i ‘ m interested in this. i live in Bowling Green,OH

  11. Panashe says:

    Greetings to you all! My name is Panashe and i am a grade 7 student. I am known in the family for making a lot of noise as I am singing in the kitchen. I have been told by many people that i have a great voice but i have never went to a concert or performed in front of an audience and I would love to make it through this competition. If I make it, I would be so excited to meet my competitors. I wish you all the best of luck.

  12. Delilah De La Cerda says:

    I am 13. I sing songs that have special meaning to me. I’ve never had singing lessons, but I still feel that I have the potential to become a singer. I not only sing, but I am teaching myself to play the guitar. I also act, write poetry, and create art through paint, sketches, and building materials.

  13. aryana says:

    hi my name is aryana im 11 years old and i have one sister.ever sense i was 8 i had a big experiance and ive been writing and singing songs ever sense.i hope i can be on the voice one day because i want to make my family proud.

  14. Adria says:

    I realize that u r not going to give an audition to a random comment, and I am probably like every other girl out there wanting an audition for your show. I have had 3 years of vocal and piano training, went to a five day acting camp, am in 6th grade chorus, and have done 4 musicals. If I audition for this show, than I may have a shot at other types of auditions on other channels too! I have not really ever done any acting or singing out of my town.

  15. Karim says:

    Hi my name is Karim and singing is my BIGGEST Talent. Everyday I sing in chorus and it is my dream. Singing feels like singing like an angel. Everyday singing is in my head and whenever I sing at the park, everyone cheers. I appreciate you taking your time to read this. Thank You so much. And I am looking forward to auditioning.

  16. Trinity Bryant says:

    Hi, my name is Trinity and I would like to audition for The Voice. Not only do I have good work ethic, I also have been in chorus since fourth grade and I’m currently in seventh grade. I’ve been in All County Chorus for two years in a row and in addition to that, I’ve been recommended by my chorus instructor for the Special Talent Enrichment Program (STEP)so please consider me, you all won’t be disappointed.

    • Lindsey M. says:

      Hi I am 10 years old almost 11 and ive been singing since i was 7 or 8 but I would love to have a chance to have my dreams come true or being a singer and/or actress. I love singing!

  17. Catherine brizuela says:

    Hello I am 10 years old

  18. Tina walu says:

    Hi may name is Tina I am 12 years old I have 2brothers, and 2sister and 1uncle since I was 3 I like singing because I want to put my heart to the songs I made and then I heard about the voice and I was like wow those girls and boys are so cool I want to do my best and I want to sing my songs to everyone else’s I have my mom with me and I don’t have a dad and I want to sing a song to him and this is my dream I want to be the best singer thank you.

  19. arial says:

    hi my name is arial and i have been singing since i was 4

  20. Luce-Elda Lundy says:

    Hi my my name is Luce-Elda ever since I was a little girl it’s been my dream to perform and sing in front of thousands of people I’ve been singing ever since I was two years old something piano when I was seven and guitar when I was 11 right now I just turned 12 years old last September I love to dance I dance Zumba And I dance hip-hop I do have a YouTube channel it’s Luce-Elda Lundy I make videos of me singing there and I also have a vine account where I sing

  21. Donna Liza Solis says:

    Hi my name is Donna Liza Solis I’m 12 years old.I have 2 brothers I want to be singer and I would like to be the on the voice too.
    Im from Philippines. I REALLY want to be a part of this because I want to be discover an to show my talent to my family and to others also.

  22. Claudia Crystal Rivera says:

    Hi my name is claudia rivera im a chior student in my middle school my old teacher mr.trotman gave me a best chior singer award in 6th grade in 7th grade he put me in 2 soprano but i still had a high pitched voice now this year im not i choir but i tried out with. The new teacher. He is a professional choir teacher so i sang when i was your man he stoped me in the lyrics our song on the radio and he ad said he would put me in his class. Im 13 in 8th grade i love to sing and hopefully yall let me audition with yall and also i went to sandy lake to sing and all-city and UIL. ~Music is my passion Claudia

  23. Dalelenia says:

    I am Dalelenia ans beileve i will be one of the next bif stars i have faith in myself and if none of you want to exept me i can always try again so please take my voice into consideration i love to sing i sand before i could talk and i iam now 11 years ild i am also from a small town of kentucky you guys may have seen my friend on the voice her name is kelsie may we are amzing friend but once again please take me under consideration thank you.

  24. rachel says:

    hi im rachel i have been singing since i was 2

  25. McKenzie Morgan says:

    Hello, name is McKenzie. I am 14 years old and absolutely love to sing. For me singing lets me escape from all the troubles I’ve had. Im in chorus and always look for a solo in our concerts. I’m in love with The Voice and i’m a huge fan of Adam. Adam is my inspiration because he can reach a high note in the quickest second, then automatically go down like that! (*finger snaps*) It would be such an honor to be on The Voice, a dream come true.

    -McKenzie Morgan

    • Amber says:

      hey McKenzie! its sounds like you really want this and it would be a dream come true. i am in chorus as well i have been singing since i was about 3 or 4 years old and it has been my dream to be on the voice! i wish you the best of luck and email me when you have a chance! thanks amber

  26. zoey says:

    hi i am 9 years old my name is zoey and i have always wanted to be on the voice

  27. Allanah says:

    Hi my name is ALLANAH and I love to sing iblove to sing to my friends and they love to hear me my dream when I grow up is to be a famous singer and for everyone to love me .

  28. avery says:

    hi im avery i am agymnast and used to do cheer and dance and ive always wanted to be a singer oh ya im 10

  29. Jade says:

    i love to sing every night in the shower my friends say i sing like Katy perry.

  30. Gabriel says:

    i love to sing i am 10 years old i have four siblings and want to be on the kid voice i always thought i was good but i need to prove it.

  31. afisha lancaster says:

    Hey,ladies and gentlemen ok so i am 12 years old i born on march 4th 2003 and i live in trinidad the things that inspired me to sing is that your expressing yourself in your kind of way and i’ve watched a few singers and its perfect i watched selena gomez becky g and many more they inspired me to sing and i think its a part of me now and my life isn’t that great not even close so singing makes me feel special and unique inside

  32. Alexia streets says:

    Hi my name is Alexia Streets I am 13 years old and i Sang a solo in my school concert i always wanted to sing i would sing in the shower,I would sing to my little sisters and nices and nepheW,and I would sing on my way to school it was my dream to sing ever since
    i heard my mom sing and my brother being a rapper i would always dream to be on a real stage and sing for billions of people.

    • Kiley says:

      My name is Kiley I want to be able to come to the voice I am 9 years old and I want to come so much please send me a comment back

  33. Katelyn says:

    I don’t have a webcam device my sister hacked into my computer and disabled my youcam :L oh ya and im kinda shy still though im one of those kids that sing music for 6 hours and then plays piano for 30 minutes.

  34. Allison Halbert says:

    My name is Allison Rebecca Halbert and I live in Harold,KY with my stepmom and dad. I may have a ton of self-esteem issues ,but I am working on my stage fright and I have always wanted to do this to inspire young people like me in 6th and 7th grade. I really love singing a lot of people that have heard me sing either cry, are amazed, or say I should be on American Idol. I knew this one guy he had heard me sing and he was amazed because I am only 11 years old!

  35. Kylie Lynch says:

    Hello my name is Kylie Lynch
    I am 12 years old about to turn 13 in August. I would love to have a chance to show you my talent on The Voice. When i was in 4th grade in was in a talent show. I sang Set Fire To The Rain- By Adele. I would love to sing it again if you gave me a chance. I hope you have a great day and thank you for your cooperation.
    Sincerlely, Kylie Lynch

  36. kizzie styles says:

    hi my name is kizzie styyles i am trying to find a place where someone can accept me to be another singer of this time when i am home i alway pratice singing untill one day i will make a stand to be a singer i am 14 years old and i relly wanna make a stand to sing even if its the only thing i can do plz

  37. nikita says:

    Hi I am 11 years old I always sing I have a soft voice but it is beautiful I can also sin country songs

  38. Serena says:

    Hi! My name is Serena and I really love to sing! If it’s actually singing, messing around, anything! I hope to be on. It will be a dream to be on this show! Thanks.

  39. Kimberly Avants says:

    Heyy, My Name Is Kimberly And I Like To Sing And Dance Alot.

  40. Vanessa says:

    Hi my name is Vanessa I’m just turned 13 and I’ve really been singing all my life. Its my dream to be on the Voice because it’s my favorite show and it would be awesome to get noticed!¡!¡

  41. Marin Mount says:

    Hi my name is Marin (pronounced just like the city)I have been singing since I could talk and before that I would hum to the music. My mom always said even at such a young age I was on pitch. When I was 10 my Mom and I drove to Los Angeles where I auditioned for America’s Got Talent. I wasn’t chosen to move to the next round but it was such a great experience for me. I would love to get the chance to audition on the Voice. Singing is my passion it’s all I want to do. I am 12 years old.

  42. Jamaya says:

    Hi I’m jamaya iam 11 years old I will be 12 in 2months I have been singing all my life I come from a long line of singers almost all the women in my dads side of the family has sung in the church group.I have been singing forever (all my life).

  43. Soumitra Halder says:

    Hi this is ‘Soumitra’ i have real talent for singing…how to participate the singing competition? please suggest me through the mail (Thanks!)

  44. Arissa Ford says:

    Hi my name is Arissa and I love to sing. I’ve sung many times in my lifetime. The very first time I sung was when I was 5 and it was in church and now many times since then . And when I was in sixth grade I went to Atlanta for a competition. I believe I have the potential .Thank you

  45. Kaedyn McClain says:

    Hi my name is Kaedyn and I am 10 years old I have been singing since I was 2 years old.

  46. Max Carter says:

    Hey, hey! I’m Max, an aspiring (boy) singer who has been scouring every nook and cranny of the internet for stuff like this. I’m 11 years old, turning 12 this July and I live in NSW, Australia. I have had a passion for singing since the age of 3 (I always used to sing along with my mum’s CDs, we still watch the videos for a good laugh) and I have been in the Sydney Children’s Festival Choir in 2011. I was in my school choir in 2013 (we performed at the town hall, it was so much fun) and singing is a hobby for me. I spend half of my spare time singing along to my favourite songs like nobody can hear me, and whenever I perform to friends/family, they always say it’s really good. I take weekly singing lessons, and I also love to rap. I sometimes make random singing videos, and I’m not afraid to perform a solo in front of my school as part of the musical theatre group I’m in. I was bullied endlessly at my old school for being autistic, and until 2013 (when I changed schools), I would dry up the daily tears of my social life by singing my heart out. I really hope someone replies – I would love to do something like this!

  47. Erin says:

    hi I’m Erin I am 11 years old and iv always dreamed of being on the voice iv really been singing since I was 4 years old when I sing to my self my friends tell my I should be on the voice they said that I sound like a adult women and when my mom randomly records me singing and I don’t know she re-plays it and I do. wow I want to be on the voice. 😉

  48. chloe havins says:

    can i come on mi name is chloe and i and i am 8 years old

  49. Zaebriel Orayenza says:

    Hi there my daughter is 6 years who loves singing so much, other kids would be playing on their iPads and she would be just be singing all the time. She would get me to download new songs and she would practice is and master it. She is very excited to join any singing competition especially The Voice.
    Hope she will be given the opportunity to show what she can do best.
    Thank you
    Raissa (mother)

  50. Dominique conway says:

    My name is Dominique conway,I am 12 years old. I want to be chossen because,I am a confident person,I have a really big “high self astern”. I have been in many talent shows and won first place in every single one of them. When I sing people get emotional and cry or sometimes they just wanna call someone to give me a record deal.You may think I am lying but if if u pick me I will show u who’s the next Beyoncé,Christina Aguilar……(ETC) I am not afraid for someone to say no cause the word no just mean go above and beyond. Now I am done with the pep talk now let’s move on to my background. I was born in Houston,TX. My mom and dad worked in different dad was a electrify ion and my mom was a nurse. They are doing there dream jobs things that they always wanted to do. I have 3 sisters that supports me in what I’m doing. I started singing when I was 1yrs old well not technically singing but u no humming, When I reached 8yrs old I was chosen to sing in my schools talent show. Then when I turned 9ys old I wanted to be a singer. Long story short I really want to be picked and that’s my story.

    • raven says:

      Im raven hiltz from ohio and iv been singing since i was 5 i started at church i think I’m really talented i want u to decide

  51. sidne jordan says:

    I really need this. For me and my loving family this is a huge opportunity for us to have a happy life. My mom died when was 4 and she loved to sing. No one in my house or really even my family can sing like me and my mom I have been told. She wanted to carry out her passion of singing but never could. I want too do what she couldn’t and maybe I can make it and keep my family’s heads up and make my momma proud.

    • deasia anderson says:

      I am 12 years old all my life I wanted to be a singinger I been practing singing since I was 5 then worked up got older and now a strong beautiful talented Singer I sung at family reunions birthday partys and more I love what I do I will continue to do it it’s my dream. Even I have a karaoki at home I sing on every single day If we have a guest I will show them what I can do I my family like my aunties and mom talt me how to train my voice I want to be on the voice so bad because singing is what I do I might be in dancing but singing is what I do and imma follow my heart☺☺. I was born to show people who I really am wait y’all y’all didn’t see anything imma make it because being on the voice is my dream I watch it all the time love to sing I will never give up I even write my own songs sung it to my mom she very proud of myself voice here I come.

  52. lillie gloyd says:

    hi my name is Lillie Gloyd i really want to be famus and singing is my passion. My great grandma loved hering me 11 years old.My great grandma had confadence in me.she wanted me to sing at her funral on september 17. i belive if i can sing on the voice i can make my hole family proud. so please pick me. i go to watkins elementary in springfield mo

  53. Lavanda says:

    My name is Lavanda. I am currently 11 years old. I am turning 12 in a few months. I have a passion for singing and dancing. My mom has to tell me to be quiet because I sing so much. Everyone who has heard me sing has said that I was amazing. I love The Voice. It s my favorite show.

  54. caleb says:

    My name is caleb parker I am a former student at rainbow lake middle school I am 12 years old and in the 7th grade I really love singing please select me so I can pursue my career in singing please select me I love singing. I had my papa pass away and I promised him I would pursue my music passion

    • christen says:

      I’m christen I am going into high school. I’ve wanted to be on the voice sense I heard of it. I’m going into the military. I’m 14 years old. I love singing and I know you get thousands of these a day it would be an amazing gift from god if you even read this. I couldn’t pay to get there but ya know an invite would be awesome. My family would be excited but I would be amazed if you even read this but anyway I just had to write this.

      • Angel says:

        I am 10 I really want to be in the voice but no way to get there can you send a video of you singing to the voice plz reply back

        • Trekerria says:

          Hi my name is Trekerria and I love to sing I sang at church and other churches and I am 10 my mom says I have a beautiful voice and I want to sing for us guys so I am ready

  55. Fhaey Panaligan says:

    Hello! My name is Fhaey Panaligan from the Philippines. I am 13 years old. I want to be a singer, to sing live in front of many people. This is my biggest dream in my whole life. I want to be famous. I want to express my feelings through singing. This is my passion. So i will do my best to join this competition.

  56. Sha'andrink says:

    Hi I’m Shaee Im 14 Years Old And I Love To Sing All My Life I Dreamed About Being On stage and Make My Mother/ Father Proud ,All I want Is A chance To Be On Stage To Live The Dream My Mom Didn’t . So I Would Love For Yall To Give Me On Chance On The Voice , Thank Youu

  57. Aissato says:

    Hi.I’m 11. And I always wanted to be a singer.Music is not what I do but what I am. When I was little I used to lock myself with my sister in her bedroom and turn on the radio and started singing.
    Unfortunately now I’m in Great. Ormond Hospital but I still can sing and can go there on my wheelchair.Or by the time I will already be walking on my own because I’m already giving a phew steps.Thank you anyway.

  58. Franchesica Berry says:

    Hi i am franchesica i been singging since i was two years old i write songs and do covers and hoping to do the voice i do vocal lessons and piano lessons i was with an advance choir in this choir called La Crosse girl choir and ready to take it to the next level.

  59. Ka'Presha Whitted says:

    Hello my name is Ka’Presha Star Whitted. I am 11 years old. I love to sing and model. I would love to be on the voice to be heard. I know I got what it takes and the potential. I want to take my dreams to the next level I am confident in myself. All I do is sing and I also compete on the app on my ipad called smule sing. I know I got what it takes and I wont let anyone down thanks so much and I hope I get picked. Thanks again! Ka’Presha

  60. Anjal Jain says:

    Anjal is 11 yrs old and has started singing training at the age of 5. She recently performed in reality singing show SRGMP on ZEE TV(Asia TV). She is a performer and looking forward to see herself on Voice!

  61. Shania says:

    Hi My Name Is Shania. I Have alot Of Experience With Singing. Im 12 Years Old. I Would Love To Be Chosen For The Voice. Thank U.

  62. daniella says:

    Hi my name. Daniella I love to sing singing is my life singing help me feel good but singing is. A big thang to me I’m 12 year. Old thank. U so much I love singing.

  63. shakeya says:

    Hi my name is shakeya vinson. Im 14 years old about to turn 15 August 8th. Ive been told i have a singing kind of voice. I would love to sing and audition for you because ive been singing since the age of 5 years old and im thinking jm getting better by the minute i wilk even send you a video whatever just please give me a.chance

  64. Madeline Tremayne says:

    Hi, I am a Christian homeschooler. I’ve loved to sing for the longest time. Me and my sister love The Voice. We’ve been wanting to be on the voice forever. I have a blog:

  65. Destiny K says:

    I’m twelve and I have been through so much like I’m practically homeless and I have two mental brothers we all have been through so much but my parents say when I sing the clouds clear I have always loved to sing but I have never been able to sing or be near people because I’m used to people not liking me and I don’t want them to hate my voice I don’t mind if you don’t choose me I’m used to being left out and alone.

  66. tianabryant says:

    i’m only ten years old i do know how to very good and i want to come and see if i can get in to it

  67. alivia says:

    Please put me on the show I’ve been singing since diapers trust me if u get on the show I will make u all proud

  68. laniya says:

    hi my name is laniya and I sing dance and do a little bit of raping my part of my family can sing and im the youngest singer in the part of the rest iv seen the voice and I love you guys I think uyou have come a long way I will to

    • isabella hawley says:

      Hi im 12years old i love to sing with my friend and in front of my parents my dream is to show that i can sing it helps me singing when i have inspiration in my head i would be so happy if you would let me audition for this.

  69. Irene migosi says:


    • jade says:

      hi , i’m jade and i’m only 10 years old and since i was 5 years old i could sing like maroon 5 with my high pitched voice !! i also like the voice and some day i hope to be on the voice kids too and meet legend pop stars !!!!!!!!!

  70. Kali Moses says:

    Hi I’m Kali moses I’m 12 years old and I love to sing, I come from a very small town Athens Tennessee and I really would like to get a chance to audition for the voice, I have loved Singing since I was 6 and I have never really got this serious about it and I hope I can actually make a career out of singing. But I really think I have what it takes to audition. I remember my grandmother always would sing with me when we were home alone together the last time I sung with her was in 2012 because she died due to lung cancer. Thank you if you choose me.

  71. Haley Chapman says:

    Hello my name is haley chapman i am 14 years old people say i can sing and i think i may have what it takes to audition for the voice. i love to sing singing is my life i would love to show people how much i love to sing

  72. Daviana Godreua says:

    Hello my Name is Daviana Godreau I am 14 years old I love to sing, singing is my whole life I would do anything to show people that I can sing.

  73. Keedra Johnson says:

    Hello, my name is Keedra 🙂 I love to sing. Singing is my best friend. I sing when I’m sad, mad, happy, and just every emotion i guess. I always sing in the car. I sing about everything. I love to sing and i’m good at it. I’m also passionate. I love to perform. I make songs, I dance and I play the piano. I have what it takes.

  74. Alison says:

    hey! my name is alison, singing is my passion I’ve been singing since i was 7. i was inspired by avril lavigne,and my 13 years old I’ve auditioned for high schools and broadway shows. hope you guys accept me.thank you 🙂

  75. Amya keys says:

    Hi my name is amya aleshia keys,I love singing,singing is more than life to me, singing is everything,I van even singing solo if I have to I would sing a crappy song if I couldn’t sing.I love singing.

  76. octavia knighten says:

    hi my name is octavia and i really love singing it is very fun and i love it it also makes me happy when im sad so please let me when and how i can audition

  77. chasity says:

    Hi my name is chasity Jones and I love to sing very and my friend emmallee love to sing. We both are still practing sing. We was try to find a audition for us to sign up.but now that has happen all ready because of the voice.

  78. Kayla Lee and Lily Hinojosa says:

    Hi my name is Kayla Lee.My best friend’s name is Lily Hinojosa. I am 11 and she is 12. We are in the 6th grade. We love to sing,just like a lot of other people. We may not be the best singers ever, but we want our chance to shine. Our families both think that we are really good singers,especially together. We have great harmonies. Thank you for reading this and taking us in to consideration.

  79. abreyanna shealy says:

    Hi my name is Abreyanna Shealy and I’ve been singing since I was a little girl.Singing is my favorite thing to do when I’m all by myself or when there is nothing to do.I wanna be on this show so I can show my mom that I can do anything if I set my mind to it .So please let me show you my talent.

  80. Breanna peelman says:

    Hi, my name is breanna peelman like everyone else trying out for this I love to sing.Sining is more to me than lyrics it’s a way of life or a passion.Im 11 years old and I would love to have have a shot at this.Ive been Sining since I was 4/5 my family has no music in them but I have always like to sing I sang in front of 600 people at a local resort.It would be amazing if you could consider me thank you for letting me even write this!

  81. lexy says:

    Singing is like my special place where I can go and be well me. My mom and sister and especially my dad love to sing I runs in the family.anyway I’m devoted to music and hope someday to sing in ffront of an audience

  82. Jeanette Thompson says:

    I love singing i been singing since i was 6 years old started in the church im a Christian and then school then of course the shower lol and seeing all those people up there singin is so glad to watch because tht teaches me to step up my game if i ever want to be someone and wht i do know is tht it all starts with your attitude and school im 14 years old and a female

  83. alexis marie johnston says:

    I am 10 yrs old I am almost always singing and dancing I always wondered if other people would like it too so I hope I can show the world that I can do what famous people do I also have been in 20 talent shows also.

  84. emily says:

    hi my name is Emily or Alma i have been dreaming ever since i was seven to sing no one ever complains when i sing and when i recorded myself it sounded a little bit like ariana grande i was hoping i could get in right now im 9 yrs old

    • London says:

      Hi! I’m London and I’m 11 in the 6th grade. Am extremely smart. I taught myself how to read and in preschool i was reading to the class. I have an amazing strong voice and I think you should consider me.

      Yours Sincerely,

  85. Sherice given says:

    My name is Sherice Given and I’m 11 years old in the 6th grade. I started school when I was 3. I’m a very smart talented and likable person. I like to draw, sing, drive, dance, sewing, knitting, and learn. I spend my time searching for kid gigs and recordlabels. I would be very lucky to be picked out of 377 responses.
    Thank You for your time.

  86. jasminpuentes says:

    hi my name is jasmin I’m from California the reason I want to sign up is I’ve been looking for a job to sing I sang when I was 2yrs old my mom told me when I was five I should be a singer or an actor and it’s been 7 years I’ve been looking and I’ve found this website so hope to work with you guys thanks

  87. dominique moore-bradley says:


  88. jahkyra says:

    Hi im jahkyra beloy im 11 years old and i know i can sing. I live in miramar florida and i love to sing , i dont have much to say but even if I

  89. Diana says:

    Hi!My name is Diana.Me and my friends would like to audition.We’ve been singing since 1st grade.Were pretty good at it.I know we’ll do well!

  90. Dominick sarff says:

    My name is Dominick and i am 13 years old and the only thing i do all day is sing and do sports

  91. Hannah Pilgrim says:

    Hi!My name is Hannah. I would love to be on the show. I love to sing. When I am really upset or really happy I sing. I listen to music all the time and about 5 or 6 years ago when I started hearing songs repeated on the radio that I knew I would sing and that is when inspiration struck me. I have been inspired by so many amazing and fabulous artists like Jennifer Lopez,Taylor Swift,Meghan Trainor,Carrie Underwood,etc. I would get up in front of my entire school students teachers faculty and staff just to sing. I don’t care if there is 1 10 100 1,000 or 10,000 people I won’t be nervous. If I just had a chance to sing or at least audition I would be honored. Please give me a chance. Thank you.

  92. Alyssa says:

    ever since i was 6 i wanted to be a famous singer

  93. shasemani morris says:

    Hello this is Shasemani Morris again I know you called already but my phone i be losted your number but I was wondering if you can call again so I can get it back thank yoh ever much

  94. Attiyya Sanders says:

    hi my name is Attiyya Sanders and I’m a good singer I have been singing sense I was three.

  95. Niya says:

    Hi my name is Niya L. , and i am from Detroit, Mi! I am 13 yrs old, and i love to sing! Since i was 2 years old ive been singing. I am also a dancer, i sing every day trying to make sure i keep my voice strong! I want to be a singer very badly and i will do anything to have that dream come true! I also want this for my fam, my mom wanted this dream so u want to show her that i can do it! My mom didnt have the ability to do these kind of things so i want to. I hope that i will be able go audition!

  96. ruthlove says:

    Hi my name is ruthlove I’m from here I love dancing and singing but the one I like most is singing so can you please help me and my dad please give me a call

  97. jamyia says:

    Hi my name is Jamyia am 12 year old I love singing I live in north Carolina that mean in forest city I got 1 brother I want to know if I cansing for you

  98. Daniella Cox says:

    Hi my name is Daniella Cox. But most people call me Dani. I am a 6th grader. I am 12 years old. My birthday is November 9th, 2002. I love singing. I’ve auditioned for plays in my school last year. I always watch “The Voice” I love Adam Levine AND the other judges. I have always dreamed of going on the voice. I sing Pop, Hip Hop, and Hit songs like by Maroon 5. I hope that i could go on the Voice. Its my dream!

  99. Khyla winston says:

    Hi, my name is Khyla I am 10 years old and love to sing.My family and friends say I can sing but I’m not really sure I would like a pro to tell me that I can sing.I am a little shy when I meet new people but I will grow out of it.I would love to do this because it would be a awesome experience and I can really find out if I want to sing when I grow up.Please email me back I would be soooooo happy BYE.

  100. isaac stewart says:

    I am a entertainer, i love to perform,i sing dance and act!!!! Please let me know when auditions are near im in North Hills!!!

  101. Angel Booker says:

    My name is Angel and I love to sing I’ve even Sung for my classmates and they all say that I’m better than the person who sings the song and singing is not what I like to do it is who I am everywhere I am I’m singing. And when I say everywhere I mean it.

  102. Kiya Lile says:

    Hi, I’m not a singer, but my friend, Brittany Weinberger, is. She tried professional singing a few years ago, but she backed out. She is a strong christian who leads worship at my local church. I go there every Sunday not just because I have to, but because her voice is so beautiful that it helps calm my soul/spirit when I have had a tough week. Brittany is happily married with a 1 or 2 month old baby. Her passion is to sing. Nothing can stop her from singing. NOTHING. Judges, if you see this, PLEASE email me because I believe that Brittany has The Voice. She will WOW you, make all of you turn your seats, even you,Pharrel Williams. She will make you stand up and clap. Thank you for your time and patience reading this.

  103. Jazmine Routin says:

    Well I love to sing and my dad always says sing your little heart out.

  104. jada says:

    my name is jada i am 10 yrs old i love to sing please tell me if you have any thing for me please

  105. brandi says:

    I’m a really good singer too I really love to sing my momma would sing to me when I was younger and I always wanted to be a singer now I’m 27 I’ve got four children and I really want to make somthing out of my self and that’s wanting to be a singer. I know a lot of songs. It would be so awesome if I could be on the voice I love watching the voice but I just wished y’all would come to Harrison ar. I only have one life to live and all I can do is give its try. And Blake I love all of your song Adam I love your songs. Just think about it. Harrison should be big enough for y’all to come and have an audition in Harrison. I’ve really never posted anything on line before but this is the truth. I love all songs from cheater cheater to shania twain. Pam Tillis,Tammy wynett,patsy Cline,I even like a lot of men songs too.just please keep me in mind somewhere down the road you might need a darn good singer . Thanks for letting me chat with y’all have a good day.

  106. Liliana Salamanca says:

    My name is Liliana Salamanca . Honestly I did not like to sing when I was younger but I was told at age 7 or 6 I dont remember that I sanged alot.. I did and still do I am NOT scared to sing infront of people. I live in Pulaski, Virginia. I go to school at Pulaski Middle School County Public School. I am in Choir and honestly in 7th grade choir we were not good we sanged baddd. But my 8th grade year which is now we sanged out and sound and still sound like grown men and women. I am NOT afraid of what is called a challenge because I just want to sing, show people what I can do . I want people to hear me out .. Anyways that’s all I wanted to say .. thanks.

  107. terry says:

    hi I really can sing I hope I get a part I really can sing and make your views go up please contact me.

  108. caitlyn says:

    Hi,my name is caitlyn i love love love to sing its like my life i have tried to audition for shows and plays but they never respond to me it makes me feel like i should just give up but i didn’t i am 8 years old i am also a good actor my dad left us in the winter when my mom was pregnant and my dad was cheating on my mom i have been singing forever my mom told me my first words were “la la la” i don’t think they were but i just go with it everyone say’s i sing alot and it get’s really annoying but i don’t listen. hope you pick me. please

  109. Jessica Dawn Thowe says:

    Hi my name is Jessica I love to sing I think I have a fairly good voice I am 12 years old and I have been practiceing since I was 5 it is something I always wanted to do and it is something I will always want to do I’m not sure if I will make it but I will try as hard as I can and I will never give you I hope to everything that I get picked and If I do it would be the most amazing thing that ever happend. Thank you chose me please.

  110. Chelsea says:

    Hi my name is Chelsea Elizabeth Mcfadden I was born 6/25/3 I am 11 years old.I wanted to be a singer my whole life. People said I got what it takes to be a singer,since I was 1 ive been wantingnto be famous.Ive wrote song at 2yr.
    If someone discovers me on this sight ill put my blood,sweat and tears into it and I will not back down. If you want to contact me


  111. Kristyna and Cassandra says:

    Hello! We are both 18 years old and have loved to sing since we were little girls. It controls our emotions and gives us a sense of calmness and passion that overwhelmes us. When we sing it’s like we are in a different world, our own private world. Being on The Voice is a huge dream of ours and we pray that one day we will get in!

  112. Miky says:

    I am 14 and I like to sing.

  113. keletso fenyane says:

    im keletso im 16 years old n i love singing.thz show might.change my life forever

  114. Reed jones says:

    Hi my name is Reed and I love to sing I have been singing since I was four it is a passion when I sing I don’t do it just to be good at it I do it to be able to let my emotions out and express myself to others I don’t care if people laugh or make fun of me because I’m doing what I love to do and that I all that matters to me

  115. nifeannaclayton says:

    I’m 13 years old and i love to sing and sometimes i love to dance and when i grow up i want to be a famous singer i always wanted to meet nicki minaj and spend a day with her and my birthday is on october 25

  116. asjha turner says:

    My name is asjha turner im 13 and i would love to sing im an a and b student in meridian ms thank u good bye

  117. Jordanne says:

    I love to sing. Singing is my passion. I have been singing since 3 years old. I hope you give me a chance. I am 13 years old and enjoy singing.

  118. Briitany Virginia Swift says:

    My names Brittany Swift. Im fourteen,Live in burlington North Carolina.I love acting,singing,and dancing.I know im good at what i o and i wanna show everyone else what im capable of doing.

  119. danyai serrano says:

    i am Danyai Serrano i am 13 i am the oldest of 7 children i live in riverside California i can sing an i get told it everyday i just hope i can get an audition an win this competition to earn money for use to get a way bigger house so we can stay together i am a a-plus student an i hope i win

  120. Christa davis says:

    hi im christa andi love to sing and i love music and right now my fav new song is oath its not new but its my new fav cause it reminds me of my best friend jennifer
    ohh and im 10

  121. Kayla says:

    Hello my name is kayla i am 12 yrs old about to be 13 and and i love to sing

  122. Jada says:

    Hi! I have been singing all my life since I was like 3 years old and I always tell myself that one day a i will become a real singer and i want to show the world my talent. Singing is my life I would do anything just to show people what I got!

    • chasity says:

      Hi Jada. I know how you feel very much.I no I am a good singer. And if I become famous you r going to be famous with me.

  123. kelly says:

    hi i hope i get on your show am kelly and am 11 years old

  124. kelly says:

    hi my name is kelly i rewally love to sing hpe i get on the show am 11 years old

  125. Nina Diaz says:

    Hi, my name is nina and of course I am a singer. Im 14yrs old and I have been singing since I was 4yrs and becoming a singer has always been my dream. I am musically gifted and can even play the violin, piano, and guitar too. Everyone I sing to says that I do have a shot since Im stubborn as a mule and they know I will never give up this dream. I have never missed a concert even when i was sick and I am willing to put my blood, sweat and tears into this so dont worry if Im committed or not cause I am. I am also gifted in school and art and I even dance a little. I has sang everyone ever since i could remember and Im waiting for my chance to shine. I really just want a chance to show the world what I can do.

  126. Paula Willis says:

    Hey my name is paula and im 12 years old, I started singing when I was 4 years old and every sence Ive been singing until this day and I wanna do this for my mom, my grandma,and my untie because they didnt get to see me do this and I wanna do this for my mom because shes the one that makes me wanna do this , shes the one who gave me this beautiful voice and I wanna thank her

  127. Jennifer Wooten says:

    Hello, I’m Jennifer Wooten and I been singing until at least 3 years old. I always wanted to show the world that i can sing and I can live the life I always wanted with my family and friends.

  128. Dusty says:

    hey am14yr girl my name is Dusty Loyd am a good singer i get told everyday to sing with my friends and got to america got talent but i cant aford that since my dad doesnt believe in me so i have to take it in to my own hands

  129. Alexander Scharfenberg says:

    Hi, my name is Alexander Scharfenberg and I have been singing since I was 4. I have been dying to go on the voice since the first time I saw it. I am 12 years old and I love to sing, I will go around the house singing. My mom wants me to do whatever I want in life and I really want to do this. Since I was 4 I have not been able to walk for 2 weeks, had a gash in my head, and had to have my eyelid glued. Music helped me through these bad times. I wish I could go and show people that I can do this.

  130. Hailey Evans says:

    Hi, my name is Hailey Evans, I’m 16 years old and a Junior in Highschool. I think that it would be amazing to be on the show because I love to sing. I’m not confident that I’m a good singer dispite what I’ve been told, but I think it would be fun and a good experiance to be on The Voice. I’ve been in Choir for three years, but I grew up singing with my mom, and then joining the band when I was in middleschool. I can only really sing Country music, or slower pop music, maybe Rock if I try hard. But, if this is still good, I would love to be considered, or maybe be considered next time you’re in Texas.

  131. Kaitlynne prossi says:

    My name is kaitlynne I wanted to be a singer ever since I was a kid singing is my life and my passion I can’t live with out singing I am 11 years old I bet you have a lot to read but if you will just take a mint to read mine I really would like if you will just take a mint and read mine and pick me so if I win some money I can bye a house for my family see we live an a old house and my mom not making a lot of money so I want to do her a favor and I was going to ask you if I win could you give half of it to the homeless and keep some for your slfe

  132. Faith says:

    Hi Ian faith I wanted to sing since 2 am I am real good I want to sing on your show yo know if I am good or not I am real good I real how u pick me my family love my voice and hope I get on thank your for your time

  133. asia page says:

    Hello u am asia page and I been singing sent I was 10 years old now I am a 18 year old female thay still love enjoy singing and I am working on my gold to work with the best not can stop me I am a young lady that have a younger brother and a older brother my mother is my biggest fan sge always having me singing every where she gi around telling peoples giw good I am tgen lol having me sing my childhood was ok I will love to be on your show thank you

  134. Teyvia Avila says:

    Hey I’m Teyviva I’m 11 I live in las Vegas and I sing because I love it not because I won’t to be famous why pick me will I know that I sing with confident and I will make it with hard work

  135. Bridget Haralson says:

    I would love to come audition. Singing is my life, and I want something good out of it besides the experience and my passion for it. I want to show the world that talents are meant to be used. I am a great singer and I would love to show you how great I can be.All I want to be in life is a singer, it’s my passion…. it’s my DREAM.

  136. jordin walston says:

    hi my name is Jordin i”m a girl but any who I really believe I have what it takes actions speak louder than words so if u just gave me the chance to show you what I am capable of I would really appreciate it

  137. lasia says:

    Hi my name is Lasia Vanlue I am 14 years old since I was a little girl I have always been singing and my dream is to become a professional singer. I have 8 brothers and 2 sisters they have always wanted me to follow my dreams I hope I make the voice keep your fingers crossed

  138. Abriana Burruso says:

    I am a dedicated and focused singer who looks to make an imprint on any judges mind. I am very humble, but my background in my singing, along with my past experience, makes me very confident that I can compete at a higher level.

  139. Reed says:

    Hi my name is reed I am 14 years old I have always loved to sing but never have been able to because my friends always made fun of me every time I would sing but know I have realized that I should not care what they think and I really would just love this chance to be able to do this and get on the show and just make a name for myself

  140. Shiannalyie says:

    I am 12 almost 13 this november i wanted to audition for the voice but the thing says you have to be 15 or older my family said i am relly good my dream is to be a singer one day soon i hope the voice gets this and lets younger singers enter.

  141. Lashanta says:

    My name is Lashanta im 12 and i have been singing since i was about 5 and i loved it since then. I have been in talent shows and everything! I love to sing i cant go a day without singing I would love to be on tv one day to show everyone my talent!!!! I act a little, i hope mabye i could be on disney channel one day to.

  142. yashraj says:

    hi i am yash .i am 13 yrs old.i want to become a family and my friends always say that u will become a good singer.may my dream become true

    • Anthony Da Silva says:

      Im 20 years old and have been singing my whole life. Singing is my life. Stuck in a small town I write my heart out to tell people what life is to me. If im selected for The Voice i would wow the crowd. I want to be out there proving what i have. Thank you

  143. katlyn portell says:

    Hello my name is katlyn portell I’m ten years old I have dreamed and dreamed of singing I love to sing I sing so much if u could please let me be one the show that would mean the world to me please I’ll try my hardest and I will never quit singing no matter what people think I will do what I love

  144. Diamond Feliciano says:

    Hello I am 13 years old and I would like to be selected to audition in The Voice. I had always had a passion of singing since a very a young age. I started singing after my 17 year old brother was shot and killed. I was in a hospital for almost committing suicide. My older brother was one of my biggest fans beside my mother. I just hope my dream comes true to step into the voice and be selected.

    • Lucinda Semaan says:

      Hi I am Lucinda Semaan,I am 10 years old,I have been in my school’s choir group since I was 5 and got 3 solos at ages 5,6,and 7.I really love singing yet I sang to anyone but my friends because they put preasure on me,I’m not asking to join,nor expecting you to accept me,I just want to sing somewhere and I saw my chance on this website.

  145. Kelvin says:

    Hi, my name is Kelvon from middelburg South Africa And i would also like to audition for The Voice, i have auditioned to for Idols SA And The X-Factor SA but i didn’t get selected, so i was asking if am i allowed to audition that side or on the voice?

  146. J. Emanuel HOU/Ma/26 says:

    Listen. Enjoy. Share.

    Here’s videos of what can do:


    Julius Emanuel

  147. Taylor Marie Edwards says:

    i hope u pick me i luv to sing im 13 years old text me if u approve of my request i have been singing since 3 years old its my life my dream my everything its who i am and im not a quitter

  148. selena rosas says:

    Hi my name is selena I’m 12 years old it’s been my dream to be on the voice my whole life I have 4 sisters and one brother most of my family thinks I can’t make it as a singer I want to at least be on the voice to show them that I am worth it because I don’t just love music I am music

  149. Tariah Smith says:

    Hi, My name is Tariah Smith , im from philadelphia pa, and im 14 years old. Ive been singing since I was 5 years old , and singing has just been my main dream.When I grow up, I want to be a roll model for other childen to fulfill their dreams. I would love to have people look up to me as a great song writter!! <3

  150. Tariah Smith says:

    I wanted to be on this show for years and I would love to show you guys my talent!!

  151. Madison Grace says:

    Hello. ♥
    2014 1st Place Winner: Illinois State Fair Female Vocal Youth (13-18)

    2014 1st place winner: HOL (Heart of Illinois) Rising Star singing competition

    2012: Top 20 finalist in Rialto Idol Junior

    My name is Madison. I am a 14 yr old vocalist as well as guitarist who focuses on accoustic pop. As a child I worked with musical theater, but now that I’m starting High School I want to focus my energies mostly on music. I also have a passion for writing my own songs, so I am learning to read and write music to help me along with that as I plan to work with music my entire life.

    Thank-you for your consideration,
    Madison Grace

  152. Calli says:

    Hello! MY name is Calli Engelmann, and i recently just turned 13 in the month of April. I have been singing since, well whenever i could basically talk. I have also signed up for the xfactor, sadly we couldnt make the audition date! I also play guitar, i have been playing for about 3 years now, so since i was about 10. Music, is my life, and i dont know where i would be today without it. I believe i am the voice!

  153. carlo saurin says:

    i want to be the next one i know in my self that i am a good singer even though no ones believe me i can prove it to myself that i can make people happy too and i hope that this dream will come true someday…im carlo from caloocan city and im proud to say that i can be one of the best singer in the world

  154. Shantazia says:

    Hi I am 12 years old and I have mean experience with singing and I have learnd that it has,more than one meaning it helps peope throw hard times witch is one thing I love to do I wirght my on music most are bast on how I feel I real would love to be a singer to complete my drems and help make people feel amazing

  155. Chassidy says:

    Hello I’m chassidy and I love singing I performed in talent shows and to my family pick me and I’ll make you proud From: chassidy an inspiring 11 year old

  156. Cheyenne Conner says:

    Heyyy my name is Cheyenne but i go by Chay. I am a great songwriter and hope 2 publish someday! Im a great vocalist, but my family has a little bit of a money prob thats all i just want 2 prove 2 my parents and the world i have what it takes 2 bcome the next voice! Plz and thanx! Itd b AMAZING if u wrote back!!!

  157. pepper young says:

    Well I’m pepper young from mcalester ok.. I tried the Nashville thing years ago I’m 37 now.. but would love to sing just one time on your show!! People tell me I s
    Sound lot like jamey Johnson I’m in to a lot the classics to me that was what was brought up on… You folks have a great day!!!

  158. Eriqua Martin says:

    Hi, my name is Eriqua, I am 13 and I have been singing ever since i could talk. And I am African American.My friends always told me I could sing but i have never believed them. I have always been bullied and i have never been in trouble. On my camp,s hip hop day we had to sing, MC, and dance. if we master them all we would be the Bgirl or Bboy. I mastered them and was the only girl who did. I love singing with a passion and i sing in my church choir. They say i’m a soprano but i can’t sing as high as them but I don’t sing as low as the Altos. Its always been my dream or passion should I say to be able to make my family proud and be able to sing in front of alot of people.

  159. trina says:

    Im 12 years old,I love signing I’ve been singing for like ever. Every time I hear a song I just have to sing it. Selena gomez,Taylor swift,and sabrina carpenter inspire me cause they started singing at a young age just like I did and I basically just want to be like them. I’m a strong singer and I just hope I can have a chance to be a singer.

    • Esther pierre-paul says:

      My name is Esther Pierre-paul and singing is my passion I been singing since i was 9 I love to sing one of RIHANNA and BRUNO MARS they are ,my biggest one day when I grow up I want to be sign to be a singer I love to sing if you want to hear my voice you should send me a email to audition So hope you enjoy reading of and one I will be a simger

  160. Cassie Strittmatter says:

    I might not get a try out but it’s worth it. I am 13 years and I haven’t been singing for that long under lessons but have been singing without lessons since I could understand lyrics. I love to sing and I have stage fright but I am getting over it very quickly. I would love to be on the voice.

  161. Vashara says:

    Hi my name is vashara I’m a shy but good singer but I’m in a small town and my mom would love to see me go but there one big problem I’m only 11 years old and I really want to sing before I get older because I might lose my voice because god said you have a gift use it so I want to use my voice on the voice to turn those chair but intel do you know what I can do other than practice. #love the voice!!!!!!!

  162. Justice B. says:

    And I am 12 years old

  163. Justice B. says:

    Hi, my name is Justice and I love to sing. You see I shut myself from the world because I was afraid of getting hurt physically and emotionally. I broke my left arm 3 times near the same spot. I would like to go on the voice to tell my mom what I feel like. And if that doesn’t work to make new friends. I have been in Orchestra and choir, but not anymore. Please consider me. <3<3<3<3<3

  164. Britain Goddard says:

    Hi my name is Britain Goddard>Girl and I am the next best thing I am 12 I live in a small town in Jackson Hole Wyoming and my voice will blow u away don’t tell me I can’t cause that pushes me even harder I would love to show my hometown I have got what it takes

  165. sienna says:

    omg my name is sienna i love to sing i am the best singer in my whole school i would love the chance to be on a reality show it is not about money and all that it is about choices this would be part of a life time please put me on the voice
    i am 11

  166. halinma says:

    I been singing for while now but I think this is the right time to show the world how talent I could be

  167. Ashley Hamilton says:

    Hello, it has always been a dream of mine to be a famous singer/ actress. I was the star role for our school play two times. Once I played Annie off the movie “Annie” and I also played as the singer Dusty Springfield. I would love to show my talents to the world. I would love if you could make that happen. Thank you

  168. katie says:

    Hi my name is Katie and I have been signing my whole life. I was always told my voice was good by family, friends and more. My dream is to be a singer and I think The Voice Kids is perfect for me. I promise I will not let you down if you give me a chance to sing for you.


  169. ailia says:

    Hi there! I’m ailia you can call me lia if you want but ummm I’ve been singing all my life and its been a dream of mine to see the crowds roar! With exicitment.And prove to everyone that im not just an ordinary person they see walking down the street I wanted to be heard plz I really want this and whatever you say I would do right off the bck just plz…….

  170. Trinity Woolfolk says:

    Hey my name is trinity I have been sining since I was 5 I always loved hearing people on tv sing so I wanted to be just liked them I love sing and dancing and I have a great voice and I everyone loves my voice

  171. moesha graham says:

    Hi I’m great singer if u could just give me a chance i could really blow your mind i started singing when i was 8 an my 18 year old sister was in room writing a song an she came to me an said come on moe i want you to sing this some 4 me an i said no I’m good but like a week later my sisters little girls birthday was coming up an me an my 18 year old sister didn’t know what to get her so i thought of a song an that day i wrote my first song its called happy birthday maiyah an i performed it for her on her third birthday from that day forward i loved singing an always will singing is apart of me its my life an my birthday is coming up JULY 9 an sense i was 8 i would always wish to be a singer please just give me one chance u can look me up on youtube at MOESHA GRAHAM I’m 14 i was born in 1999 and i never give up please i really want to live my DREAM.Thank u an an i have facebook to

  172. Jessica says:

    Hello my name is Jessica and my best friend Jun and we were singing since we were 2 and now we are in 5th grade and when we were in 4th grade we went in a talent show and we were on the top of the list so ya so if you give us a chance you will get your mind blown thank you

  173. Diamond says:

    Hey voice will my name is diamond and I love singing but that what I wanna do when I grow up im 11im gong to the 6 grade when summer is over and I will really like to sing on voice like
    I dont have a favorite song or str but I do have a favorite group called mindless behavior and my favorite girl I zendaya and my favorte me just gonna well can u please tap replay and the song I would wanna sing intill yall say stop is called diamonds in the sky by rihannah

  174. James Sharrow says:

    Hi I have a friend named lucy Wakefield and she is 13 her dream is to be on the voice and she has an amazing voice please let her on your show

  175. Lexani says:

    Hi, I’m Lexani Jackson. I’m 12. I love to sing. If I go in voice I will never disappoint y’all. Please let me on voice

  176. Ava says:

    Hi Im Ava i love to sing i go to karoke every Friday and sundays Im only 11 but singing is my passion my mom and other people say i sing great and i sing every were in the shower livingroom outside karoke and many more please let me sign up thanks

  177. Young Harmony says:

    Hi, and I’m Britanya and at the moment I’m in a singing group and I’m not the leader though. Anyways, I seen in many singing contest they song by themselves, not in a group. Is it okay to sing in a group, we got 5 people in the group. Well that’s not just why we want to be in the voice kids, all of us in the group have the same dream and that’s to be popular. Singing is one of it’s answer and we understand we are not the only one, but if we ever sing in The Voice Kids, it will make a dream come true and make history. Even if we only last a few episodes, we are happy to put a few smiles that people can’t obtain nowadays. Our voices aren’t like what the judges may want to hear but our message is clear. Some people will think that we are bribing, well it is true but people in this world takes chances, if you give them a chance the world will never be boring as what you think it is. Well it was worth it sending these words. Please tell us more info of auditioning please. We are still a but confused of what’s happening. Thx.

    From the group that will describe the word ‘hope’.

  178. Brooklyn Moore says:

    I am 10 years old and I have been singing since age 3 I would love to star and The Voice and make my dreams come true to help me and my struggling mother.

  179. Anubia King says:

    Hi my name is anubia king.I love to favorite artist is rihanna.I like more of her songs because it show a lot to me. Hopefully you will choose me 🙂

  180. chealsie says:

    hi my name is Chealsie Hynds i am 10 years old i love to sing.i have been singing since i was 4.i am in the school choir i would love it if i could sing on the voice.

  181. Hamere says:

    I love to sing and i love how it makes me feel. I dont like to follow in other people’s footsteps. I want to start my own, begin from the bottom to the top. know it will be hard but i love it so much when i sing i want to almost fly.

  182. Kaitlyn Blankenship says:

    My name is Kaitlyn Blankenship I am 10 years old. I love to sing, I usully sing pop,rock,and hip-hop. I also know how to play piano and the flute. I have been singing since I was not even 3 years old. Ever since, I have been dreaming of being a V.I.P. I am looking foward to being the “Voice” you are looking for. Thank You.

  183. Malika Penha says:

    Hiii I’m Malika I am 14 I was always in love with singing. I started singing when I was pretty young. But then my dad died when I was 11. And I only want to cherish my dream of being a singer because if I can at least make it big in the music business i can actually support my nana and my sick aunt so plzzzzz help me make this dream a reality

  184. Maddy Powell and Sarah Hayes says:

    I believe trying out for the voice would be a great chance to show that me and Sarah are the next big thing we are 12 years old and have wanted to get somewhere with our singing. We have sang in school and at church,from then on we clicked and sounded amazing together. If we got a chance to show everyone what we can do I believe u wouldn’t regret it a single moment,
    Thank u so much

  185. alexis elaine tracy says:

    hi my name is alexis im 10 years old I love to sing I sing in the car I sing ever where I go I love to make people happy with my singing I hope you will except me thanks

  186. Izabella says:

    Hi im Izabella and i would appreciate being on the voice or getting audition info. I love singing, dancing, drawing and polar bears. So yeah if u could let me audition i would be so happy. It would mean everything to me if u could well bye i hope i can get in 🙂

  187. jabreya heasley says:

    My name is jabreya heasley. I am 12 turning 13 July 30th and all I want is to sing on the voice. So far I’ve watched mostly every episode. My favorite is the group sing of tennis court. I just really want to b be on the voice even tho I am very young. I feel like I can do this and all I am asking for is a shot at becoming the next big thing.

  188. Yesenia says:

    Omg !!! I love to sing ! I also rap ! I make raps of my own and I would like to be a famouse rapper one day ! I know I could achieve my goal if I do something … Though I need to at least participate on something and I think this will be my one and only chance plese !! HELP OUT !

  189. Alexzaundra says:

    I love to sing I’m 11years old I sing to my family they really like it I never sung in the of a whole lot of people so I really hope I can sing for y’all so yea thank u if u do

  190. Christina says:

    Hi my name is Christina. I am turning 11 in July. I have always loved to sing. I’ve been singing ever since I was 3. My favorite singer is beyonce. I love her song halo and if I ever get to sing to you that’s what I would sing. My friends say I’m a good singer so It would mean the world to sing to you. My second favorite song is happy by pharrrel Williams. Please reply back because I would like to show the world what I could do. I have only sang up front of two of my friends.

  191. maiyah says:

    this is Maiyah O’Donnell,
    hi voice I think I am a talented singer I have been singing since I was 7 and im 11years old and I would like to be on the voice.
    Peace out

  192. rekemia says:

    hi my name is rekemia williams and i am 12 years old i live in Marshall Tx and i always want to sing but i never got to when i was 11 i would go and the car and sing people always told me i could not sing but i did let that get to me and so i decide to post a video on youtube i always watch the VOICE so i thought to myself what if that was me and if i do get to get on the show that would be a blessing to me and my family

  193. brittany says:

    I want to sign up help me ok

  194. Vanessa Correia says:

    Hi,my name is Vanessa Guadalupe Correia. I love to sing. I have been singing since I have heard my very first song. Singing is my passion. I am 11 years old,I’m not shy and I am confident. Every person that I have sung to, say that I am a great singer. I am not the best singer in the world ( I can accept that) but,I want to be noticed,noticed for the world could know my name. Singing and hearing music is like my friend. When I’m sad or mad, music cheers me up. Music makes me who I am. I am a “kitty cat” and I’m proud of it. Most of my friends don’t really like me because I don’t like the singers that they like. But I don’t care! Whenever that happens I listen to music or sing my heart out. Every time I go on my computer or tablet, I listen to music no matter what. Becoming noticed or famous is my BIG DREAM, just like Kaydra Silva. And yes, I do notice people, I’m not selfish. My favorite songs are Titanium,Just give me a reason, If I were a boy and Dark Horse. I would love to be on The Voice. I think I am too young for the age requirements. But I hope I’m not. Anyway I am a girl that has a dream, just like Martin Luther King Jr., he had a Dream. I want to have a singing career. I really hope you call me to be on the voice. And just to let all of you know, I spilled my heart out to all of you.
    A girl with hopes and dreams.<3

  195. kaydra silva says:

    Hi my name is kaydra. I am 11years old.I love to sing. I have been singing pretty much since I. Was able to talk. I am shy but I can overcome that. The people that have heard me sing tell me that I’m really good at it and should keep on going with that career. I am in choir right now,and I enjoy it a lot. Singing is my pasion,its what makes me happy, when life is at its worst I just pop in my head phones and I can feel all the stress,pain and sadness go away. I feel that when I sing, that no one can bring me down. Singing and well, music in genral is my get away, its what makes me,me. Without it I would be a different person. When I would get sad or bullied, I would listen to music or sing. It just disappears and I would almost fully forget about it. All I can really say is that singing is my passion,joy and I want to have a singing career. I really do hope that you recamend me, if not it is what it is

    The small girl with BIG dreams

  196. brittney says:

    Dear The Voice,
    Singing is just my passion. I cant get away from it not even for a day. Singing to me is not just singing I like to make the song come alive and make it have soul. I make the feelings of the music strong and tell people what music means (what the theme of the music is) All I know is that I wont give up even if people try to let me down I’m going to keep my head up and follow the dreams that need to be followed for me not for the people around me. “everything is Possible with GOD” is what my grandma tells me and I believe its true. I want to change the world , & what I mean by changing the world is by having people keep a smile on their face when their down. I want people to feel the lyrics of the music. There’s a lot of other people in the world who want to take this chance and I believe they could if they keep on trying and not give up. I’m not the only one who can sing but I do have family members that can sing, rap and play lots if instruments and we also make music so this is why I should have the chance to show the world what I got! My Name is Brittney Segura and I am a 12 year old girl trying to chase her dreams to success.
    P.S “The Voice is Awesome” !
    Girl That Believes
    She’ll change the

  197. Samantha Gutierrez says:

    I love to sing singing is my life I really want to sign up I live in California I been singing since I was 515 and now I am 11

  198. Alexis Miracle Solis says:

    Hello. My name is Alexis. I have been singing all my life. I would sing all the time when I was little and even now I sing all the time. There isn’t a time where I am not singing, unless it is when school is in session. I am fifteen going to be sixteen at the end of May this year. My cousin who is in her late twenties early thirties auditioned for American Idol. I have been known to sound identical to her when her and I sing together. I have talent and would love to share it with others. Since the first time I sang in front of my close family my mother told me I had been given the natural gift given to me by god. I thank god and my parents for showing me and helping me develop something special to me. If people ask me if I can sing I like to tell people you be the judge and let me know if I can. I would just like the opportunity to show people what I can do and what I love to do. I’ll let you be the judge if I can or can’t. Also because singing has been a major part of my life as a kid music took me away from my reality. Singing is my passion. I want to show the world what I am made of.Ever since I was little I dreamed of being a big star. I can sing all kinds of music and right now for my school festival I am going to start practicing for three duets and one solo. I am a soprano and I love to show people my talent. I can sing in almost any language that is handed to me, and I also try to challenge myself by picking challenging music. Ever since grade school I have not gotten high achievements like everyone else has, but every time I sing, my insecurities and failures disappear. Since I was little I was always pushed around by people, laughed at, and told that I couldn’t do anything, but when my singing became better, none of that bothered me anymore. Singing is part of me and I wouldn’t be myself without it. I would love to be on the voice to show the people who have talent that they don’t have to fit in with everyone and compete with others, with academics or sports, to be good. Singing on the voice would show people that you can do anything through what you like to do, not what others expect you to do. It would also show all of the people who always tell me I cant, that I really can. Thank you for your time.

  199. Jessica Li says:

    Hi I am Jessica, I never really sang anything until 2nd grade and I fell in love with it now I am 11 turning 12 in July I really want this chance and my body just does what it wants and even if I don’t win as long as I have fun I am good.

  200. Chealsie hynds says:

    My name is Chealsie hynds and I have been singing since I was 9 I live in Australia at dapto and I love to sing

  201. Toya says:

    I want to be on the voice because im a great singer and i beleive i can sing until the finals just giving a heads up i watch your show and never miss it i just hope that i will be able to be on your show and travel with you and my good voice!!!!!!!!!!!

  202. Sequoiya Fritz says:

    Hello! Im sequoiya! Im from the small city of Rockmart Ga. On the 22 of April ill be 13!! I personally don’t know when I started singing, as long as I can remember I have though. Singing has become an extreme hobby. I used to just sing in the house, but since fourth grade I haven’t stopped for more than a minute! The only things I’ve done to show people my talent is my schools annual talent shows, a couple karaoke nights at local resteraunts, and basically when people over hear me. Up until this year I thought a musical career was unreasonable, I wanted to sing for a living but I had accepted the fact that id never make it. I’ve obviously changed my mind and im ready to show the world what im capable of! And even if I don’t make it through the voice, or even onto the voice, ill be satisfied knowing I gave it my best, but I defiantly wont give up. -Thanks for any consideration 🙂 Sincerely, A small girl with a big dream.

  203. Kiya Cole says:

    Hi, i’m kiya cole, i’m 13 years old, i started singing when i was about 10, i’d go to camp performances and sing, and then it became more than just a hobby, at school, i wasn’t accepted for glee club, because of my grades, i was so disappointed, i can sing very fast or slow, the tempo doesn’t matter to me, it’s the music, i know my age is young, but I’ve been through so much, my mom died last year in 2013, when i was 12, i am the oldest of 5 kids, i struggle with everything, but music is my true escape, it empties my feelings, i write songs, and sometimes i make money off them, but for now, i sing for fun, and to help with my feeling, i just, sometimes i feel like i could perform to many people, my voice is very filtered, not much cracking, my videos are on youtube, but lately i have been thinking about joining a musician based reality show, i wanna be discovered, i don’t care how much it takes, i need to show my talent. thank you for you’re consideration

  204. Allie Mckinney says:

    My name is Allie McKinney I live in Campbell County Tennessee, I love to sing!! Singing an my family is my life. I have done some singing in church’s, talent shows, and in front of several family members. I have never been to anything useful!! I’m looking forward to what you guys half to say. I am nervous but I have faith. My family has always told me follow my dreams, not my enemy’s. I hope you guys can use me!(:

  205. Lavina Brown says:

    I have been singing since I could talk I have been to singing competitions and I have gotten first place at all 15 of them and I want to show the world that I am more that just a little girl that never gets in trouble that I can dosomething with my life

  206. anya says:

    im was singing since i was 2 year old now i am 9 and everyone adores my singing so i want to audutions to x factor and the voice

  207. paula kpoghol says:

    hello!! my names Paula and I know that im a very wonderful nd beautiful black Nigerian hot singer me being on the voice is so gonna prove to u guys that choosing me was the best thing u ever did

  208. Sarah says:

    I’m Sarah I’ve been singing since I was around 7 or 8 I am 13 right now I just have a lot of interest in it because a lot of people tell me I’m good and I kinda think I’m good to but I want to show people who I am and the talent I have I want to actually make a career out of my talent and not something I have to spend years practicing on. That is my story..

  209. Michael says:

    i play sing and write my own music i’m original in sound been singing from a child and will blow the roof off!!! of the voice Please think of me sincerely, Nashville W. Hodge

  210. Jayla Moore says:

    I want to be on The Voice because it would be a chance to show my talent. I have been singing since i was 6. I love to sing. I find a song that I know and don’t know and try to learn the lyrics. If i get to be on the show, I would be so happy. If I won I would give the money prize, if there is one, to a charity and to the poor. I care about others and this would be a chance to show the real me and to show that I will help others. I help others now but if I won money i would instantly give it to a charity. So all i ask for is a chance. Please think about it and Thank You for reading!!!

  211. christina says:

    I really really love to sing alot so please I would love to join the contest contact me

  212. Ashley brown says:

    Hello, please let me know if there is any singing competitions that I could enter. I have been singing since eight years old. Please checkout my video never let me go by ashley brown and set fire to the rain by ashley brown on YouTube

  213. Megan Kuykendall says:

    Hey, my name’s Megan and I’m 15 years old. I would really like to be on The Voice. I’ve been singing since I was 4, and I think I could go far. Make my dreams come true!

  214. dana jackson says:

    Hey everyone please follow my ig @Ms_oldsoul or check out my youtube page and watch my videos. PLEASE SUBSCRIBE I am an aspiring SINGER trying to get noticed. Everyone keep spreading PEACE LOVE & HAPPINESS <333

  215. Sonja says:

    Hi, my name is Sonja Luker im 12 years old ive been wanting to try out for singing competitions for a long time now. Ive been singing ever since i was little and been praying and hoping for the chance to live my dream. i sing all different kinds of music. i sing alot of jazz and pop, like jennifer hudson and beyonce please help me live my dream. Sonja

  216. kashi tiwari says:

    i love singing i want to join the competitions.

  217. Viviana Hollister says:

    Hello, my name is Viviana Hollister, I am 15 years old, and the number one thing that I am good at is singing. Ever since I was little I dreamed of being a big star. I can sing all kinds of music and right now for my school festival I am going to start practicing for three duets and one solo. I am a soprano and I love to show people my talent. I can sing in almost any language that is handed to me, and I also try to challenge myself by picking challenging music. Ever since grade school I have not gotten high achievements like everyone else has, but every time I sing, my insecurities and failures disappear. Since I was little I was always pushed around by people, laughed at, and told that I couldn’t do anything, but when my singing became better, none of that bothered me anymore. Singing is part of me and I wouldn’t be myself without it. I would love to be on the voice to show the people who have talent that they don’t have to fit in with everyone and compete with others, with academics or sports, to be good. Singing on the voice would show people that you can do anything through what you like to do, not what others expect you to do. It would also show all of the people who always tell me I cant, that I really can. Last year at our district festival I sang a song called, I Love All Graceful Things, and I didn’t know that I was that good of a singer until I got a score of 1. (The grading scale is one-couldn’t have gone better, through four-couldn’t have gone worse.) When I got a one, I decided to try even harder at singing, and I still want to do the best I can do. Being on the voice will help me fulfill my full potential and will help challenge my fear of being rejected.

  218. Cynthia Risch says:

    Hi my name is Cynthia, I’m 14 & can Play Guitar & Have been singing for yrs, & have Been in competitions, I would love to Have a chance to show off my Talent.

  219. Byron Stephen says:

    Hello I’m a Filipino and im 12 years old i can sing old songs,rap songs and rock songs i want to show my talent to anyone

  220. Akhilesh Gowda says:

    My name Akhilesh Gowda Age 19years I dnt no i have good voice but i want to sing in the competion wil u give chance

  221. alyssa says:

    hello my name is Alyssa and I am 10 years old and I have 2 girls named Chiara and gabby and they are both 9 and backup dancers so if you don’t reply you will miss all the talent

  222. medjyne Michel says:

    I hope to be a singer and be successful. I love music and singing r&b and pop.

  223. matthew zapfe says:

    Hello my 14 yr old Daughter has Been singing since she was 7,And is 2 different Bands Sings a well known Variety of songs,as well as Plays Guitar,& Piano Would love the chance to have her Perform on National tv,she has tried out for the X-Factor as well as sang the National Anthem for Hometown events,if there is an Opportunity for this to Happen contact me I`m Disabled And would love for her to Have this chance,she is Extremly Talented thanks Matt.

  224. kiarra says:

    i wonder if me and my friends can try out yes or no we are called ZDk and we are very talent !!!!!!

    • kiarra teasley says:

      I would like to sign up for auditions because I been singing sinse I was little and I am 12 turning 13 in july 12

      • Chanelle Gounden says:

        Hi my name is chanelle i am 14 years old my talent is singing and the people that inspire me is one direction from a little girl i should love to sing it would be a dream come true if u pick me i live in Johannesburg plz it would be really nice if u pick me i would make u proud. Plz it is my dream to sing

  225. simi says:

    this show will not be fun with out Blake

  226. Layla says:

    I’m 11 and I want tossing live in front of bruno mars and Adele and Beyoncé and a whole lot more but the audition has to be in canton Ohio

  227. Kayla Wahn says:

    My name is Kayla Wahn I am 16 I live in Decatur Al, I have been singing since I was little I sing rock/soft rock and country I would love the chance to get to do this. I have been wanting to be since I was little.

  228. Kelsey Back says:

    My name is Kelsey Back, I’ve always loved to sing, especially in front of people.I’ve been singing since I was 6.I am a soprano/alto. singing is my joy as it brings a smile my friends and family as well as people I don’t know.I would like to share my talent with the world. I would like to be seen.

  229. Robert Aguiar says:

    I want to sing for next audition

  230. Courtney Gane says:

    I’m 13 and have been singing since I can’t remember, I want to audition for the voice for kids so I can prove to my mum that her bad comments don’t effect me and that I can sing but mum won’t let me audition. I’m thinking of going to my friend’s place and letting her take me. The reason I’m doing the voice specifically because I won’t get judged for my looks (I have a big birthmark on my arm and face) it’s all about the voice.

  231. aps says:

    Hi. I would like to inquire how to join the Singing competition for Kids for 13 years old. Thank you

  232. Da'Shiera Jackson says:

    Hello, my name is Da’Shiera Jackson. I am from Macedonia OH. I’m 13 years old soon to be 14 in October. I love to sing. It is my passion. I can’t go a day without it. I can do things with my voice that people in the music industry can not do.I also have a wonderful personality. I just want to take my family to the top. Please pick me, I would blessed :)!

  233. danika says:

    i hope i have a chance

  234. Adeq Lynn says:

    Hi.. I’m Adeq, 32 years old.. A mother of 5 lovely kids & a young grandmother of beautiful grandson. I love singing very much.. Just wondering if I could do the audition in any other country.
    I’ve been singing Live every nite since 2011.
    A lot of my guest from all over the world has advise me to join “The Voice”

    Please advice

    Much love….
    Adeq Lynn

    • aryana says:

      Hi i am aryana and i am 11 years old and i was inspired by an experiance and this on song felt like it changed me and ever sense that day i’ve been writing and singing and writing songs ever sense

  235. Denise Kitchens says:

    Hi my name is Denise Kitchens. I am a 38 year old mom of 3 beautiful children. I have been singing gospel music my whole life. It has always been a dream and is my passion to use my calling God gave me. I am an overcomer of many hardships, and want to give my children a wonderful life they deserve. Thank you for taking the time for reading this I hope to hear from you soon!(please take the time to view my cd recording on youtube) I did this in Weleetka, Oklahoma after winning 2nd place at the Gospel Singing Contest in Konowa, OK. I ALSO WON FIRST PLACE IN Cleburne, TX at their annual talent show.

  236. nyibol says:

    I love singing everyday i sing random songs

  237. olivia says:

    I really want to show everyone what I got some of my friends think im really good but sometimes I get shy but I can learn to grow and be better

  238. Tara says:

    I have always loved singing but there’s one problem…I have never perform. that’s why I would like to perform out loud and show others who I am and who I want to become. the VOICE IS EVERYTHING TO ME THAT’S WHY I WANT TO JOIN!!

  239. Obias Chungu says:

    HI my name is obias I am eight I have been singing since I was five I would be very greatful if the voice kids would choose me people say I am a bad singer BUT I am the best singer in my class I am cute I live in wa my favourite songs are acappela shooting stars talk dirty to me thank you bless you.

  240. Jenny says:

    My daughter’s name is Jaymie & she is 12 years old & will be 13 in December! We live in Melbourne . Victoria. She wants to audition forThe Voice Kid’s series to sing as a solo singer. Can someone please let me know how we go about it & what website to go too!

  241. Victoria Mery Roberts says:

    ‘m 11 i,v been singing seins I was little and I want to show the world my talent and pashine for singing.I sing in the shawer,the car,bed room,livingroom,kichen,and well mostly evrywhare.

  242. Hollie says:

    I every time spent my half an hour to read this blog’s posts everyday along with a cup of coffee.

  243. chelsea layman says:

    My name is Chelsea & I am 21 years old. I should be considered for the Voice, because I know I have what it takes. I have been singing all my life and although I win most singing competitions I participate in, I have yet to have my big break. I am inspired by Adam, I think he is a wonderful musician and would love to work with him. I can sing all types of music and have my own unique sound that cannot be duplicated. I hope I am considered for the casting calls in Detroit and I would be able to get there in a heartbeat, because I don’t live far from there.

  244. Iesha Hawkins says:

    Hi my name is iesha Hawkins in I am a 13 year old girl who like to sing so much I been singing since I was 11 and I am looking for an opportunity to show the American that I have the Talent the voice they are looking for

  245. Amanda Jo Smith says:

    Hello my name is Amanda.I’m seriously so excited / happy that its right here to give me a chance to show America how much talent there is all the world. I do karaoke so many times week and it so fun and like second nature being on stage singing to everyone in the room. I get such amazing, wonderful complements , its so uplifting. I have a bubbly and always positive , fun personality. Singing has always been my dream my whole entire life. Please give me the chance to show you all I have got it to be on the best show ever “The Voice”. Thanks and have blessed day! 🙂

  246. marites alde says:

    hi i am marites alde…i am willing to join the audition of this program…i want to kmow the shecdules and venue..

  247. katelyn says:

    I’m 11 but I have been singing since I could talk. I auditioned for inter face and made it in but could not afford it. Every one tells me I’m a good singer and singing has been my dream. My favorite singer is Jessie j. I love to sing more than anything. Please help me.

  248. mckaylah says:

    Hey im mckaylah and i love singing.. you should consider me 🙂

  249. seema says:

    sir i am 40+ from kota and i have good voice and want a chance to show my talent so pls give mw a chance

  250. kayla says:

    omg im only 9 but my family had always told me wow kaya you have a great vocie but without music i whould die i just listen to all driffernt kinds of music just to calm me down my fav song is lol one more night but my fav type of music is r&b but my famliy says i can sing all driffernt kinds of music but still sound graet i live in sopkane but what is my down is im shy but when ever i want to but i think ifi went on there i chould change and blow you away

  251. chantell says:

    In for me the addition for new york

  252. cornelius says:

    please send requirements for auditions.

  253. Omar Robinson says:

    Hey there my name is Omar but i go by the name of Demetri my middle name. Anyway I really would love a chance to be on the voice just so everyone could hear my voice.I’ve had singing lessons I’ve done chorus for 3 yrs and in church also.I have a demo started and would like to proceed with my singing.I love all R&B music and that’s what I want to become. Please get back to me and I am also doing this for my two kids so they can have a better life..Thank you for your time

  254. lateef says:

    l have a artist who would love to audition for voice. can you send more info.

  255. janelcy hidalgo says:

    Hi my name is Janelcy im 11years old i have been singing for 5 years when i was 6 i was in love with the song alicia keys no one i sang it everyday i always had a passion for music in music class and chorus i would love to be on the voice music is my life!!!!!:)

  256. cher says:

    I’m not skinny and cannot sing …


    My brother is TRULY awesome!!!
    When and where are you having your next auditions?


  257. Angel says:

    hey my name is angel I am 13 years old and I love to sing. ever since I was little I have always been singing. Recently we just had a talent show at my school I sang in the arms of the angel and won first place I was very happy.

  258. lederic says:

    My name is,lederic and I would like to audition fir the voice i love to sing i love music period it is my life i would love the oppirtunity to show what i can do.

  259. Annie says:

    I am originally from Africa but I live in CA. I sing in church and have have been singing in church most of my life! I love your show, I see myself in your show so I would love love love to sing on your show!

  260. elmer says:

    hello im elmer i want to enjoi this program and i believe i have a talent and have always wanted to share it with others .

  261. abreyanna shealy says:

    Hi my name is Abreyanna and I am 14 years old. I like to sing all the time. Every time I sing I sing with my heart out and that’s y I want to sing for u guys so I luv y’all bye

  262. Sasha says:

    i have been singing sice i was a little girl i would sing and still do until someone shuts me up. But i will bring u something new i listen to alot of 60’s music so im sure i will be different ive always liked jazz. im 12 years old nearly 13 but i want to do something with my talent and hobby.i have to tell you i also write alot of songs if you have any auditions availible then please help me and tell me thaxs xx

  263. Corey Bullard says:

    Arf Arf! Hi! my name is Corey Bullard and I’m a 21 year old red tailed fox from southern California.
    My guitar is my only escape from this world I live in. I have been singing and playing for years. I have been neglecting my talents and losing my drive for it recently and now it’s time for a change. Between work stress and lack of time and energy I have been losing it but, now I’m ready to stand up. I have been writing songs like crazy. I want a chance to redeem myself in the world’s eyes and show everyone comedy and guitar playing could be played and enjoyed. I was in Improv all through high-school. I feel people should laugh, cry, sing along, anything to enjoy the moment. You’d be surprised what even a single smile could do for your whole day. I want to show people my work, all my work from funny to sappy. *wags tail* Just give me one second in front of a judge and I’ll make your jaws drop… or ears bleed, we”ll see. Thank you for listening! I hope I get the chance to sing for you and possibly fulfill my life long dreams and desires 🙂

  264. dev says:

    hi, I am dev, from kolkata, sir I want to perticipate in the voice, singing is my passion and my life also, I am singing since 7 years, sir please inform me about the audition date, time and place at mumbai,

    age – 28

  265. Jewel says:

    My family always was told that I missed my calling…should gone on a sining contest on t,v. long time ago. I Love to sing Gospel, love songs. This would be a dream come true for me. #makeithapen in ~2012~

  266. Miriam Fields says:

    Hi!I’m Miriam Fields. I’m 24 and I have been singing since i was about 5 years old. Ive been inspired by numerous of artists from hip hop (when i was a teenager) to country (which is my favorite to sing). Recently I have been thinking what I can do for the rest of my life, and then i thought “well i have been singing my whole life. Even whe I don’t think anyone can hear me” 🙂 I’d like very much to have a chance to at a music career. Thank you- Miriam

  267. Roy Winder. says:

    I know a girl in Williamsburg,Kentucky by the name of Marrisa Hendrick. I believe she would be perfect for The Voice. She is amazingly talented and blessed with such a wonderful voice.

  268. Raymond Herring says:

    Hi am am 11 years old and I sing gospel. i only got to sing on the stage 3 times and i hope that this time will be the best.

  269. Thelma Taylor says:

    Just want an opportunity to see if what I feel in the inside of me is recognized on the outside of me. An opportunity to get my voice out!!!!!

  270. amanda says:

    hi everyone Im amanda i was lead in our school productions and have always loved to sing my family has always been involved in music I would really be honored and give everything i can to just have a chance to be coached and give back to my family all they have given to me and my little boys would be able to see their dad giving his all to hopefully succeed please contact me

  271. genea droudis says:

    hi guys my name is genea im 40 and always been told you have a great voice so yeah why not give it a go, if i get in i get in if i dont i dont … atleast i tryed :O))

  272. genea droudis says:

    hi guys my name is genea im 40 years old and everytime im singing either at work or anywhere really all my friends say oh my you know you have a great voice and im like oh yeah really thx, so i thought you know why not give this a go i get in i get in i dont i dont … atleast i tryed …

  273. ALAN BURKS says:


  274. bhaRAT says:

    I have been singing all my life and I believe I have talent and have always wanted to share it with others.

  275. Dean lock says:

    hi everyone Im Dean i was lead in our school productions and have always loved to sing my family has always been involved in music I would really be honored and give everything i can to just have a chance to be coached and give back to my family all they have given to me and my little boys would be able to see their dad giving his all to hopefully succeed please contact me

  276. Emily Williamson says:

    Hi im Emily Rose Williamson i am currently in grade five i started singing when i was able to talk my first song was “i can sing a rainbow”. i would love to go on the voice i strongly believe i have the voice to win it.

  277. lisa nell says:

    I auditioned for the Voice in Chicago this spring. I was alittle dissapointed that I waited in line for 6 hours to have only one judge listen to me. He picked a girl that sang opera. Dont you feel that as a judge, if you are looking for a certain sound that in fairness we all should be seen by more than one opinion? Maybe you should have us go into three rooms of judges to get more feedback. Just a thought.

  278. mikale robinson says:

    my nane is mikale robinson singing has always been my passion in life and to be on a national stage such as the voice will give me the oppratunity to display what god has bless me to do, and that is sing.Thank you! for giving me the stage.

  279. tapanga hazzard says:

    hello my name is tapanga and I love to sing!!!! I have singing lessons every friday, practice every day for about 1-2 hours…and i know i got the stuff…that every recording artist wants…if someone would just give me a chance….by the way i’ve been in 1 play, 7 years in chorse and 1 year in a slected group called ensemble!!!!! please write back…if I only had one chance..that would be enough for me!!!!!

  280. kiara patterson says:

    Hi, my name is kiara. I am a Singer/songwriter and I’ve been singing since the 6th grade. I am currently in the 12th grade. Soon to be class of 2012. My dream is to become a full on entertainer,touring with the biggest stars. Sailing out venues all over the world. So I’m hoping you can start me on my journey to stardom. Please please choose me as a contestant. Thank you….muah.

  281. zeta says:

    hi my name is zeta im 10 years old and i want to be on the voice love u christina agulira

  282. Jaquceana Morris says:

    I am a great singer and i believe if i had someone to give me that chance. you would not be dissapointed. I know i have what it takes. This is something i thirst. I am hungry for it.

  283. Joseph says:

    I am 9 years old and i’m a good singer

  284. Anna Marie Villar says:

    I always dream to be a singer since my childhood days but I am a Filipino and I’m here in the Philippines.Is there any auditions here in our country?If there is not,how can i have an audition with you?I really wanna try..I’m very much interested to share my talent all over the world…

    Hope to hear from you soon.


  285. Jessica Trujillo says:

    I’m Jessica Trujillo. 13 years of age as well.. 🙂
    I’ve been sing for 7 years and this is what I wanna do for the rest of my life. I love singing anything R&B, Pop and Christian Contemperary.
    And I can’t think of anything better than doing this forever.

    I sing when I’m upset, happy, mad, or just for fun. I’m in love with the feeling of being on stage ♥. I deamed of being famous, to show others what I want to share with the world.

    And maybe, by being on The Voice, I can do that.. 🙂 ♥

  286. megan says:

    I really want to aution for the voice but how do i do it?

  287. Harley says:

    Im a 11years old and I really wanna be a singer and people always say im good but I dont know what do…

  288. Amanda says:

    I have been singing, dancing, acting since i could talk and walk. I am a single mother with 3 children. I have had a rough life. I want to give back t those with out and out. I love the lord whom guides and protects me. God is good. TLC to All

  289. Mitch Walking Elk says:

    I am interested in auditioning for the voice. I am a independent recording artist with six recordings to my credit and fifteen European tours. I can be seen performing with one song in particular performed very informal while on a book tour in March 2012 in Leipzig Germany, called Oh My My My. Thank You, Mitch Walking Elk

  290. Angel Cuz-Cooper says:

    My name is Angel from Adrian, Michigan. Singing has always been in my life when everything looked bad. I sing for comfort when I’m sad or hurting. This past year I’ve had some major health problems, and singing got me through my week stay at the hospital. The feeling I have when I sing is indescribable, it’s like time stops and the only thing that matters is that song at that time. Singing has been apart of my life from the time I learned to walk. Through highschool I’ve performed in musicals and the rush I get from the second I step onto stage to when I walk off is incredible. This oppurtunity means everything to me because all my life when people asked me what I wanted to be, I told them a singer. Everyone said the chances of someone from Adrian making it big is low and I should have a backup plan. I’d like to prove everyone wrong, and fulfill my dream. I know whatever I do, it’ll be with music. At least consider me for The Voice, you won’t be dissapointed ( :

  291. Cory Schroeder says:

    i am 29 and have been around music all my life. both of my grandpas were in bluegrass bands. music was passed down in the genetics & once i got to middle school i picked up the trumpet, guitar, drums, bass, & piano. along with singing, i have made music a part of my everyday life. i am now leading music at my church & today was actually the first day the urge came over me to want to audition. some of my influences would be dashboard confessional, switchfoot, or john mayer. i`m just throwing this out there but if God wants me in the music industry, i`ll hear back from you guys. I, my wife lindsay and 21 mo old son beckett thank you very much in advance! 🙂

  292. tapanga hazzard says:

    Hi,everyone…my names tapanga and I love to sing and show what I got…anyway I’ve been In chorus for seven years..been in two talent shows..and a advanced singing group for one year..And I will be doing a nysma solo in april….and I love the voice..and I just wanted to ask if even though I’m turning 12 in september if I could try out….And I’m very serious about this because I want to be a singer when I grow up as well as a lawyer and photograper…so plz write back or contact me….I love music and I want to show people that I’m good….plz don’t read this and think that i’m not ready because I was born ready…thank you for your time!!!!!!

  293. Carly&Courtlyn says:

    Hi this is Carly, and my best freind Courtlyn, we are both twelve year old country girls that never getta chance at anything the only time we have sang is at 5th grade graduation and the 5th grade talent show. I (Carly) have sang in the school Talent Show since 3rd grade, Courtlyn hasn’t but we are singing this year together. We were both wondering if we are old enough to be on The Voice, or even if it has age limits. We were also wondering if you might ever come near Ohio. We would very much appreciate if you would reply ASAP Please and Thank you! P.S. We LOVE Blake Shelton! LOL!! 😀

  294. Beryl Jene Quinlan says:

    Hi A dear friend of mine is interested in auditioning for The Voice. She is visiting me and I am in Southern CA.

  295. Susan Brooks says:

    Please listen to my 16 year old daughter sing this song, she has so much soul for a little white girl. Her music touches everyone.

    She is grounded, humble and beautiful.

  296. Mallory Adkins says:

    hi my name is mallory. i’m 14 years old. i’ve been singing since i was 3 years old and i never gave up and i never will. my dream is to be on the voice just so i can do something that i love the most in the whole wide world. that’s why i want to be on the voice. thank you so much. hope to see you guys soon. 🙂

    -Mallory Adkins

  297. Tiffany Owens says:

    Hi my name is Tiffany Owens, I am from Decatur,Al I love to sing all types of music and I would love to be on the voice to showcase my God given talent….. : )

  298. stoney stumpf says:

    Hi my name is Stoney Stumpf and I live in Minnesota, Pierz and I go to a deaf school in Faribault and I was wondering if my friend and I could give it a try singing on the voice and my friend name is Christina-Marie Langdon Larson and she has a wonderful voice and so do I. Ever since I’ve watched the show American Idol, I tried singing and have a good singing voice and now that I saw the Voice I was thinking of trying it out

  299. Claire says:

    Hi my name is claire and I am 11i live in the country and I never got a chance to sing to the worl my boyfriend said I should be on the voice so he sent me this website so I can send in this my boyfriends name is trevor and my friend desert said she will support me if I am ever on the voice what do I do

  300. Vivienne Lorraine Castillo says:

    My daughter is 20 years of age. Has sang all over the world w/ vocal coach Dr Dehner. Has a 41/2 octave level voice. Sings pop, rock, opera, 11 different . Needs the big break , Someone to hear her to give opportunity to let the world hear her. Need a talent agent, promoter or someone to take her to the top. Her all time dream is to sing for the win. Jess

  301. DORSHIA says:


  302. Muskan Sharma says:

    Hello there. My name is Muskan Sharma, you can call me Melly. Born and grew up here in Hong Kong. I’m a 50% Philippino and 50% Indian. Currently studying in Delia Memorial School (Hip Wo). I’m 14 and I just love singing. I sing and dance in church and i’m part of the school choir. I have a passion for singing, fell in love with it and always will. I remember when I was 6 and my dad was playing Beyonce’s song Crazy In Love and I fell in love with her. I told myself one day, I can be like her, maybe be myself. I sang ever since. Wrote a bunch of songs about my life and pretty much I share it by singing. Mostly, I’m never afraid to express myself. Sometimes, by letting all your feelings out is by singing. I’ve never been given a chance to sing on stage or anything. I feel like I’m not good enough. I just want to show the world every kid can sing. Doesn’t matter if you think you’re not good enough. Just sing it out and everything will be okay. I hope that you can give me a opportunity to do something I’ve been dreaming my whole life. Now I’m not going to wait for my future to happen, I’m going to make it happen and it starts here. This is what I want to do my whole life. Thanks 🙂

  303. Randy says:

    hello my name is Randy born and raised in douglas county mo. I have wrote all my own sound took know lessons i wanted to be differnt.

  304. floramie davis says:

    Hi!im FLORAMIE since i was 6years old i always join a amateur singing contest,and i always won..plz plz plz i really wnna join ur show…i am 25 years old born from philippines i am hr in US cus my husband is US ARMY…GOD BLESS and ill wait for ur reply…

  305. nikole carrasco says:

    i have been sing all my life i love singing more then anything when i in school i sing in my head and dont even know what the teacher saying to i finsh singing in my head when i saw your tv show i was like i can do it that i aways wanted to be a singer and i think it my chance i have a big but need some help and i think that u guys so plzzzzzzzzzzzzz and im 14.

  306. Jamie Mesquita says:

    I have been born for this. Inside myself I’ve always had a gift given to me and felt like nothing has ever been able to click just right with me unless it had something to do with music. when I sing i’ve been told its such an impact on my audience and I know what they say is true because I FEEL it inside myself when i am singing. I am right here and I am ready for just ONE chance. I know that’s all I need.

  307. Elijah Banaga says:

    I love music and always have, I grew up in a house full of musicians and singers and thats all I’ve ever known. I have a song and sound that I want to share with the world thats why I want to be on the voice.

  308. Amelia Robinson says:

    I just wanted to be given a chance to be heard. I want to be able to say, I did try my dream. I’m not going to say that i’m the best in the world or anything on that level. I have dependents depending on me, as a single parent. I don’t have anyone handing me anything in life. Just the support with life from a few loved ones. I sing from the heart. It is my special place I go to in my life. A person can hit rock bottom, but never loose faith.

  309. Elijah Lightfoot says:

    I have been singing since i was4 years old. I’m 14 now! I have performed army school and my friends say i have an amazing voice. I’ve been trying to do something with my talent for years and the voice seems right for me.

  310. SHERRY HARVEY says:


  311. Matt Hall says:

    Hi ! My name is Matt , I have loved to sing, and have anything to do with music since I was old enough to crawl into my dad’s bass drum and go to sleep, yes really !! My mom is my biggest fan and her continued support and believing in me makes me want to do everything I can to continue to make her proud. I know I have what it takes and iI am not afraid to work hard to reach my dream. I hope you will consider just giving me a chance… You won’t be disappointed . Thank-you very much in advance.

  312. Jerry Don O'Neal says:

    My name is Jerry Don O’Neal,i am 32 years old and i have been singing since i was 15, i am also an experienced rythym guitar player, and an experienced songwriter as well. I think this would be a great oppurtunity for me if given the chance, ive worked hard to be sucsessfull in this industry. I also have my own album entitled “That’s Just Me”. I just love to play and sing and i do not see myself doing anything else for a career! I also served 5 & 1/2 years in the U. S. Army as an Infantry soldier, with one tour in Iraq. Below are links to my website and youtube links of live performances. Thank you for your time and i greatly hope to be considered for an opportunity!!! Jerry Don

  313. Jennifer Hoinacki says:

    My name is Jennifer Hoinacki I am 32 yrs old I have a passion for all kinds of music. I love to write my own songs and sing daily. I have had an opportunity to sing for a Talent show in 2002 and come to California to sing in front of record producer but couldn’t afford the expenses to get me out there. So I made it through eliminations but was unable to come up with $2,000.00 to pay my way out there. I have been a singer and I participated in Solo & Esamble in High School I also was always given solo pieces in songs in my High School Choir classes. Just this past summer I auditioned for POP talent scouting and at the time my son who was age 4 was doing the modeling thing they could only choose one so I let them call back my son. Once again they wanted money for him to continue on a monthly basis I said forget it… I currenly am working full-time and a college student online studying for my Bachelor’s degree for in Criminal Justice and would love the opportunity to showcase my talent if nothing else just for the expierence of trying out for the show.

    Thanks so much and hope to hear from you soon

    Jennifer S. Hoinacki

  314. Al Mack says:

    I have an unusually strong voice with angelic melodies blended in every word i sing thats one way of discribing it another way would be if you blended barry white frank sinatra luther vandros and the clarity of nat king cole what would you not trying to bragg but im really trying to get notice by telling it like it is …you have to hear this voice

  315. Robin Oliver says:

    Please consider me to Audition for your TV Show *The Voice*. I, would love to sing for the Judges and Our Country and prove to everyone that I have what they are listening and looking for. This is my dream and I would love to share it with you. Thank You.

  316. jenniliz pantoja says:

    Hello i just want to be known! Theres nothing i’d rather do but sing! I need this chance,im in philly chacing a dream nd im not giving up neverrrrr;)

  317. casey says:

    i really am passionate about singing andiwuld love te oppurtunit to at least be able to have recognition…i know there re alot of people who sing beautifull…but i think i may have a chance also please listen 🙂

  318. Laura C. says:

    Let me first say hello to everyone. My name is Laura and I live with my husband who is in the USAF and our 5 year old son in Pinehurst, NC. I have been singing, starting off in church since I was about 6 years old. When I sing, I feel as though so much more is heard than if I were to only speak aloud. I have a voice to be heard and want to opportunity to share it with you.

  319. Emily says:

    Where do I start? I am 23 years old I have two daughters a 3 year old and 5 month old. I have bden siging my whole life well as far back as I can remeber. I had an audition for american idol but I gave it up to help my mom. Shw had got a divorce and ended up really sick they thought she was having heart failure and was unable for my little brother. I was his caregiver and as he will tell peoole his “dad”. Then me and my mom had a falling out when I had turned 17 I moved out on my own. I remeber she always wanted me to follow my dreams I had gave up on them cause I just didn’t believe anymore. Now with two little girls I want them to follow their dreams and in order to do that I need to set an examlpe. Music and writing poetry became my life whwn I was younger. I could go on for ever telling you why I am the voice but showing is what I am all about….. So please.give me a chance, a chance tio show my kids to never give up.on your dreams no matter how big the seem or how far out of reach they appear and a chance to make my mother proud of me again and a chance to provide a better life for my kids as a single mother and a full time student.

  320. Dawn Kaminski says:

    I have been singing since the age of 8 . I became really inspired by my mother, who would just spontaneously belt out with just, this amazing VOICE, you just can’t imagine. She just had this most amazing, theatricality, loudest ,shocking, truly ambitious height in pitch then dropping on a tone to end with this twist of raspy rhythmic Blythe that eats your interest to just,besides watching her perform like a star with sheer spuriousness facial energy. I’m a 46 year old. I wish, I was still able to say, its time for me to sing mom. Mom if I just get the chance to see TV? I’m doing this for you!! I Love you Jeannette Mary Sheehen Kaminski, Rip July 7, 2011 I wanna dedicate this for you….Your daughter Dawny You will always be my Star mom, I love you so much and miss you like crazy!!!

  321. Eddie James says:

    I love singing. I know that I am exactly what you are searching for. Give me a chance and I promise you that you will not be disappointed.

  322. sadara latrice johnosn says:

    hey i like to sing and i was woundering did yall no how to sign up for the voice and do videosssss i can sing reallll goood

  323. karamoko wysinger says:

    I’m 17 years old and i have a passion for singing. All my life i have been forced to focus more on school more so than my music when i sing it opens up a new world for me one i want to share with others singing is the one time i can truly be a genius.

  324. Lynita Fisher says:

    My name is Lynita (La.nee.ta) I LOVE to sing. Music is my world. iplay guitar, sing, play piano, and dance. I find every way of life to use music. I’ve been singing since iwas 7 years old. i have multiple videos on youtube. It has been my dream to make music my career. SOme of my inspirations are alicia keys, christina aguilera and beyonce. i look up to them they have BEAUTIFUL voices and can sing all types of music. to be on the voice for me would be a dream come true.

  325. quneshia says:

    Hey my name is quneshia scence i was little i been dreaming of becoming a famous singer soo i would really love to be on here im from Houston Texas om 15 years old i was born july 11th 1996 and my dad really would love meh to do dis and my mom would have too she past away when i was teen about to turn eleven and i would love to do this for my mom

  326. Ray Graham says:

    Hi i’m 38 and have four boys i have a karaoke show where i sing when no one wants to i have been in bands scince i was 14 and just want a shot i would love to sing for your judges to see what they think and so my boy’s can see daddy on T.V. and who knows i may be chosen. thank you for your time

  327. Stacy says:

    my name is stacy wiggins. i really would love information on how could i get instruction about auditions . it would be a honor if i could have the oppurtunity to help my boyfriend follow his dreams . you can see some of his videos on his channel jeezey1 . thank u

  328. Nesha Borrero says:

    In this world full of talent, all I can do is ask. Someone please give a chance. No words will differentiate me from all the rest of the dreamers. Pick me for this lotto. Thank you.

  329. Erica LaShaun Curry says:

    I’m a mother of three & spend most of my spare time singing in the shower or while doing dishes. My friends all love my voice. okay I’m being modest. But I love music. Kind of having a hard time getting my voice heard with my finances. I also write and like to play around with creating instrumentals. If given the chance I feel I would not be a disappointment. Just want my chance to shine and give my kids happier lives.

  330. Brandice Nicole Alexander says:

    Hi, my name is Brandice Nicole! I’m a 32 year old mother of two from Albany, NY. I’ve had a passion for singing since I was a little girl, and a talent for it since I was 16, when I was selected for Chamber Singers in High School, where I also did the Musicals “Hello Dolly” and “The Music Man.” The one thing that has held me back all these years is my self-image. I’m a plus sized woman, and have a low self-esteem because of that. I have confidence in my voice, no doubt! My friends and family believe in me so much! My mother is my biggest fan, and my harshest critic! Currently, I sing at my church and am looking into recording a demo. I would love an opportunity to show you what I’ve got!! Peace & Love 🙂

  331. Stephanie Marlow turuk says:

    ” He

  332. Martin Bell says:

    Hi i have had some success in the UK and hopefully you will consider a white soul slinger from London… Cheers Martin Bell

  333. danielle says:

    My dream has always been to be a singer ever since I was little. I want to prove to people that I can do something with my life. I have a daughter and I want to sing for her. If you take the chance of hearing me sing im positive you wont regret it. Thank you for the oppertunity.

  334. demond walker says:

    Hi my name is Demond walker from Brookhaven Mississippi. For Years i have been wanting to sing on a beautiful stage here a crowd response after the last note is sung and just touch the lives of others throught music, and I KNOW people get on here and say they have what it takes. But i really do and i am a hard worker and will put my all into it thanks for reading demond walker

  335. Mary Vella says:

    I should be considered because I have “the voice”. Its airy, strong, and has a blues feel. Amy Winehouse, Adele and John Mayer are my inspirations. Im 23 years old. Just recently I came out of a dark part of my young life. As soon as I came out of it this year doors just started opening for me to start singing in a professional studio. These opportunities have just fallen in place for me once I came out of the dark. My passion to sing and creativity came alive. Others believed in me when I didn’t believe in myself. Now, I believe in me. My passion and drive to sing is stronger than ever.The best feeling is singing and seeing the faces of others after. Its like I captured them and made them feel a high from my voice. I do need some coaching and I have alot to learn… but my singing voice that ive been blessed with will speak louder than typing here.

  336. Joel Reyerson says:

    I should be considered because Im 200% sure I can win. Thank you for your concideration. Sincerely, Joel Reyerson(509)200-2514

  337. kaliy says:


  338. Rachel Anderson says:

    I love singing and making music. I’ve been singing since I was in kindergarten (freshman now). I always tell my parents that I want to be a singer, but they say that yes I’m good, but there are already to many singers I that I won’t make it. So I want to prove them wrong by winning singing contests.

  339. Kathy Milan says:

    I should be considered because I have an anointing that God has blessed me with. I want as many people as possible to receive this wonderful gift that I have so that they may also be blessed.

  340. Brianna Barlow says:

    Heyy 🙂 How are you ? My name is Brianna , I am 20 years old. I am currently a student at Jwu in Providence Rhodeisland. I have been singing since the day I could pronounce full words lol. I have also proformed at many shows through out my life and I was lead vocal in several bands :). I am a alto/ saprono /tenor mix . I know werid right lol. I think I should be considered because I have amazing personality and voice to go with it .:D I really hope to you chose me 🙂 you deff won’t regret it 🙂

  341. Lindsey Costanzo says:

    Singing is my life.

  342. Sarah Jones says:

    Always wanted a chance like this. If given, I will not disappoint. Thank you

  343. Lisa Mercer says:

    I feel like I should be considered for the voice because I love singing! I feel like I can sing different kinds of music, but my passion is with Country Music. I am Hispanic and lots of people are surprised to hear that my preference is country, but music knows NO color. I’ve sang in my family band for years and its a Tejano Band which the majority that I sing is Spanish like Selena Style. But we also sing variety of old school, country, oldies, etc. I also sing every Sunday at church and Love to Praise GOD with my voice. I take care ofmy daughter who has a disability, it’s called Spina Bifida and she is my biggest fan! She hasnerve damage from the hips down and is in a wheelchair. I’ve alwYs taught her that you can do anything no matter what if you put your mind to it! She is 12 years old and through her Awesome 12 years she has done Cheerleading, dance, jazz, ballet, hip hop and has went for anything she wants to do without hesitation! And even does it now in the wheelchair! Nothing holds her back! She has truly been my Inspiration and has given me the confidence to write to the Voice to tell you that I can do it!!! I want to show my daughter that through the years when I should be teaching her, she has actually taught me! She is my HERO!

  344. Anodjah Spillman says:

    My Names Anodjah Alise Spillman, im 15 And I cant really give you a reason why i should be consided i can only explain my reasonings why, not trying to put myself down ive been through a lot but still hard times and all ive never gave up, i’ve been singing since i was 8 in church and in school, i always got the solo parts because im really not afraid to let people hear my voice god gave it to me to share with the world and that’s all i want to do.
    Love, Anodjah

  345. Lloyd Shaffer says:

    im 45 and its time i do this , hold on to your country hat

  346. VATSAL UPADHYAY says:

    I have been singing in church leading our choir at the age of 12.This has always been my and my mother’s dream.My grandmother died when I was thirteen and she would always say,Baby you’re gonna make it.I know she is still watching over me.


  347. Arnold Hauserman says:

    i love singing for the fact that I love spreading joy with my voice. I feel that if I can give joy to someone for a moment, that gives me joy. thank you.

  348. sonia says:

    hii my self sonia vohra .
    i m a house wife i want to show mt talent to india

  349. jade cook says:

    hi i am jade cook i am 16 and i love singing so much its like my life i have alway sung in like talent show things and i would just like a chance to sing infront of a audience and just get to do what i love …

  350. J'mara Conley says:

    hi i am J’mara Conley i am 17 years old i have been singing since i was 5 and i love the feeling of singing in front of thousands i always feel loved. My dream is to sing until there is no more singing left in me.

  351. samantha says:

    Hello, I was wondering if there are auditons for the voice in Australia and how old you have to be to auditon. thanks

  352. Ernesto Jackson says:

    I can sing, i am on youtube just one video soo ya. i am under ernie@riorancho watch the video see if you like it and if you do you might me. thanks for your time.

  353. Emanuel says:

    I am 59 years old and have been persuing a singing career most of my life. I have performed with many bands and also show groups. I love to see other people happy when I am performing.
    I am confident that I have what it takes to make it on AGT.

  354. Kendra young says:

    I believe I should be chosen b/c I know I have a voice. I will be 24 in oct and have been singing since I was 8. I was in all choirs throughout all my school years. And have done many competetions. I have also sang the national anthem for spurs basketball game 2 yrs in a row with a handful of kids. Ive been told several times to try out for the voice. and this year Im going to do it. 🙂

    thank you for reading.

  355. Adrianna Smith says:

    hi my name is adrianna i have been singing since i was 5 and im 12 now turning 13 next year on june 10th i really want to be on “the voice” cause i love singing.

    -adrianna smith

  356. jailene crespo says:

    I am 13 and i know i am young but I think i should be considered because singing has always been a passion of mine, I think an opportunity like this would be a dream for me I have always been told i can sing but just never really had the money to do much. I just know for a fact that if you would choose me i know you wouldn’t regret it i promise you i hope you do end up giving me a change cause you will be blown away.

  357. Gina Renee' says:

    This is something that I’ve wanted my whole life. Music has had such an influence in my life and I can only hope to be that influence for someone else someday!

  358. Justin says:

    I have been singing ever sense I can remember. I never thought of having a talented voice until I joined choir at a young age and my vocal teacher told me that I have one of the best voices that she has ever heard. Once I heard that I began to enter auditions for certain musical events and at those events I would get told the same thing be spectators. Music has always been my passion, now I just need my shot to prove to America and myself that I can be “The Voice”. It hasn’t been an easy rode for me as I was put under the knife for heart surgery about seven months ago and the same week of my heart surgery my brother was in a horrific car accident in which his girlfriend of four years died. My brother and I both survived our tragedies, but at the same time it made me wonder what my purpose is in life. I believe that purpose may be to share my gift, my voice, with the world and I made a promise to myself that I won’t give up until I do.

  359. Karen Hayes says:

    I’m 46 years old, I’ve been singing since the age of 6 my first solo was in the church choir. My dad was one of the best singers 2me when I was a little girl. I know I have a gift that God gave me and I know I have a voice and I think the world needs to hear it


  360. listyn says:

    I am 22 years old I have a crazy wonderful two year old son and a fabulous husband. I have been singing my whole life in choirs, muscles, some compositions everyday in and out of the house in the grocery stores and have loved every moment.I even sing karaoke on Friday nights with my beautiful mother (who owns the karaoke business) just to get out and sing in public and have fun. through these experiences I have been approached by many people saying that I should really get out there and do it for real but I have never really had the opportunity because two year old’s can be a tad bit of a handful, if you know what I mean. I love my life as wife and mother but there are just not many options while being a stay at home mom. Singing to me is more of a lifestyle than just an activity for here and there, it is another way to communicate and define your emotion. So, I believe this would really be the opportunity of a lifetime if I had this chance to show who I am and to do what what I love.
    Thank you,

  361. Teniya Forward says:

    I have been singing in church leading our choir at the age of 12.This has always been my and my mother’s dream.My grandmother died when I was thirteen and she would always say,Baby you’re gonna make it.I know she is still watching over me.

  362. Christa says:

    I feel that I should be considered for The Voice because I know I got what it takes to be a singer. I just want one chance to show others my talent. I have dreamed all my life of being a singer, and I do not plan to quit until I get my dream fulfilled. If I’m not chosen, I will humbly walk away, but all I want and need is ONE opportunity.

  363. amos williams says:

    I have grew up singing in church I am now 17 years old I go by the name of a.w. smooth for many years my family struggled to make ends meet with 5 kids in the house my mom Is a single parent who has done all she can for our family I try each and every day to help my mom so she don’t have to stand alone I want to show her and prove to her she did a amazing job with our family

  364. erin says:

    I’m not going to make a speach about why I feel like this is for me. This is one of those things that if you really feel confident in yourself and you know your good…you can’t really speal about yourself and your talent in a paragraph. You really just want to prove it.

  365. Rickardo Azeem says:

    Hello Everyone my name is Ricky Azeem & I love to sing iv always loved music & don’t think I can live without it people ask if iv took singing lessons? I tell them no I’m gifted & I thank god for that I believe that music heals the soul & puts ur mind at ez I wake up singing man I can’t help that I love music so much I used to be shy bc of criticism but iv learned that we are our own biggest critics & I’m ready to share my gift with the world .

  366. Giancarlo says:

    Hi my name is Giancarlo I’m ten years old and I want to go on The Voice so I can show you that kids can sing.

  367. javon martin says:

    i should be considered for the voice because my voice is unique,i have the ability to wrie songs,sing accapello,singing has always been a passion of mine. i have won several talent hows in the United States and South Korea.I’m a veteran of the active military service and I’m 29 years old. i sing all genres of music but prefer rnb, neo soul.the most important thing about i really want and need professional opinion and help

  368. kathryn mulkern says:

    I live in portland maine i have been singing my whole life, i took professional lessons for over 10 yrs. I have worked in the medical field for a very long time and pushed my dreams of becomming a singer because i love taking care of people. I sing at weddings and funerals i never ask for money its something i enjoy and love making people happy. The doctors i work for told me something that has stuck out to me and that is i spend my whole life making other people happy this is the one thing that makes me happy i should go for my dream it is something i have always wanted and would love the oppurtunity to prove to you that i have what it takes i put 110% with my patients i talk to everyday i would put 150% just for a chance…..

  369. Daniel says:

    I got drunk 2 years ago at Karaoke night with some friends and after years of wanting to sing I actually gave it a shot. After I got done the house went nuts, which for me was really awkward. I handed the mic to the guy running the show and sat down. My friends started telling me that I was awesome, but I just thought they were givin me S since I was a bit trashed. Seconds later the guy running the show came up to me and said “That was awesome man, I put you in the contest, how long have you been singing?” after not knowing what to say and wondering if it was real or BS I went out a few more times and I started entering other contests and had a lot of success. I had even won concert tickets and qualified for a regional contest(not sure if thats spelled right… and if it was I would second guess it anyways, lol) that was held in South Dakota, which was the the top 15 from each of the 4 surrounding states(not 100% sure on that but sounds right) I have been writing music since I was a kid but I never was a front man, it was always Guitar and Synth and when I first tried to sing people told me it was not good at all. Now I get comments at every place I go and I actually like my voice… but I have higher hopes then whats offered at a bar. I wish I wouldve figured out that I have a voice 10 years earlier.

  370. Brittany Patrick says:

    Music means so much to me. I love to sing. It’s my passion. Music and singing helped pull me out of depression and helped me through one of the hardest and most trying times of my life. I would love an opportunity to show my gift and be able to use my music to help someone else in need.

  371. Paula Carlson says:

    When first reading this, I asked myself this question, and asked it of my husband. His response ‘Cause you’re the…’,well, I can’t use that word here. There are children who read this. It made me laugh at least, but I am not nearly so brasen as to call myself the ‘bomb’ or what have you. I am a 39 year old female vocalist/writer/ that order, and the only answer I can come up with to this question is because it is what I was born to do. Much as I have tried to deny at times in my life due to either financial struggles or whatever other obstacle life has thrown at me that week/month, it simply IS who I am. I am a performer. I love the audience, I love their response and knowing that somehow, what I have just done on that stage has touched them in a way, be it a reminder of a good memory or bad. I HAVE to do this, or I am denying myself who and what I am yet again. That is why I should be considered, and it would truly be an honor.

  372. Keana Ison says:

    Hello,(: My names Keana Dee Ison. I just turned 14 on August 19th and I live in Milan, Indiana. I have a huge dream in singing. I want to prove to all the people who say i can’t, I can. I also want to prove to everyone who beieves in me, I can. My friends and familyy support me so much and everyone i sing to tells me I’m gonna be something big. I want to be able to go on a stage and sing my heart out to everyone. I’ve tried out for Americas Got Talent but didn’t make it very far, but it was okay because it only made me stronger and work harder. I have very low confidence, but when i sing, I feel like the biggest person ever. Singing, calms me down when i’m upset and it makes me feel like the biggest person in the world. For once in my life, I want to be able to feel that all the time! I want to be able to show everyone that I will not give up! I promise if you pick me, I will give it my all. If you don’t choose me, I’m not going to give up because singing has made me who I am today and has made me very strong. Thanks, (: ~Keana Dee(:~

  373. Trey jackson says:

    hi my name is Trey jackson im 14yrs old and I want to audition for this show. I’ve been singing since I was 3yrs old and been dieting to be on tv….

  374. Lexi says:

    My name is Lexi and im 14, I have been singing since I was very young! I sing everyday because i know if i practice i will go far with my singing. I have always wanted to sing in front of famous and popular singers and to hear their feedback on my singing. My friends and their parents always tell me I should tryout for idol or for the voice and I have finally decided to tryout. I really hope you consider me as a candidate. If you don’t i will continue to keep trying

  375. Colleen says:

    Everyone, since I was a child, has always said I have talent, but I cannot play an instrument, which has always been my setback. I sing, and I write songs, old school style, like Billie Holiday, Connie Francis, and Skeeter Davis. Also, some belting blues. I love singing jazz and blues,, but am not very versed in the original artists. I have recorded a couple demos, and have had people interested in me, but not being able to play an instrument really is a downfall. I do not have a pop star look, so this show really interests me. My other problem, is that I get really nervous singing in front of large groups. But as far as the voice alone goes, I definitely have what it takes.

  376. denisha says:

    i should try out cause it has been my dream to be a singer and i want my dream to come true i am 14 and i love to have fun but com’on singing is my life.

  377. shandrika Davies says:

    I came to the auditions in Houston and arrived at 6:05 and wasn’t allowed to audition but the local news stated that we had until 8 pm. I have been singing since I was three and think I really have a chance at becoming the Voice.

  378. Raquel says:

    I believe to be considered would be an awesome opportunity to meet other talented singers who have been peformers, but never really had such an opportunity to be seen by millions of people. It really IS about the VOICE. There are so many talented people in the world..some active musicians making their lives fulfilled and others making it big like LADY GAGA. Its a tough business but when a show like this comes along – why not? I would be seen by millions and sharing my voice with the world. It would be such an sweome experience as this is a part of my journey.

  379. Nikki says:

    I would love to be considered for The Voice. My passion is singing and I feel like I’ve never really given myself the chance to let my voice out. I sang in Choir throughout middle school and High school, always was a soloist too. I’m a soprano 1 and I can hit some really good high notes. Being discovered is my dream, but living in this small town I live in…is almost impossible. Thank God for this show and the things you guys do for people! Much love!

  380. Lulu says:

    Would you consider an audition from across the waters? I’m an Australian singer who would LOVE the chance to showcase my voice on the most innovative and exciting new show to hit reality tv talent shows in a long time!!

  381. Olley says:

    I also agree with some other post I have read about other shows such as American Idol in which I went all the way to Denver to audition for just to be told I am to old…talking about being if people stop dreaming at the age of 29…I also auditioned for Americas Got Talent to be told I sound like Jamie Foxx…understandable…though I plan on auditioning again and again until somebody gives me a shot

  382. Olley says:

    I have been singing since I was seven..its where my heart lies…its how I deal with and express my emotions…all I am after is one chance to give everyone what I have held in for so long

    • Lanaa Kea says:

      I been singing ever since I could walk and talk it a passion of mine…..I always have that 1 person that told me shut up I can’t sing but until this day I am still singing I hope and dream to be signed one day start my career at a young age.

  383. zandalee says:

    I have always had a passion to sing but always held back from sharing
    my voice with everyone out there! But i have now decided to raise my voice! Since i have had a very near death experience i now realise this life can leave us any day and my biggest regret would have been never having the chance to share with the world something i hold dearly to my heart. Singing for meIsn’t just about being good at it or selling a record its more so about getting my story out there so ppl can relate to my lyrics and for five minutes you too can feel less alone in the world. To make my lyrics believable and to believe them is a true passion of mine 🙂

  384. Careyl Mitchell says:

    I have enjoyed the first season on NBC. This audition would be the opportunity that I have been hoping for to sport my vocal and performance ability. I have been a singer for many years. I have written, recorded, and produced an independent CD project, featuring my talents. I would like for professionals to have a look, and to select me for the critique. I need the exposure and opportunity to sing professionally before a live TV audience. This would be a dream come true. I look forward to hearing from NBC’s The Voice for an invitation.

  385. Elbert says:

    The names elbert,im 22,frm the music capital “Austin Tx” Ive been singing for many years n0w! I did idol 2yrs ago felt like it was a waste 0f time,the producers didnt pay attention to the ppl sing & didnt give me a chance,which crushed me,didnt do idol in my home twn this year,just didnt thnk it would happen,anyhoo,im a really good singer with a big dream & would love to have that chance 0n the voice to show u what i got,i got a big voice & ahh i just wanna get my chance! Would mean the world to me,if i dnt get chosen,its 0k,ill still keep continuing,plz make my my dreams come true 🙂 thnx

    • Rachel Lombardi says:

      hi the Voice! My name is Rachel stage name Rachel Rose and I have extraordinary talent!! Witch really really needs to be heard! The only shot I have is the Voice now! As I’m getting older I’m 37! I know that I have My Golden Opportunity with the Voice! Only problem is The closest audition city to me is Atlanta Georgia! And I’m all the way in Florida! I already have my audition set up for march 17th with no way to get there!! Is there anyone that is going to audition at the same time as me that would take me!! I really really know I have the Voice Rachel Rose

  386. Eric Stephen Brown says:

    Very Simple. I could write you 10’000 words of why I should be on… however that is just a waste of time. I can flat out sing better than anyone who posts on this forum. It’s you loss of an extreme amount of revenue if you don’t accept me on your TV Show “The Voice” Thank you! Kind Regards!

    Eric Stephen Brown
    The Ultimate Baddass
    Better than Bill Gates himself

  387. Dakotah Garner says:

    Hi my name is Dakotah Garner I’ve always wanted to b a singer ever since i first heard Tim McGraw on the radio when i was little i just got back into singing during my freshman year in high school and i’ve been wanting to get out there but getting on my feet isn’t easy my girlfriend says i should at least try and see what happens and she’s right…she says i’m good and i always sing to her but i’ve gotten to where i want to sing to the world…i live on a form just try’n to make through everyday life not to long ago i had gotten into a car accident with my two little brothers, my girlfriend, me, and my mom…we were taking my brother to the hospital cause he was having an azma attack and my mom was going 90 mph when she flipped the van…none of us was wearing our seatbelts but we all didn’t get hurt to bad after that my mom lost it a few weeks later she diowned me and my girlfriend and dosen’t want anything to do with me and now my girlfriend (which is soon to be my wife…) is all the family i have left and i just want a shot and follow one of my dreams to become a singer, so yes i believe that i can be that voice that everyones looking for…

  388. Ellie kaye says:

    I’m 18 and ready to start my career. I simply love to sing, and I want to learn from the best. A string of events in my life got me off track, but I have found my voice again and am more determined than ever to sing.

  389. Kaitlyn Clarke says:

    Hi i’m Kaitlyn Clarke and I’m 13..i live in mayo and I’ve been singing nearly all my life..and so many people tell me i will get so far…i also play the guitar…i hope to prove to the people who believe in me that i can do this..and that i am willing to learn and not disappoint them!! when people look at me sing i can see their faces just light up and i know then i’m well able to do this and have the confidence….i have entered so many competitions and got very far but not all the way.. i would really like an application form to become the new ‘voice’ and represent MAYO…this is a one and i life time opportunity for me! I hope you will give me a chance to see what I can please don’t over look me..and I will give it my all! 🙂

  390. Pecos Cruz says:

    Howdy partners I am Pecos cruz The rican Cowboy! I have always loved music of all genres and i am constantly singing every day! Its what i love to do and i would love to keep doing it but at a higher level where i can reach the Masses. What i love about the show is that its not how you look but the talent that you possess that gets you thru. I also like that there is no age limited as i am 46 years of age other shows i would be a relic, A dinosuaur but not on the Voice where i can make my dreams come true. Thank you!

  391. Lauren Pletscher says:

    My name is Lauren and I am 12 years old. I have been singing ever since I can remember. I have always been a little shy, but I am just starting to perform in public competitions. Everyone is so nice and encouraging when they hear me sing and it makes me want to keep it up! I could really use the coaches advice on how to be comfortable with my performance, not just my voice. Please consider me for auditions and please check out my youtube channel, key word : Lauren Pletscher
    Thank you so much!!!!

  392. Brittni Campbell says:

    I love to sing!! I pratice singing everyday and someday I would like to show the world I can do this !

  393. aoife scally says:

    basically im 13 , Singing and music is MY LIFE ! . i know everyone might say that but only some people really mean it , im extremely passionate and i play piano flute tin whistle i dance act play street bins and of coarse my favourite thing is sing, ive LOVE the oppertunity to prove my talent and even just let people hear me, my dream is not to be famous just to be heard

  394. Timiethea Delaney says:

    God has truly blessed me with the talent to sing. I am also a song writer and currently I have four CD’s in circulation throughout the world. My passion for music is one only obtained from a higher power. I believe that I would enhance the already professional industry of music. This is my opportunity, Thanks.

  395. Dwayne Halbert says:

    I feel like I should be considered because I am 14-yrs-old and I am willing to learn from the coach’s how to be a great entertainer. I am very versatile I sing, dance, play and am
    still learning guitar, & piano. When I look at myself I see a person who wants to make people’s faces light up like michael jackson. Please don’t look over me because of my age, I think you will be very pleased with what you hear just please give me a chance.

  396. Kelsey Best says:

    I just want the opportunity to do something I love for the rest of my life.

  397. rochelle norris says:

    I have always been a singer. was raised to be one. I kinda lost my way, wound up having a child, but now I am ready to show the world just what i can do.

  398. Angela King says:

    I just want sing…Love to sing..I can sing and it alway’s makes me feel better when I’m having a bad day when I’m on stage that’s when i feel at home it is so wonderful to have a show like this were the cut off age is not 26..Thanks

  399. theresa molina says:

    I want to tryout for the voice because i am asinger songwriter and thats all ive ever known im 29 and am a veteran of the US NAVY Ive lived always knowing i wanted to sing i love music and hold a special place in my heart it means soooo very much to me picks me up when im low it help me when im in control also when times or bad or im feelin sad just turn on some muusic and it makes me feel good i love to dance and overall love to perform so i think i wuld be a perfect canidate to compete and possibly when the voice!!!

  400. Michaela Valo says:

    Everyone gives the anwser that they have dreamed of being famous and being in the music business since they were children, with me that is not even close to the case. I have never really dreamed of making it big but just doing something I love for the rest of my life. Music is always been something that I could do when I’m sad or happy. That is why I think trying out for the voice would be a once in a lifetime oppurtunity… You get to do something you love that brings a smile to not only your face but to those around you.

  401. Gavonnie Burton says:

    i think i should be considered,because i worked so hard to reach my dreams of becoming a singer.and to bring people love,also the joy of music and something new to the table.

  402. Mackenzie Sirmans says:

    Hi! My name is Mackenzie Sirmans. I am from the small town of Douglas, GA! I believe that i should be chosen for The Voice Casting Call because I deserve the chance to show America that you don’t have to have the perfect “look” to have the perfect VOICE! My passion for music started as soon as I could talk. I was given the glorious gift of being able to sing. On stage, I will become anyone i want to be. I sing Rock, Pop, Country, Classical, and many other genres with ease. It just comes natural to me. I could go on and on trying to get you to understand how I sing but you will never know until i get that chance to stand on a stage and show off MY VOICE to THE VOICE! This is my once in a lifetime chance to show America that a small town girl from nowhere GA with a big voice and a big heart can have what it takes to become THE Voice!

  403. VIV EDWARDS says:

    if i lived in the states i would definitely give this ago as its all about the voice not about what you see when i walk into the room… i have the voice…but i am from Australia i wonder if we have this opportunity
    here.. we def see the show comin to our lounge room screens here. I like this Idea


  404. tomorrow b says:

    Well, Bcuz I can sing my behind off!!!!!! I can sing ANYTHING!!!! I’m Not conceited just that darn GOOD!!!!!!! Give me a try!! God Bless 🙂

  405. Jacqueline Hynes says:

    I am 13 years old. I have been singing since I was about 4. Christina Aguilera has been my idol for I don’t even know how long. It would be great to see her if I auditioned for the voice.

  406. DIXIE CONNER says:

    I have to tell you about my brother…Brad Sayre he is an animal there isn’t a song in this world he can not nail! He writes songs and music as well. There was a show once upon a time called Nashville Star and there was a brother and sister who went on to be the last two standing.. I think he and I could do that very same thing. Although Brad blows me away!!! Chris Young has his toughest competion sitting right here in the tiny town named Mt. Gilead Ohio!!! You have to hear him to believe it. This man is
    A M A Z I N G I DOUBLE DOG DARE YOU to check him out, I sware on my life you will not regret it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Love, Dixie

  407. DIXIE CONNER says:

    Hi, I think that I should be considered for The Voice because for one I love Blake Sheldon, lol Also because singing has been a major part of my life as a kid music took me away from my reality. I used to think, “Man if I could just find a way for WY to hear me sing, she would fire her mom and hire me”! Lol However I do love Naomi too.. Please consider atleast hearing one song and I will be FOREVER GREATFUL
    Lots a love, Dixie

  408. TA`Chara McIntyre says:

    I’m 16 years old and singing is my passion. I want to be successful and I just want to share my talents with the world. It would mean so much to me if I were to get the chance to be on the show.

  409. Laurence says:

    might be my last chance to express what might is my biggest talent. always put others before me. I was told that i had talent in visiual art, but much much more in music……

  410. franklin says:

    i should be considered because i got a lot of love,a lot of passion and the voice of the heaven that should be showcast

  411. franklin says:

    i should be considered, because i got too much love, a lot off passion, and a whole lot of voice that needs showcast……….

  412. Calvin Gay says:

    I’m a unique person with a unique voice I’ve been singing in church all my life and now its time for me to take it to the world to sooth heal and bring hope to the downtrotten that’s why I should be considered for the singing show the voice

  413. Mandie Biggs says:

    I’m a young, ambitious girl who is willing to do what it takes. I’m 19 years old and ive been singing since I was 5. I can sing alternative, country, hip hop, and soul. I aim to please and feel like I’m worth the risk. I just need a chance (:

  414. Emmanuel says:

    I have been singing since I was about four years old. My father told me that since the first time he heard his son sing he knew I had a natural gift given to me by god. I thank god and my parents for showing me and helping me develop something special to me. I never tell people I can sing. If they ask me if I can sing I like to tell people you be the judge and let me know if I can. I would just like the oppurtunity to show people what I can do and what I love to do. I’ll let you be the judge if I can or can’t. Thank you for your time.

  415. David DeVries says:

    Okay, so im not sure how this all works or if these comments are looked at and make any difference. I speak for a lot of people in a couple of small little towns an hour south of chicago when I say this, we have a beautiful and very ambitious young women that is your average karakoe/recreational singer! But the voice that comes out of this girl is above and beyond average, it is a goose bump, bring a tear to your eye voice! And from watching the previous season and listening to her sing, the voice would be lucky to have her on the show. Nothing against the past cast, they were very talented as well. If these auditions are her chance for the world to be exposed to this beautiful voice, you will here this from me again! I’ll be they guy saying, “I told you so”! Go get ’em Kimmy!

  416. Andreya Lee says:

    i love singing, ive been in acting, commercials, and choirs my whole life. singing is a passion for me. singing is life to me, and i love it so much. i honestly cant wait to do something like this. i cant wait for my voice to be heard and be picked as “The Voice” =)

  417. Daniel Tierney says:

    I have a passion and love for singing.I have been singing my whole life. I feel like I have a great voice and people tell me it also. I have been in numerous bands and love performing. Singing is what I’ve always wanted to do and hoping to showcase on the voice.

  418. Justine Palmer says:

    I have been singing all of my life. It is my passion! I have 12 years experience in a band. I have 8 years experience acting, dancing, and choreographing drama’s on stage. I have had a very tough road to where I am today. But I am pushing through to begin my life again. I have no $, although it would be a nice perk, lol, but the joy that the stage brings to me is what keeps me going in life. I believe I can bring not only stage presentation, but creativity and tallent as well. I just need a chance. So I’m taking it now. I look forward to auditioning in Atlanta for the 2012 session. I beleive that I am a gift in the making to the Music industry! Please accept my audition. .. Justine

  419. Geanina White says:

    Iv Been Singing since i was a little girl and i Have always wanted to get my career out of singing but when i try to audition for any of the TV shows my Parents Think i wont make it and they dont want to see me get embarrassed if I screw up which i understand their feelings. But i know i can do it. I am a great singer i was in choir all threw middle school and high school and i was always picked to be a lead singer for everything.

  420. Tony Graham says:

    I am a single father that has been chasing this dream as a singer and songwriter for 15 years. I have gotten close to fulfilling that dream a time or two. I have two wonderful full-length CD’s and am working on a third. I have three reasons why I want to be on The Voice. The first is for my 5 yr old daughter Rozlynn; I am doing it for her future and education. The second is because I sing at a professional level and so wish for the chance to share my gift in a professional light. And third, because this is what I do and I truly believe that you folks have got something extremely cool and unique going on here, so here I am. I live in a very small forested community on Mt Hood in Oregon. I would love to have the opportunity to break out and sing for the world.

  421. Chris Pacheco says:

    Hello im Chris and would love to be on your show.

  422. Alyssa stone says:

    So excited!!

  423. Javona says:

    i would love to try out i can sing and write

  424. KEV.O says:


    I am an unsigned artist based in Atlanta, GA, and I’m interested in information on auditioning for the next season for The Voice. I was completely blown away and ignited as an artist by the first season, and I somehow feel like this competition is a perfect fit for me!



  425. Dorys Vazquez says:

    Let’s see… Why should my voice be heard? I will be the first to admit, as far as range goes, I don’t have it. I think I’m a pretty soulful singer and I sing from my heart without having to scream notes from the top of my lungs. Growing up I always felt self-conscience about my voice simply because I was a lower alto and I always admired sopranos. No one in the crowd ever cheered when an alto belted out the highest note they could sing. It was always those high C’s and that made the audience go crazy. It wasn’t until I joined musical theatre that I found out my voice was worth anything. Why should I be on the voice? It’s quite simple really. I want to show people that you don’t have to have the most range to show you have a beautiful voice.

  426. sarah shaw says:

    I would like to know how and when to audition

  427. Marla Layton says:

    I look forward to learning how to audition for The Voice for the 2012 season. Thanks.

  428. jai says:

    I should be on the voice because i love to sing and i have always sang even when i was 2 . I think being on your show would be the adventure of a lifetime and help me become famous. Me and My godsister Patricia would love to be on your show because we love singing and if you give us a mic we will sing any note you would want us to. If i dont get on your show i will have to try again someother day because my dreams will come true soon.

  429. Patricia Ward says:

    I should be on the voice, because I love to sing. I’ve been singing since I was 2 and I would never give it up. I have a passion for singing and playing instruments. I have 2 brothers and an awesome god sister Jai, who is also wanting to become famous. We’ve wanted to be famous singers since we were 4. I think being on the voice would be the absolute best adventure of my life I could ever take. Even if I don’t make it on the show I will never give up singing!

  430. Becky Kline says:

    Very interested in auditioning!

  431. Athanasios Fatsis says:

    I would love nothing more then to try out on the Voice.. I’m a 31 year old male who’s dreams were only to make it big. About 2 years ago my mother had a massive stroke and only 3 months ago i had found out that my farther had cancer. My hole life i have grown up following in the foot steps of my farther as a Diner owner. I know we have all seen My Big Fat Greek Wedding. Well, that’s me only I’m a man. I would love nothing more then to show you, and all the world who I am. My hole life I did nothing, But sing alone behind closed doors. Please help me help myself,and let me show you and the rest of the world that I could be the next Voice.

  432. Brittany Bandy says:

    I am interested in receiving audition information!

  433. katie preece says:

    This is me singing party in the usa by miley cyrus im 14 right now and i turn 15 in august how old do u have t be to try out idk but this is me and i wanna be on the voice bc i love to sing and i wanna try to get over my shyness and come on ur show and sing my heart out bc my dream is to become a singer please accept me thanks

  434. Desmond Payne says:

    My name is Desmond Payne I live in Cols OH I sing opera,standards, R&B & rap. I have been singing since I was 10 and I am looking for an opportunity to let America know that I am the “Voice” they are looking for.

  435. Michelle Long says:

    I have been singing all my life and I believe I have talent and have always wanted to share it with others.

    • Mackena says:

      Hi my name is Mackena gomolka I am 8 years old sines I was 2 my dream was to sing i have 2 brothers and 1 sister they all are couting on me they all love I gust won’t my dream to come true with my family’s support I hope I can get in to be on the voice is my 1 dream I hope I can get in.

      • Zashanti says:

        Hi my name is Zashanti I am 11yrs old I have 2brothers and 1sister. Since I was 3 I loved to sing. And one day I would like to be on the voice . Because my family counts on me

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